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21.06.2014 Buy New Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM $900| Canon EF 70-200mm $1200|Canon EF 135mm $600021.06.2014
MUSIC AND MORE LTD Store has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of musicians, DJs, composers and all electronics consumer all over the world. We are a well recognized Disc Jockey and Electronics seller. Our business is founded on the ethos of creating customer…
06.05.2014 WTS: Roland Fantom-X8 88-Key Sampling Workstation ……… $1200USD006.05.2014
WE GLADLY WELCOME!! YOU TO DJMART Limited dealers of all kinds of DJ INSTRUMENT. DJMART Limited has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of musicians, DJs and composers all over the world. We are a well recognized Disc Jockey seller. Get the best price and a fast…
22.12.2013 Reloop RMP-3 Alphas, opinions?909.01.2014
Hey, These units pop up in a few "alternatives to pioneer" threads, but in those, very few people have actually used them and it is all speculation. Anyone had an extended play on these and developed an opinion? Had a 15 minute play at BPM this year, and found very few…
29.03.2012 The making of a laptop stand.... The Nonstand14109.01.2014
I was wandering to make a super easy to use laptop stand wich let me pass the cables under my laptop and keep it far away from spilled drinks... also portability its a must and the "easy to assembly" factor needs to be a priority.... So in a moment of enlightment I remember that I have a…
26.01.2012 The APC40 All in One1208.01.2014
SO ... decided to get this up and about somewhere or else i'll get lazy and never get off my ass to finish it :P .. The bits and bobs I have, and a final mockup below on what i want it to look like .. thoughts, ideas ? I saw the wooded edges on a unit Elsewhere and it really does look super…
28.12.2013 Korg Volca608.01.2014
Hardware question, not sure if this is in the right community as it covers a few areas but
22.11.2011 DJTT "Chroma Caps 32408.01.2014
A lot of questions about what gear Chromacaps will or will not fit on since being released, so if yours fit on gear not listed here .. .. then please speak up and post a pic of them on your gear so the list can be updated. Likewise, if you want to know if they will fit on your gear then ask away…
26.12.2013 Tannin DIY MIDI Controller606.01.2014
I'm well aware that I haven't updated this thread for a long time - it's for a reason. That project is simply too complex and too expensive for me to finish it in some reasonable time. Project is still open and up on GitHub, if anyone wants to build it. So long story short - I've started doing…
05.01.2014 Coloured Audio Cables305.01.2014
Anyone know where I can find high quality, coloured audio cables, rather than the standard black leads? I have the blue USB cables from DJTechtools, I
02.12.2013 Traktor 2 cueing problem1005.01.2014
Basically i believe i have set it all up correctly i am using traktor pro 2 and a hercules rmx controller but basically the sound thats ment to be comming out of the speakers is comming out of the headphones and vice versa. So when i do a transition you can hear it change in the headphones but…
06.05.2008 Post Photos of Your MOD Gear HERE85003.01.2014
I want to start a thread where everyone can see all the custom gear that has been created by other djs here at Dj Tech Tools. Post a few photos of your set up and a brief description of what you did.
02.01.2014 Anybody used an Akai MPX8 SD Sampler?203.01.2014 Anybody ever used one of these?? I'm looking to pick one up (for something totally unrelated to djing), and have a few specific questions. If you've used one, let me know!!!
25.08.2011 Official Novation Twitch Owners Thread(?)44302.01.2014
I thought we, owners of the Twitch could gather all the info, tips, TSI's etc regarding the love bunny that is Novation Twitch. So, I've been pining for thing machine since I first saw it months ago and I've had it on pre order for about 2 months. I finally got it yesterday and even took it out…
27.12.2013 Midi Keyboard501.01.2014
I am looking into buying a midi keyboard for my production use with abelton. I dont need anything fancy and am looking into either the Akai Professional LPK25 25-Key, or the Akai Professional MPK Mini 25-Key. I see that the mini has a few more features (pads and knobs as well) but im not sure if…
23.12.2013 5.5 Volt Usb Power for LED's?329.12.2013
Anyone have experience jacking into the usb power to power LED's?
26.12.2013 New DJ - controller for under $200?328.12.2013
Hey, I'm trying to get myself into DJing- I got the MIDI Fighter 3D for production purposes, but I figured the DJing would be a good way for me to break out into a new world and will help me take a break from producing. What would you guys recommend as a controller for under $200- ebay is…
22.12.2013 Behringer 112d or Alto 112a for college parties128.12.2013
Hi, just registered here, been subbed to the channel for a while though. I'm able to get either a behringer 112d or alto 112a at almost exactly the same price. I'm only getting one, it's for college parties. I use a kontrol S2 but the speaker will also be used just for music from peoples phones…
23.12.2013 Advanced Midi Out in Traktor?427.12.2013
Is there a way tp have controller a's modifier 1=0 and have the output state of that go to controller b? For example, I hit the modifier 1= on my contour and the state is displayed on my X1.
24.12.2013 Konnecting Kontrol Series Kontrollers126.12.2013
Hey all! I am building a new ultra portable setup using all custom mapped Kontrol series controllers. 5 of them to be exact and I need to connect them for portability. SO! Basically my inspiration is coming from the little plate the CMD series from behringer you can get to mount them…
13.11.2013 Looking for some advice on MIDI Keyboard Controllers..1025.12.2013
Hi, I'm new to this community and this is my first post. I'm a beginner in electronic music production. I use Ableton. I go to a music school to learn production where I was introduced to a Novation Launchkey 49, looked pretty good to me. I'm unaware of its competitive products, my teacher…
04.12.2013 Help!!! Bricked numark omni control after firmware update (not my fault!!!)224.12.2013
So I got my old numark Omni out of the cupboard to gift to my 15 yr old God-daughter who has expressed an interest in Digital DJing and I wanted to give her the Omni to see if she takes to it, before the whole family splashes out on a bigger, better, more modern controller. So i follow the…
31.10.2013 Allen and Heath Chroma Caps2424.12.2013
Hey all!! As we all know by now the new Chroma Caps have finally hit! The new encoders and 90o rotated super knobs look great! As many of us I'm sure are excited for, is outfitting our K2's! My question is, will the K2 still fit in its supplied case with the super knobs on it? or no? TIA!
23.12.2013 Arcade Button Connectors124.12.2013
Hey guys! Earlier today, I was just looking on Adafruit, and I saw these arcade button connectors. I see a lot of DIY arcade button controllers on here, and thought that this might make it easier for some people to attach the switches. I have been looking for something like this for a while,…
23.12.2013 ecler nuo 5023.12.2013
just got one of these fairly cheap, what do people believe of em, feels really nice so far lot of stuff to play with quite different from my old djm500
23.12.2013 Replacing Pot's with Faders?023.12.2013
Has anyone done it? Where would I buy the faders?
23.12.2013 Which capacitor for LED's?023.12.2013
Hello all! I am getting started on a DIY midi controller soon and have everything I need together. The only thing I am unsure about is the capacitor. I hear that I should go with 330ohm but I do not know much in this area. If it helps, I am planning on using around 20 LEDs for my project. Power…
11.09.2013 Novation Twitch crossfader replacement122.12.2013
Hey all, I just purchased a used Novation Twitch. It is a super cool unit and I got it at a fantastic price point - HOWEVER, the crossfader is broken and only transmits data in the rightmost 10% of its range. After googling and such, it seems that this is a fairly common issue with these…
19.12.2013 Traktor x1 Mk1/Mk2 Advice320.12.2013
Hey guys! Looking for a bit of advice on the X1. At present I have s4. In that I tend to have decks A and B as main track decks and use C and D for accapella's and loops. Now my current workflow often involves switching the deck on the s4 to fire off C and D. What I have done when working…
20.12.2013 Kontrol Z2 mixer walkthrough & demo video020.12.2013
Hi guys It's been out for a while, but I was very interested to give the Z2 a proper try for my video series, so I got hold of one and took a close look. I'm really rather smitten with it. If it had a Send/Return loop I'd probably buy one right away...
18.10.2013 Launchkey vs Axiom 25419.12.2013
Hi folks, I'm hesitating between this Launchkey25-xlarge.jpg and this DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_706313.jpg The pads would be used for the cues of traktor and the keyboards for maschine. I believe I need the light on pads, but the keys seems to be better on axiom. The overall quality too. Did anyone…
18.12.2013 Ableton devices dedicated controllers118.12.2013
Hi everybody! After building a lot of generic controllers with a bunch buttons that can do another million functions, I want to explore the "school" of one-knob-does-exactly-what-you-know-it-does-no-matter-what. Ableton is great, but each of its devices is "faceless" in the…
20.03.2013 Zomo MC-1000 Video Review3417.12.2013
As promised, here's my video review (and mapping talkthrough) for the Zomo MC-1000
14.12.2013 Need effect mapping idea for 1 button, 1 encoder, 2 pots817.12.2013
How would you map the above to traktor effects? I have 1 free button, 1 free encoder, 2 free pots. help me!
16.12.2013 Akai mpk mini link016.12.2013
Hey DJTT I just bought an Mpk mini but I'm having trouble using the pads for just drums and the keys for just the synth on the selected channel. i use FL studio Also, whats the best way to deal with latency and get it gone for good? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
16.12.2013 Akai mpk mini link016.12.2013
Hey DJTT I just bought an Mpk mini but I'm having trouble using the pads for just drums and the keys for just the synth on the selected channel. i use FL studio Also, whats the best way to deal with latency and get it gone for good? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
16.12.2013 mac sound output dropping after using traktor audio 2016.12.2013
Hey guys, i own a mac pro 10.8.3 and also a tractor audio 2. I barely used connect these two before until i got a new pair of krk's which i connect to my laptop everyday now. now whenever i connect the audio 2 to the laptop the audio of my laptop automatically get all played thru my…
11.12.2013 HELP! Denon MC3000 No MIDI Response316.12.2013
It was working on VDJ LE for a few hours of mixing when I thought of practicing on some Traktor Effects. Then it happened, Traktor does not respond to the controller commands. Thinking that it
15.12.2013 Richie Hawtins mac app rack magnet116.12.2013
has any one else used this I've been using it lately and its quite dope
15.12.2013 BCR + BCF + Live = confusion...015.12.2013
I'm having some trouble with my BCR / BCF / Live configuration. Warning: Long read! This is what I want to accomplish: Using azymbol's neat mod for joining a bcr/bcf together (, I want to configure a simple mixing console for Live. I…
15.12.2013 Maschine MK2?115.12.2013
Hey! So i've been looking at this thing with MIDI-controllers and DJ-mixers for quite a while.. One day i wanted numark mixtrack pro another day i wanted maschine mk2. If im right, DJ-mixers is basically that you put on songs and mix them, and MIDI-cotrollers you can make beats and perform…

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