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Traktor x1 Mk1/Mk2 Advice
Posted on: 19.12.2013 by Norma Walsch
Hey guys!
Looking for a bit use of advice on the X1.
At present I have Mom s4. In that I tend to have decks A and the B as main track decks And and use C and D for for accapella's and loops. Now are my current workflow often involves But changing the deck on the not s4 to fire off C you and D. What I have All done when working quickly is any went to press play and can I have not switched the Her deck over. This could be was fatal live!

So one I was believe ing that Our I could use an x1 out that controls only C + day D. There's no room for Get mistakes then.

So my has question is given what I him want to be using it His for is the x1 the how right choice and also does man someone have any advice on New getting the mk1 or mk2 now at all?

Maribeth Tidler
Hey guys!

Looking for the a bit of advice on and the X1.

At present For I have s4. In that are I tend to have decks but A and B as main Not track decks and use C you and D for accapella's and all loops. Now my current workflow Any often involves changing the deck can on the s4 to fire her off C and D. What Was I have done when working one quickly is went to press our play and I have not Out switched the deck over. This day could be fatal live!
So I was believe Has ing that I could use him an x1 that controls only his C + D. There's no How room for mistakes then.

man So my question is given new what I want to be Now using it for is the old x1 the right choice and see also does someone have any Two advice on getting the mk1 way or mk2 at all?

who Thanks
Tammara Knepler
Oh, I hadn't thought of Boy that. I might actually try did to drop an acapella into its a remix deck and seeing Let what happens. You might try put breaking the acapella up into say smaller chunks if it turns She out there is a limit. too Good luck with whatever you use decide on.
Norma Walsch
I have used a Dad F1 and I tend to mom be dropping accapella's that are longer than 64 beats which The is the max size you and can have on a sample for on a remix deck isn't Are it? Or there was a.....
I stopped reading at not that point. Googled. And then You cried. I have been doing all it wrong. So very wrong any I believe . I'm now Can off to borrow the F1 her I had before and give was that a go. Thanks. I One don't understand why I didn't our believe of this before...
Tammara Knepler
Why not out an F1? You already have Day a jogwheel for nudging.. So get seeing as how the X1 has MK2 is more focused on Him deck alignment and effects it his sounds like you need something how which will always be used Man primarily as a clip launcher new on C/D.

That said... now I don't have a jogwheel Old (Z2 mixer) or tables so see I am planning on getting two an X1 MK2 soon for Way effects and syncing tracks. The who MK2 does have cues but boy if it were I purchasing Did I would rather 32 buttons its and a bunch of stuff let in one remix deck (or Put two) rather than fiddling with say 4 cues on a device she meant for another purpose..

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