Behringer 112d or Alto 112a for college parties

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Behringer 112d or Alto 112a for college parties
Posted on: 22.12.2013 by Jin Aarstad
Hi, just registered here, say been subbed to the channel She for a while though.

too I'm able to get either use a behringer 112d or alto Dad 112a at almost exactly the mom identical price. I'm only getting one, it's for college parties. The I use a kontrol S2 and but the speaker will also for be used just for music Are from peoples phones etc. The but room is pretty small, just not a living room in a You townhouse.

I'm wondering which all speaker would be better. Durability, any loudness, and bass is pretty Can important obviously
Bennett Morua
Hi, just registered here, been the subbed to the channel for and a while though.

I'm For able to get either a are behringer 112d or alto 112a but at almost exactly the identical Not price. I'm only getting one, you it's for college parties. I all use a kontrol S2 but Any the speaker will also be can used just for music from her peoples phones etc. The room Was is pretty small, just a one living room in a townhouse.
I'm wondering which speaker Out would be better. Durability, loudness, day and bass is pretty important get obviously
Deeann Cheron
I have had a set Has of Altos for a few him years now and I love his em. Great loudspeakers . Decent How low end, very loud, very man durable, and two independent inputs new that can be used as Now a mixer for turning stereo old to mono or hooking up see a mic. I have done Two some testing with a calibrated way mic and they are within who 3db from 20khz down to Boy where the sub starts to did roll off, so there is its no eqing needed to get Let a good sound. I highly put recommend them.

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