Which capacitor for LED's?

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Which capacitor for LED's?
Posted on: 23.12.2013 by Margery Conzo
Hello all! I Out am getting started on a day DIY midi controller soon and get have everything I need together. Has The only thing I am him unsure about is the capacitor. his I hear that I should How go with 330ohm but I man do not understand much in new this area. If it helps, Now I am planning on using old around 20 LEDs for my see project. Power source would be Two the USB's 5v supply.Any info way would be good ly appreciated!
Timmy Breitigan
Hello all! I am getting the started on a DIY midi and controller soon and have everything For I need together. The only are thing I am unsure about but is the capacitor. I hear Not that I should go with you 330ohm but I do not all understand much in this area. Any If it helps, I am can planning on using around 20 her LEDs for my project. Power Was source would be the USB's one 5v supply.Any info would be our good ly appreciated!

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