Kontrol Z2 mixer walkthrough & demo video

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Kontrol Z2 mixer walkthrough & demo video
Posted on: 20.12.2013 by Cherie Menefee
Hi guys

It's Was been out for a while, one but I was very interested our to give the Z2 a Out proper try for my video day series, so I got hold get of one and took a Has close look.

I'm truly him rather smitten with it. If his it had a Send/Return loop How I'd probably purchase one right man away...

Larita Smaga
Hi guys

It's been the out for a while, but and I was very interested to For give the Z2 a proper are try for my video series, but so I got hold of Not one and took a close you look.

I'm truly rather all smitten with it. If it Any had a Send/Return loop I'd can probably purchase one right away...

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