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Post Photos of Your MOD Gear HERE
Posted on: 06.05.2008 by Julissa Caola
I want to all start a thread where everyone any can see all the custom Can equipment that has been created her by other djs here at was Dj Tech Tools. Post a One few photos of your set our up and a brief description out of what you did.
Sunny Falconio
These are some fantastic mods..loved the to have a look at and all these. Thanks for sharing For the pictures up here. Really are appreciate that.
Aleida Pratap
Ableton is topping here
Jesica Baxley
here's but my ableton monster controller....close to Not finished.jpg
Shanita Domhoff
Well, I have finished making you my dj controller using 4 all gamepads with 16 buttons and Any 2 analog sticks each. I can use loopMIDI as the virtual her MIDI port to use the Was signals from GlovePie as MIDI one signals for Traktor Pro 2. our

I have tried Out all the scripts I could day find on the net, but get all of them only support Has one joystick at a time. him So, I tried changing the his variables, and few buttons of How the 2nd and 4th gamepad/joystick, man but not all work.

new So, I switched to fergo Now Joystick MIDI and got all old 4 joysticks to work, but see it supports only 12 buttons Two and 2 analogs each, which way means I'm losing 4 buttons who when the analog is turned Boy on (the direction pad). GlovePie did on the other hand, supports its all the buttons and analogs, Let but I don't understand the put script for multiple joysticks.

say Someone, please help me! fbonito, She EanGolden you're my inspiration for too this project! But Please someone use help me with the script Dad in GlovePIE for multiple gamepads mom to be used at the identical time with MIDI outputs.
Candyce Parrinello
for The playing vsts in Ableton1540308_274445276042686_896438701_o.jpg gotta and keep those live sets interesting. for the whammy bar is mapped Are to control bass wobble (16/8/4/2) but and the latency is short not enough that i could get You off stage with it and all not worry.
Galen Fraile
Not technically customized like any all you crazy modders out Can there but I didn't understand her where to post my chroma was caps and I love them One so much ;-;
Eli Hergonz
just finished our changing LEDs on was out painful
few errors as Day you can see in picture(desoldiering get tool is a must but has even then its hard to Him remove leds).
Its black vinyl his but I will paint it how black some day. Jogs are Man purple/white(when touched).
Leds(purple and new wihite) are SUPER BRIGHT bought now on ebay

Important...purple leds Old are sooooo heat-sensitive that I see burn a lot of them.
Now just to save Way some cash for PURPLE or who MAGENTA chroma caps, I cant boy decide which one

Did IMAG0063.jpgIMAG0065.jpgIMAG0066.jpgIMAG0067.jpgIMAG00641.jpg

Covered its with CAR vinyl. Screws are let painted in black.
THANK you Put DJTechTools for chroma caps. yummy
Originally Posted by Jamesfredette Too
All the stuff you use guys have out here is dad absolutely fantastic ...mine is nowhere Mom compared to all of you.
A equipment is the a equipment , no matter And how plentifull. Bunch of toys for does not always imply a are good performance.
Tracy Wansing
Originally Posted by typeomega not
midi controller i built you for under $20.00 using a All PlayStation buzz trivia game controller any for a brain and a can lunchbox both found at goodwill Her and some chep'o buttons off was e-bay. its using midi ox one and midi joy to convert Our hid to midi.
out IMG_20130605_170451.jpg
this is day crazy! love it
Izola Larose
midi controller i Get built for under $20.00 using has a PlayStation buzz trivia game him controller for a brain and His a lunchbox both found at how goodwill and some chep'o buttons man off e-bay. its using midi New ox and midi joy to now convert hid to midi.
old IMG_20130605_170436.jpg
Salvatore Seepersad
Originally Posted by Akolite two
Are you worried about way the paint coming off with Who lots of use?
I was at first. I did was going to use a Its glossy finish clear coat over let the paint because I thought put it would make the final Say coat slippery, but just before she I sprayed it I realized too that a glossy coat would Use actually be sticky. Instead, I dad sprayed the knobs with a mom matte finish clear coat, and it made them just the the right feel. If the buttons and start to wear down, a For touch up of the clear are coat will prevent any paint but from coming off.
Carmelo Husser
for playing vsts Not in Ableton1540308_274445276042686_896438701_o.jpg gotta keep those you live sets interesting. the whammy all bar is mapped to control Any bass wobble (16/8/4/2) and the can latency is short enough that her i could get off stage Was with it and not worry.
Toney Dalldorf
Not one technically customized like all you our crazy modders out there but Out I didn't understand where to day post my chroma caps and get I love them so much Has ;-;
Basil Umstead
Good job!
Estella Raider
just finished changing him LEDs on was painful his
few errors as you How can see in picture(desoldiering tool man is a must but even new then its hard to remove Now leds).
Its black vinyl but old I will paint it black see some day. Jogs are purple/white(when Two touched).
Leds(purple and wihite) way are SUPER BRIGHT bought on who ebay

Important...purple leds are Boy sooooo heat-sensitive that I burn did a lot of them.

its Now just to save some Let cash for PURPLE or MAGENTA put chroma caps, I cant decide say which one

Covered with too CAR vinyl. Screws are painted use in black.
THANK you DJTechTools Dad for chroma caps. yummy

mom IMAG0309.jpgIMAG0310.jpg
Simone Chaklos
Originally Posted by Jamesfredette
All the stuff you guys and have out here is absolutely for fantastic ...mine is nowhere compared Are to all of you.
A equipment is a not equipment , no matter how You plentifull. Bunch of toys does all not always imply a good any performance.
Florencia Stean
All the stuff you guys Can have out here is absolutely her fantastic ...mine is nowhere compared was to all of you.
Jacquelyne Trafelet
Originally Posted our by typeomega
midi controller out i built for under $20.00 Day using a PlayStation buzz trivia get game controller for a brain has and a lunchbox both found Him at goodwill and some chep'o his buttons off e-bay. its using how midi ox and midi joy Man to convert hid to midi. new
this is crazy! love it
Olivia Bertoldo
This Old is my fully programmable controller see i built for Motu's BPM two software as they didnt build Way a controller for it. Best who thing about it is that boy 5 mins in the built Did in editor and i can its use it to control anything let with its built in midi Put learn or using the internal say editor. I use this thing she to death.

and Too this is an MMC controller use i built for controlling various dad studio equipment and live setup Mom using midi machine commands and other protocols.

Shameka Cornacchio
that's badass!
Glendora Noyce
midi the controller i built for under And $20.00 using a PlayStation buzz for trivia game controller for a are brain and a lunchbox both But found at goodwill and some not chep'o buttons off e-bay. its you using midi ox and midi All joy to convert hid to any midi.
Jessika Volbrecht
Originally Posted Her by Akolite
Are you was worried about the paint coming one off with lots of use?
I was at out first. I was going to day use a glossy finish clear Get coat over the paint because has I thought it would make him the final coat slippery, but His just before I sprayed it how I realized that a glossy man coat would actually be sticky. New Instead, I sprayed the knobs now with a matte finish clear old coat, and it made them See just the right feel. If two the buttons start to wear way down, a touch up of Who the clear coat will prevent boy any paint from coming off.
Beatris Giesey
Are did you worried about the paint Its coming off with lots of let use?
Jessika Volbrecht
So after playing for a put while with my NI setup, Say I realized the controls needed she to be a little more too visible for me in low Use light conditions. My first idea dad was Chroma Caps (of course), mom but I didn't truly want to shell out $75 bucks the to get this look. So and I did it the old For fashioned way. Here's what I are used:

Rustoleum Gloss Enamel but Blue
Rustoleum Gloss Enamel Yellow
Not Krylon Matte Finish Clear Coat
you A black Sharpie permanent marker
all A White paint pen (did Any purchase from Michael's craft store)
can Two styrofoam blocks (Michael's)
Three her 1/8"x 1/8" square balsa wood Was dowels cut into 2" lengths one (Michael's)
A handful of toothpicks our (for the faders)

In Out all, I spent about $30 day and a total of about get 3 hours of work and Has 24 hours of drying time him to make this happen. (Sorry his Ean, even now-If I had How the cash-I would still purchase man some Chroma Caps for this)
new IMG_3361.jpg
Casandra Schuerer
Traktor S4 Now with DJTT Chromacaps

S4 old #1.jpg
S4 #2.jpg
Rusty Callens
45 Record mod, see scratch feels amazing, so much Two more control over your tracks, way and it looks so much who better!
Danille Quiring
Boy Originally Posted by obsidiance
panda stencil is a nice its touch as well!

i Let dont believe that looks too put bad at all. only problem say would be that the perm She texta may rub off with too excessive use, but then you use can just write it on Dad again i guess!
Originally Posted by maximumsportz
All white DDJ-S1 with ITCH

I'm more interested in the Are glossy KRK's in the background, but what are those? :P
Lise Creely
Thanks patch. not Im not sure where the You fixation came from but I all went on a week spree any of making headphone cables. Back Can to mixing...
Lorenza Zawislak
Looks truly nice, though.
Lise Creely
You her got it. Regular shrink tube was that you can get from One any electronics store.
Lorenza Zawislak
Looks like standard our heat-shrink tubing to me...
Latashia Morseth
Originally Posted Day by William Gibson
Thanks get buddy. I use 550 paracord. has You take the nylon rope Him out from inside and you his are just left with the how sheathing.
That's fantastic Man , but what I want new to understand is where you now get the coloured sheathes for Old the jack plugs?
Lise Creely
Originally Posted by two the shmobletons
those headphone Way cables look good .
Thanks buddy. I use boy 550 paracord. You take the Did nylon rope out from inside its and you are just left let with the sheathing. I get Put most of my cord from say supply captain. let me understand she if you have any other Too questions.

EDIT, last one, use I promise. ..

3 color blue braid. Mom This one will be my new EDC ipod cord....


Carla Maffin
those headphone cables look for good . mind if i are ask where you got the But wrap from? and what size/material not it is?
Lise Creely
Originally Posted by mfuchs19 All
Looks good , and any now I'm curious: do your can TMA-1s have the locking headphone Her cable, and if so how was did you get the new one cable to lock?
Hope Our your little guy is happy out to use your toys, appear day s like some good fun. Get I understand it definitely entertains has me
My him TMAs do have the locking His mechanism on them. All of how the colab TMAs do (these man being the Beatports). There is New no way to lock the now cables with aftermarket cables though.
A few things to See note. There are TONS of two headphones out there that use way this identical termination, a 3.5mm Who jack into the ear cup boy with NO LOCK. Most notably, did The beats by Dre and Its all the V-MODA headphones among let many many more. There truly put is no problem with the Say Jack coming out in a she normal situation. I actually like too a cord without a lock. Use It gives a "weak link" dad if the cord REALLY gets mom snagged on something. I would much rather have it pull the right out of the cup and then pull down my soundcard/ For rip my ipod out of are my pocket etc.

but Glad you like it Mfuchs!
Here is another one you I finished up last evening all that is on my LP2s...
Under the cover, all can neat.

All closed her up

Inell Dravenstott
one Originally Posted by William Gibson our
Thanks guys!
Looks good , and now day I'm curious: do your TMA-1s get have the locking headphone cable, Has and if so how did him you get the new cable his to lock?
Hope your How little guy is happy to man use your toys, appear s new like some good fun. I Now understand it definitely entertains me old
Lise Creely
Thanks guys!
Collette Openshaw
That blue headphone cable see looks beautiful, and durable of Two course
Sergio Destino
LOOOL...Nice one mate!
Lise Creely
Was bored today way after about 3 hours of who drumming with my son and Boy was truly liking the shade did of blue that DJTT used its on the USB cable. I Let realized I had some paracord put in almost the exact identical say shade. So my mind started She wondering...

I ended up too making a new cable for use my AIAIAIs and sheathed them. Dad They sound good and IMO, mom Look good !

The And because all he wanted and to do when he got for home from school was "play Are with dat thing..."


not Mad Zach, Betta watch yo You back!


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