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Launchkey vs Axiom 25
Posted on: 18.10.2013 by Mindi Cogburn
Hi folks,
I'm hesitating see between this

and Two this

The pads way would be used for the who cues of traktor and the Boy keyboards for maschine. I believe did I need the light on its pads, but the keys appear Let s to be better on put axiom. The overall quality too. say Did someone tried one of She theses? What are your feedback?
Ellsworth Moroni
Hi folks,
I'm hesitating between the this

and this
and DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_706313.jpg

The pads would For be used for the cues are of traktor and the keyboards but for maschine. I believe I Not need the light on pads, you but the keys appear s all to be better on axiom. Any The overall quality too. Did can someone tried one of theses? her What are your feedback?

Was Cheers
Mindi Cogburn
So , could somebody make one a quick review ?
Alfred Parette
So, our Any rebiew here ? I'm Out about to purchase one of day these two before the end get of the year and I Has still can'nt make a choice him x_X
Olive Aronstein
I just bought the Launchkey his 49 and have been pleased.
Mohammad Busbea
I How might be picking up an man Axiom 25 here real soon. new If I haven't messaged you Now in a week message me old for answers.

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