Maschine MK2?

Maschine MK2?
Posted on: 15.12.2013 by Joane Demeyer

So has i've been looking at this Him thing with MIDI-controllers and DJ-mixers his for quite a while.. One how day i wanted numark mixtrack Man pro another day i wanted new maschine mk2.

If im now right, DJ-mixers is basically that Old you put on songs and see mix them, and MIDI-cotrollers you two can make beats and perform Way them live, and you can who have music on and mix boy to that aswell?

Basically Did I want to make beats its and songs at home, and let when I for example have Put made a beat, i could say perform it live, or just she put on music and mix Too to that like on a use dj-mixer (is that possible). Because dad then I could basically use Mom the Maschine for DJ/performing at small parties, and I could the make beats at home.

And What I mean with songs for is: (if you can see)
are He made beat in the But start ning and then he not put on the song where you B.I.G sings and makes beats All to that, so he could any basically just sit and do can nothing while the song plays Her and mix to that if was he want right? And when one that is done he takes Our on another song? Explain/correct me out if im wrong.

Is day the maschine MK2 right for Get me? (It always gets messy has when im trying to explain him this, i got it clearly His in my head but cant how expalin it so well).

man I saw the maschine studio New but its a bit expensive now :P

And how is old it with the sound, If See i would have connect my two maschine to the laptop in way the kitchen, where does the Who sond come from?
Dirk Bladel

So i've been the looking at this thing with and MIDI-controllers and DJ-mixers for quite For a while.. One day i are wanted numark mixtrack pro another but day i wanted maschine mk2.
If im right, DJ-mixers you is basically that you put all on songs and mix them, Any and MIDI-cotrollers you can make can beats and perform them live, her and you can have music Was on and mix to that one aswell?

Basically I want our to make beats and songs Out at home, and when I day for example have made a get beat, i could perform it Has live, or just put on him music and mix to that his like on a dj-mixer (is How that possible). Because then I man could basically use the Maschine new for DJ/performing at small parties, Now and I could make beats old at home.

What I see mean with songs is: (if Two you can see)
He made way beat in the start ning who and then he put on Boy the song where B.I.G sings did and makes beats to that, its so he could basically just Let sit and do nothing while put the song plays and mix say to that if he want She right? And when that is too done he takes on another use song? Explain/correct me if im Dad wrong.

Is the maschine mom MK2 right for me? (It always gets messy when im The trying to explain this, i and got it clearly in my for head but cant expalin it Are so well).

I saw but the maschine studio but its not a bit expensive :P

You And how is it with all the sound, If i would any have connect my maschine to Can the laptop in the kitchen, her where does the sond come was from?
Tessa Glugla
Maschine is probably all you One need.

Maschine hardware our doesn't have sound cards or out loudspeakers - you could use Day computer loudspeakers , a sound get system, headphones, etc.

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