Midi Keyboard

Midi Keyboard
Posted on: 27.12.2013 by Ana Tehandon
I am looking into purchase out ing a midi keyboard for Day my production use with abelton. get I dont need anything fancy has and am looking into either Him the Akai Professional LPK25 25-Key, his or the Akai Professional MPK how Mini 25-Key. I see that Man the mini has a few new more features (pads and knobs now as well) but im not Old sure if I truly need see them.

Can someone make two a recommendation between them? or Way can someone suggest another option who I should look into? I'm boy mainly going to be using Did just to play midi notes its on VSts.

Also if let you have knobs and pads Put on your keyboard, how do say you use them?

Alecia Soulliere
the Originally Posted by makar1
I have the Korg Microkey For 25 and the keys themselves are are much nicer than those but on the M-Audio.
Thanks makar1 thats exactly the you confirmation I was looking for, all just ordered the Korg
Rolanda Clodfelder
Originally can Posted by lemeiux1
Can her someone make a recommendation between Was them? or can someone suggest one another option I should look our into? I'm mainly going to Out be using just to play day midi notes on VSts.

get Also if you have knobs Has and pads on your keyboard, him how do you use them?
Between them I'd How go with the mini, however man the keys are very small new and the pads are not Now good - you could have old a look at the Novation see Lauchkey, m-audio axioms as well Two which might be a better way bet in terms of quality who keys.

Pads can be Boy used for just about anything did but normally for percussion e.g. its programming drums or one shot Let FX from your software and put are very handy!

say Knobs are used to control She parameters within the software, that too could be volumes, synth knobs, use EQ or just about anything Dad else that displays a knob.
Generally more knobs is better as it allows you The more realtime control over what and you are playing live so for you can be tweaking a Are filter for example while you but playing notes and not need not play the chord, play it You back and tweak the filter all from inside the software using any a mouse afterwards.

its Can unlikely you'll just be playing her midi notes, tweaking and simplifying was the workflow is an essential One part of production.

our hope that clears some stuff out up for ya

Day also check this video - get good demo on how to has use the pads, keys etc Him ....

Alecia Soulliere
I am his looking into purchase ing a how midi keyboard for my production Man use with abelton. I dont new need anything fancy and am now looking into either the Akai Old Professional LPK25 25-Key, or the see Akai Professional MPK Mini 25-Key. two I see that the mini Way has a few more features who (pads and knobs as well) boy but im not sure if Did I truly need them.

its Can someone make a recommendation let between them? or can someone Put suggest another option I should say look into? I'm mainly going she to be using just to Too play midi notes on VSts.
Also if you have dad knobs and pads on your Mom keyboard, how do you use them?

Ana Tehandon
Originally Posted by And makar1
I have the for Korg Microkey 25 and the are keys themselves are much nicer But than those on the M-Audio.
Thanks makar1 thats you exactly the confirmation I was All looking for, just ordered the any Korg
Rana Monihan
I wouldn't go mini can for either...keys are too small Her for my liking, but I'm was used to a full on one piano as well which may Our bias my recommendation. I'd definitely out go to a store though day and play around on the Get options. The more levels/knobs, the has more things you can control him from the keyboard/controller without having His to control things in your how DAW. Get something with decent man pads though if you'll be New banging out rhythms on the now controller, and I understand the old MPK's pads have notoriously bad See reviews.
Catherina Sasada
I have the Korg Microkey two 25 and the keys themselves way are much nicer than those Who on the M-Audio.
Ana Tehandon
ok cool thanks boy for the advice. Unfortunately those did are the ones in my Its price range for now. I let have a midifighter and maschine put for pads so I dont Say believe I truly need them she on my keyboard. After reading too reviews, im actually more between Use the M-Audio Keystation mini 32 dad and the Korg microkey 25.
Anyone have any experience with these? Or can someone the suggest an alternative around the and $80 price range?

Thanks For in advance!
Aleisha Nakaoka
Originally Posted by lemeiux1 but
Can someone make a Not recommendation between them? or can you someone suggest another option I all should look into? I'm mainly Any going to be using just can to play midi notes on her VSts.

Also if you Was have knobs and pads on one your keyboard, how do you our use them?
Between Out them I'd go with the day mini, however the keys are get very small and the pads Has are not good - you him could have a look at his the Novation Lauchkey, m-audio axioms How as well which might be man a better bet in terms new of quality keys.

Pads Now can be used for just old about anything but normally for see percussion e.g. programming drums or Two one shot FX from your way software and are very handy! who

Knobs are used Boy to control parameters within the did software, that could be volumes, its synth knobs, EQ or just Let about anything else that displays put a knob.

Generally more say knobs is better as it She allows you more realtime control too over what you are playing use live so you can be Dad tweaking a filter for example mom while you playing notes and not need play the chord, The play it back and tweak and the filter from inside the for software using a mouse afterwards.
its unlikely you'll just but be playing midi notes, tweaking not and simplifying the workflow is You an essential part of production. all

hope that clears any some stuff up for ya Can

also check this her video - good demo on was how to use the pads, One keys etc ....

our http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSx50KABk9Q

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