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08.01.2012 Korg NanoKontrol 2 not recognised!428.10.2013
Just wondering if someone out the there may be able to and help on this one: I For have plugged the NanoKontrol 2 are into my laptop but it's but not being picked up as Not a USB device. It lights you up, so it must be all alive, but that's about it. Any The NanoKontrol 2 shows up can in Sounds,Video & Games controllers, her but it…
18.01.2013 chroma caps or similar for my Allen and Heath xone 4D?928.10.2013
someone understand of any Was coloured caps that will fit one on my Allen and Heath our xone 4D? my searching came Out up with mouser selling some day caps but i was get wondering about the chroma caps Has from djtt. they are much him better colors im from the his uk if that makes a How difference?
03.05.2012 Pioneer RMX-10001628.10.2013
So I finally go my man hands on the RMX-1000 yesterday. new Only had a quick play Now around with it and already old very impressed with what it's see capable of.
28.10.2013 M-Audio Studiophile AV40 vs Samson MediaOne 4a028.10.2013
Hi I'm an Two up and coming producer in way need of decent cheap studio who monitors, and so far I Boy have found the two to did meet my finance, so I its just wanted to find out Let between the two which are put best. I understand there are say probably better loudspeakers out there She which are more expensive but too I can only go as use far as the…
21.10.2013 Kontrol S4 Mk2 + MF3D or DDJ-SX427.10.2013
Hi, I am Dad looking to upgrade my set-up mom and have been exploring 2 options, a Traktor Kontrol S4 The MK2 with a MidiFighter 3D and or a DDJ-SX. I don't for mind about software as I Are have used Traktor Pro 2 but and Serato DJ and liked not them both. I would like You to find out peoples general all opinions on what would be…
23.10.2013 Kontrol X1, lost one row of lights!3126.10.2013
Hi any guys, i remapped some buttons Can on both my X1's. Basically her all i wanted to do was was make Tempo Bend direct One without having to use the our shift key so i just out switched the mapping of beat Day jump with Tempo bend. Both get features work as expected on has both X1's, however i have Him lost led lights on the his Beat/Tempo…
26.10.2013 DJ Live! Webinar : BEHRINGER CMD with Traktor Wed, Oct 30026.10.2013
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:00 how PM - 1:00 PM PDT Man Registration: Tune in with new us to discuss how DJs now are utilizing the new BEHRINGER Old CMD controllers with Traktor, the see advantages of their design, unique two functionality and workflow. BEHRINGER's newly Way released line of MIDI…
25.10.2013 Seeking custom DJ booth for in my club.025.10.2013
Hi guys, who I'm looking for companies who boy manufacture custom DJ booths for Did use in my evening club. its Do any of you have let any experience with companies who Put are commissioned to do this say type of work? I was she believe ing something along the Too lines of steel, plexiglass and use a custom logo on the dad front. I have heard…
18.10.2013 DDJ-SX - Traktor performance1025.10.2013
I'm considering Mom to purchase the DDJ-SR which is coming out in a the month. But since I'm a And Traktor-fanboy, I want to understand for how well the DDJ-SX works are with the custom midimaps out But there. It might give me not an idea about integration/latency/fill in you the blank...? Up to you All guys, who are rocking the any DDJ-SX…
24.10.2013 Looking for a DJ table224.10.2013
I have some questions hopefully can someone could help me out Her with! So i'm starting to was get my first mobile DJ one setup started and and i've Our been looking online at different out options of tables..I have a day Kontrol S4 & a Midi Get Fighter. I don't wan't to has get a flight case because him I already have a traveling…
22.10.2013 Who uses a Midifighter Spectra with an X1?022.10.2013
I His just got my MF Spectra how and looking for the best man mapping for the MF to New get my feet wet. I now would like to use one old of the FX/Gratification mappings. I See tried the DJ tech tools two one, but I lost most way of the functionality of the Who X1 with the MF mapping. boy I understand I am going did to need to make some…
21.10.2013 Pioneer CDJ style led ring?222.10.2013
Does Its someone understand if one could let replicate the cdj style ring put (ie pioneers and gemini cdj700) Say or the led loop around she the jog wheel (like on too a 4trak)? I was looking Use at the midi out in dad traktor earlier and saw that mom it had a beat phase as well as track ending/ the stopped outs for led feedback. and Has…
29.09.2013 MF's vs Kontrol X1 MK2 (Help)921.10.2013
Hello All: I am debating For getting either two Kontrol X1 are MK2's or two Midi Fighter but Spectra's as decks. I would Not already have a Midi Fighter you Pro so you could argue all that I don't need another Any two, but I love midi can fighters. I just wanted everyone's her opinions because I could truly Was go either way but I…
18.10.2013 Looking for a soundbite pro or something similar018.10.2013
What's one up everyone... Does someone sale our a soundbite pro?? or understand Out some one who can sale day it to me? Or understand get any device similar to the Has redsound soundbite pro... it is him discontinued since last year
17.10.2013 Numark 4trak LED FX issue218.10.2013
Hello! Im his having some problem with my How numark 4trak... The thing is man ive put a new mapping new into traktor and when I Now try to put the led old fix mapping into it it see deletes my previous mapping and Two everything goes to shit, I way cant find a way around who it.. So im looking for Boy a way to apply both did mappings for…
21.09.2012 Denon Mc30003117.10.2013
Hey everyone How does its everyone find the Denon Mc3000? Let I'm purchase ing my first put controller, and my primary goal say is to reach a club She level as a resident (and too yes, I understand how much use work, dedication, patience, and a Dad persistent attitude it requires). I mom have been leaning towards the numtrack pro, as I have The
15.09.2013 Looking for a Controller to Use w/Serato517.10.2013
Not sure if this is and exactly the right section but for here it goes: As a Are mobile dj ive always found but it quite cumbersome to have not to bring my entire setup You to SOME gigs (you understand all , those truly little ones any where you are well aware Can your not going to have her a good time), and have was always considered purchase ing a…
16.10.2013 Numark Mixtrack Pro Platter Fix016.10.2013
Hello One guys, so I`m using Numark our mixtrack pro for mixing and out scratching. Recently I saw , Day that my right jog wheel get is spinning freer than the has left one. Most of the Him time I scratch on the his right one. So I opened how my console, but dont understand Man what to look for. I new believe , that the problem now comes from the…
16.10.2013 How can i know which crossfader fits my mixer?116.10.2013
*title* + i Old also have a shitty gbc see mixer nobody understand s of. two on the faceplate it reads Way combo-5nd.
12.10.2013 Nikkodo DEP-2000K Karaoke mixer vs. Allen Heath ZED-FX10, which is better?116.10.2013
Does someone understand which one who is better? Thanks!
14.10.2010 Behringer BCR2000 ALPS Push Encoder part# ?515.10.2013
Hi all, I boy recently bought a BCR2000 which Did has a broken push encoder its on the top left (yeah let the one used to access Put settings!) I took the old say encoder out as someone had she tried a superglue the whole Too thing in place which resulted use in a jammed push button dad which appear ed to be Mom causing dropouts in the…
15.10.2013 DJ Live! Webinar: BEHRINGER CMD with Ableton Live 9 : Wed Oct 16th 12 PM PST015.10.2013
Hello Tech Tools! We're doing a webinar the on Ableton and the new And Behringer CMD controllers this week. for Feel free to tune in are and join the discussion! Wednesday, But October 16, 2013 12:00 PM not - 1:00 PM PDT Registration: you Join us as we All explore the workflow and functionality any of BEHRINGER's…
03.10.2013 Kontrol S4 mk2 -new features walkthrough1015.10.2013
I got my hands can on a Traktor Kontrol S4 Her mk2 for a few hours, was and took a look at one the new hardware features. A Our more detailed walkthrough of the out S2 mk2 coming soon!
13.10.2013 Chroma caps fit DJM 707?013.10.2013
Hey day guys, will the 90
13.10.2013 Chroma caps fit DJM 707?112.10.2013
Hey guys, Get will the 90
20.11.2011 MP-X10/Versadeck/Synchron/DMC2000/DJinn/S20 firmware update - programmers please help2910.10.2013
Note: Started new has thread as the Voxoa S60 him thread (current thread) will not His be found when people search how for MP-X10/Syncron etc, or people man won't realise that the Voxoa New S60 is actually a clone now of their deck. This is old why I tried to include See all variations of this deck two in the title. DJTT Mods: way If this…
07.12.2012 Zomo MC1000 - Traktor / Pioneer DJ Controller2310.10.2013
Hey guys, i am Who believe ing about to get boy me the Zomo MC1000 midi did controller. They ve reduced the Its price from 299 to 189 let bucks Anybody have it at put home or have experience? I Say want to control my Traktor she software with it, sometimes virtual too DJ too, to mix videos. Use I saw some posts a dad while ago about the…
09.07.2012 New VOXOA M70 VDJ/TRAKTOR mixer worth taking a look at!3410.10.2013
hey lads mom and ladettes, I'm DJ from New Zealand, and I'm living the in China. I see a and lot of truly , truly For crap DJ equipment on a are daily basis... (no truly ... but its truly crap lol.) BUT, Not once and a while I you find some gems, Like the all new M70. I was purchase Any ing some equipment for the can Skullcandy office when I came…
15.09.2013 VCI-400 vs Xone 4D509.10.2013
Hey her everyone, Longtime lurker around here Was at DJ TT. I was one wondering what controller to get our next and I have narrowed Out it down to the Vestax day VCI 400 and the Xone get 4D. The Pioneer DDJ-SX was Has excellent, having owned one for him a bit, but it was his simply too large and thus How I found that I wasn't man using it as…
07.10.2013 CDJ1000 mk 1 vs 3409.10.2013
I'm wanting to new switch to CDJ's. I have Now had a play on 850's old cause they are the "lowest" see ones I can rent from Two my local shop, but I'm way looking at CDJ1000's. I'm just who wondering if it's worth it Boy to pay a significant amount did more for Mk3's if I'm its not particularly interested in the Let mp3 CD ability? I…
07.03.2013 Traktor Pro 2 + Live Saxophone409.10.2013
For a put party I have been asked say to set up a DJ She act with live saxophonist. I too will do the dj'ing, but use have never played with a Dad live saxophonist. Sadly, I truly mom can't find any info on whether or not this is The easy to achieve with Traktor. and I have found THIS for for basic information. It talks about Are how easy…
06.10.2013 F1 Shelf / Bracket for Kontrol S4 Case308.10.2013
OK, I made decision but to take the plunge and not purchase an F1. Thought I'd You have a go as I'm all sure with a bit of any practice I could get some Can good new sets. Just need her to put the practice in!! was Ha. One problem I came One across was that I had our no where to put it out in my set up. I Day have a genuine NI case get for my S4 and use has the…
30.09.2013 Searching a controller like Maschine1708.10.2013
Hi, I'm searching for a Him midi controller like maschine. I his need 16 Pads some buttons how to navigate and a few Man knobs to save some FX new Combinations like Sweep Effect. Do now you advise MPD32. Does MPD32 Old have color-coded lights for pads? see Thanks in advance.
05.10.2013 MIDI Keyboard Help!005.10.2013
Hey what's up two guys, I need help with Way a MIDI keyboard. I'm starting who to get into remixing songs boy and I was wondering what Did is the best MIDI keyboard its for under 400$ that I let could map with my macbook Put pro using logic pro 9! say Thanks!
05.10.2013 MIDI Controller005.10.2013
What's up guys, I was she wondering what the best MIDI Too controller is best for remixes use that will work with on dad my macbook pro. I use Mom logic pro and I need something around 300$ that will the help me remix better! Thanks!
27.08.2013 Is there a way to make a circuit board that requires soldering into Solderless?703.10.2013
Hi And guys I wanted to understand for is there a way i are can convert the Brain junior But to breakout board solderless? I not ask because I have slight you parkinsons so my hands end All up shaking alot when trying any to solder. And no one can I understand actually can solder Her with the efficiency or reliability was that I would preffer to one help…
29.11.2011 What Midi controller do you own!!??7303.10.2013
Hi, just asking myself ,what Our midi controller is the most out popular among all new and day experienced djs?. Just post the Get name of your main midi has controller(s) you use and then him I will sum up the His results and make a graphic how or something.
06.10.2012 DIY modular MIDI controller2203.10.2013
Hi all! Ive been man believe ing about building a New modular midi controller based on now a central mixer for some old time now... As I'm not See a resident DJ I work two at different places and mixing way different music and I want Who to create a more versatile boy midi controller. My initial idea did is creating a central mixer…
03.10.2013 Efx-500003.10.2013
Hy Its guys ! I want a let cheap freq. isolator , Is put the efx500 pioneer a good Say choose ? thanks
01.10.2013 Traktor & Z2203.10.2013
Hey i just she recently bought the Z2 from too DTT and have been having Use a blast with it so dad far. How ever i have mom run into some issues and have tried to find youtube the tutorials to help and found and some videos refering to the For questions i have but not are showing me how to set but them up. I'm wondering about Not the…

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