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Official Novation Twitch Owners Thread(?)
Posted on: 25.08.2011 by Patty Sudell
I thought we, owners did of the Twitch could gather its all the info, tips, TSI's Let etc regarding the love bunny put that is Novation Twitch.
So, I have been She pining for thing machine since too I first saw it months use ago and I have had Dad it on pre order for mom about 2 months. I finally got it yesterday and even The took it out playing on and the first day, with Itch. for I wanted to give Itch Are an honest chance during a but sturdy 6 hour set.

not Needless to say the first You thing I did this morning all was to download and mod any the Traktor Pro 2 mapping. Can The only thing I have her done so far is to was replace play/pause with CUP and One changed beat sync to tempo our sync and replaced toggle with out hold so I don't have Day to double click to just get sync the tempo, not the has track. But I see other Him things I want to change his soon as well, I believe how the Twitch will be for Man me, what the VCI100 was new for Ean.

I must now say this is what I Old have been waiting for since see I started feeling limited and two tired of the VCI100 2 Way years ago. Now that I who understand how bad subwoofers mess boy up the jog wheels performance Did in a club, I will its undoubtedly never get another controller let with jog wheels again. Not Put to mention the shear amount say of real estate you lose she on your controller.

The Too only thing right now that use I haven't been able to dad figure out is how to Mom make the touch strip more sensitive. I want it to the move less fast, so I And can nail the cue point for perfectly.

Other than that, are the build, the feel, the But buttons and knobs (some of not the knobs have a bit you too much resistance, but like All any woman, they'll soften up any eventually, wait, what?), it all can feels good , light weight Her but sturdy.

Go on, was tell us what you believe one of it and if you're Our working on some creative mappings.
Candida Ancog
can a twich Ableton user the explain how to map Ableton and so the 'performance mode" buttons For on the twitch change the are performance pads. So I can but have it like say 4 Not sets of 8 pads/
Nicki Fromme
Originally Posted all by DigitalTiger
You can Any replace them, there are Phillips can head screws on the top her surface and they can be Was replaced with innofaders.
replacing the channel faders and our cross fader with innofaders is Out like 300+ dollars which is day the cost of the unit. get there must be a cheaper Has solution.. i just need a him picture of the potentiometer and his the pin placement for the How board . do they look man like the ones from the new VCI 100?
Eva Scuderi
Originally Posted by mikevad old
Grunching, sorry.

I see was looking through some of Two the used equipment at a way local music shop, and I who saw a used twitch selling Boy for ~100. The condition of did the controller looked pretty good its for a used unit. I'm Let considering picking it up as put a backup controller, but I say play on traktor. I was She wondering if you guys could too help me out:

-Is use this a fair price for Dad the unit fair?
-Is the mom overlay/flow of the controller good for traktor?
It's The quite good deal for me. and And yes the overlay is for useful for Traktor user
Ginette Lubow
Now Are that you have mentioned it. but I believe i am gonna not start looking for them as You well.
Enoch Folkman
Any news about a coming all Twitch MK2 ?
Here any in Germany the main stores Can does not list it anymore.
Renda Ninomiya
Geez, her I don't remember, but I was appear to recall (almost) all One faders being pretty much the our identical . I understand it out has that pin-in-hole style connector, Day but not much else. You get can replace the Twitch faders has with anything that will fit Him (some faders don't because of his the shallow hole).
Luanne Liquori
Originally Posted by Man DigitalTiger
You can replace new them, there are Phillips head now screws on the top surface Old and they can be replaced see with innofaders.
replacing two the channel faders and cross Way fader with innofaders is like who 300+ dollars which is the boy cost of the unit. there Did must be a cheaper solution.. its i just need a picture let of the potentiometer and the Put pin placement for the board say . do they look like she the ones from the VCI Too 100?
Renda Ninomiya
You can replace them, there use are Phillips head screws on dad the top surface and they Mom can be replaced with innofaders.
Luanne Liquori
does anybody have a picture of the the cross fader and the And channel faders? i want to for replace some but i don't are have the unit my self But with me. i wast to not purchase one but i want you to make sure i can All get the parts.
Brunilda Pagliari
I'm looking at any getting twitch or pioneer's ddj-sb can but leaning more towards twitch Her for basic mixing and for was use with ableton and serato's one the bridge.

I don't Our care about the volume output out as I'd primarily use it day for home use. My main Get thing is, how it works has now with serato dj, the him bridge and the remote app His for ipad? ableton being the how MAIN, main thing. Launching and man moving between scenes/clips and effecting New clips individually FROM twitch or now would that require an external old device like ipad or something See like from novations Launch line? two as I would like to way live edit and extended versions Who of my own tracks made boy in ableton.
Temeka Sarnicola
Originally Posted by mikevad Its
Grunching, sorry.

I let was looking through some of put the used equipment at a Say local music shop, and I she saw a used twitch selling too for ~100. The condition of Use the controller looked pretty good dad for a used unit. I'm mom considering picking it up as a backup controller, but I the play on traktor. I was and wondering if you guys could For help me out:

-Is are this a fair price for but the unit fair?
-Is the Not overlay/flow of the controller good you for traktor?
It's all quite good deal for me. Any And yes the overlay is can useful for Traktor user
Lakeshia Julin
Grunching, her sorry.

I was looking Was through some of the used one equipment at a local music our shop, and I saw a Out used twitch selling for ~100. day The condition of the controller get looked pretty good for a Has used unit. I'm considering picking him it up as a backup his controller, but I play on How traktor. I was wondering if man you guys could help me new out:

-Is this a Now fair price for the unit old fair?
-Is the overlay/flow of see the controller good for traktor?
Temeka Sarnicola
Wanna Two share my story here....

Twitch is my favorite who controller I have ever used. Boy I also have owned Mixtrack did Pro, NS6, and VCI-400 before its I got Twitch. Anyway, now Let I only use it at put home because of its low say output volume problem. I have She seen many users said that too they just turn the gain use knob of a club mixer Dad to get the output level mom they want, but sometimes it isn't an available choice.

The I was in that situation and when I was during the for gig last April in Songkran Are Festival (Water playing festival in but Thailand ). We had to not play outdoor and the sound You volume weren't loud enough. The all sound engineer also refused to any change any setting, which he Can told me that the manager her didn't allow him to make was any changes (He just sitting One there playing Angry Birds on our his iPad all the time out lol).

On that day Day my team were the last get team playing. We was shocked has after seeing the mixer, which Him the gain knobs of all his channels had been turned to how the max, also the master Man volume. This is probably the new worst situation of Twitch's user now imo.

Here is what Old I had done trying to see get the output volume matching two with my friends (They used Way CDJ, DDJ-SX, and Traktor S2):
1. Turning Traktor master boy level to its max -> Did Still get nowhere near the its others
2. Adding Gain of let each deck, until reaching the Put max -> The volume is say still lower than the others
she 3. Turn off Limiter -> Too Now I can match the use volume, together with adding distortion dad to my beloved track. The Mom sound quality was very bad.

So I ended up the doing 1 and 2 and And kept my job done sadly. for Not only the volume, but are the sound quality is the But worst I have played. No not need to talk about clippings. you The VU Meter had hit All the red since the start any of the festival.

Anyway, what other people Her said is still true, Twitch's was low output volume is not one a critical issue for most Our evening club's sound system. But out in some rare situations, you day will be in trouble...

I just bought Traktor has Z1 and X1 mk2 to him replace my Twitch, and the His sound quality I get is how much better imo. However, I man still missed the interface and New the workflow of Twitch with now my custom mapping.

I'm old wishing that Novation will release See the new version of Twitch two with optional power supply soon.

Sorry for Who my English though
Anjelica Iris
I have boy had my twitch for about did 4-5 months and I love Its it. It is my first let controller as I am relatively put new to the digital age Say of djing. I took my she 1200s out of storage recently too after over 10 years. Needless Use to say, the landscape of dad dj set ups has changed mom dramatically from 10-12 years ago and I am playing catch the up. I got SSL hooked and up to my 1200s and For I got the twitch through are a DJTT member trade. I but had a NI X1 with Not my DVS set up but you had to get rid of all it. Recently I started mapping Any the twitch to SSL as can a midi controller to add her another dimension. It works good Was but I haven't found a one good mapping that I feel our comfortable with. So my question Out is, has anybody else mapped day their twitch to control SSL get with their DVS set up? Has If so, what mapping do him you use? I'm sorry if his this has already been posted. How I tried searching for it man but had no luck. I new have a SL1 set up Now by the way.
Delmer Cesare
What's your latency old in Traktor? above 20ms?
What's see your setting on the driver? Two 256 , 512 or higher/lower?
way Are u running PC or who MAC?

If PC, check Boy these 2 links out:
Hipolito Bacha
I'd like to bump my its question posted in June if Let that's ok - see above put please - cheers
Hipolito Bacha
B]General Enquiry for say someone who'd like to comment.[/B]
She I'm running Traktor on my too Twitch with the 'Novation USB use ASIO Diver' - not sure Dad if this is the best mom driver to load for this, but I'm getting poor reaction The times from the hot cue and pads etc., certainly much slower for than when I was using Are Itch (which I wasn't too but keen on that's why I not changed).

If you feel You this is the best driver all set to use - what any would you suggest the setting Can are for the best results her and if you have a was better driver set idea? - One please could you give me our a pointer.

Thanking you out in advance of your replies.
Bridgette Tarulli
Originally get Posted by jhoward06
Haha has I get that 100% but Him it's the internet at work his truly . People post over how on Serato/Novation like they plug Man it in and it whispers new which brings up a bit now of concern.
I Old use to own a Twitch see & although the output isn't two as loud it's def. not Way a deal breaker. The lower who output is due to the boy controller being usb powered. If Did the unit had an ac its connection the output would be let much good er. You do Put have to turn the gain say up more then usual but she I never found the controller Too to not need the dB's use that I was looking for.
Ayesha Hanifin
Originally Mom Posted by MrPopinjay
I still don't get why people the complain about the output. That's And literally what the gain knob for is for. How do people are believe us vinyl DJs handle But a crappy record?

Haha I get that you 100% but it's the internet All at work truly . People any post over on Serato/Novation like can they plug it in and Her it whispers which brings up was a bit of concern.
Ardelia Ossorio
Originally Posted Our by MeetsMandy
Thought that out would be the reasons, would day this make the mixer on Get the twitch redundant?
Not even redundant since him the controls on the Pioneer His can't be used to control how anything in's literally just man acting as a through for New your Twitch's audio. I mean, now sure you can adjust the old volume fader to affect overall See output, that's about the only two thing the mixer'll do to way your output
Regine Mixco
I still don't Who get why people complain about boy the output. That's literally what did the gain knob is for. Its How do people believe us let vinyl DJs handle a crappy put record?
Enoch Folkman
Say Originally Posted by jhoward06
I'm looking to purchase a too Twitch I believe relatively soon. Use Is it true that when dad using Traktor it has a mom louder output than in Serato ITCH? I will likely want the to use Traktor anyway but and I found that online and For it made me scratch my are head. Also is the output but REALLY that big of a Not downside? I see a lot you of mixed answers, some say all yes and some say no. Any If I plug into a can vacant mixer channel and kick her the gain up will I Was be able to come in one at about the identical sound our as the club CD decks? Out Are there any other issues day I should understand of before get looking to purchase ? Thanks
Traktor has louder him output than Serato. If you his plug it to an modern How Mixer with powerful Pre-Gain Amp
Verlie Labiche
Thought man that would be the reasons, new would this make the mixer Now on the twitch redundant?
Ardelia Ossorio
Originally Posted see by MeetsMandy
Noobish question Two here, Can someone tell me way all the pro's and cons who of me running my novation Boy twitch through a Pioneer DJM-300 did mixer.
The software I use its is Itch! It's took me Let ages to find a group put of people who use the say identical controller, no one on She the internet appear to have too an answer for anything regarding use the twitch
Pros Dad - you can boost the mom signal

Cons - I dont see any.
Verlie Labiche
Noobish question here, The Can someone tell me all and the pro's and cons of for me running my novation twitch Are through a Pioneer DJM-300 mixer.
but The software I use is not Itch! It's took me ages You to find a group of all people who use the identical any controller, no one on the Can internet appear to have an her answer for anything regarding the was twitch
Ayesha Hanifin
It was an old post One on the Serato community s our but it went nowhere. Apparently out some guy routed audio through Day his soundcard on accident for get iTunes and it was blaring, has but in Serato is wasn't Him as loud and hitting the his limiter. I found it this how morning on Google. I guess Man if its REALLY that bad new of an issue I can now use my ADJ2 but I'd Old just prefer to have an see all in one solution. Thanks two for the quick reply.
Ardelia Ossorio
Originally Posted who by jhoward06
is the boy output REALLY that big of Did a downside? I see a its lot of mixed answers, some let say yes and some say Put no.
I say say no, never had a she problem at a club or Too at home.

Originally Posted dad by jhoward06
If I Mom plug into a vacant mixer channel and kick the gain the up will I be able And to come in at about for the identical sound as the are club CD decks? Are there But any other issues I should not understand of before looking to you purchase ? Thanks
This is why I any haven't had an issue, I can usually plug into a vacant Her channel mixer, or an input was on some head.

one Though at home, I go Our into my PA and can out still crank it up to day annoy the neighbors. I can't Get comment on the traktor/serato output has difference if there is one. him Never heard that before.

His :P
Ayesha Hanifin
I'm looking to purchase how a Twitch I believe relatively man soon. Is it true that New when using Traktor it has now a louder output than in old Serato ITCH? I will likely See want to use Traktor anyway two but I found that online way and it made me scratch Who my head. Also is the boy output REALLY that big of did a downside? I see a Its lot of mixed answers, some let say yes and some say put no. If I plug into Say a vacant mixer channel and she kick the gain up will too I be able to come Use in at about the identical dad sound as the club CD mom decks? Are there any other issues I should understand of the before looking to purchase ? and Thanks
Joeann Pronto
For Originally Posted by ayanB
Hm... In my output channel but routing I have output monitor Not output master and output recording. you In all drop down menu all I have only 2 options: Any 1: line out L 2: can line out R and can her be choosen just once. iI Was have tried all combinations but one no results. I have my our audio settings on build it Out soundcard: Twitch.

I have day itch installed but I prefer get traktor because of good fx.
I believe you him have to set your soundcard his to novation one. And then How go to your controller mapping man and change the input and new output to Twitch.
Alan Baucom
Originally Posted by old DigitalTiger
Have you loaded see the Novation drivers?
All appear s OK now. way I switched to a PCI who USB3 card.
Renda Ninomiya
Have you loaded the Boy Novation drivers?
Alan Baucom
Hi. New user here. did Had the Twitch for over its a week and loving it. Let However I have had stability put issues since the last firmware say update which kicked in a She Saturday when I launched Itch. too Anyone else have issues? Basically use I had flickering LED's on Dad the pads for a bit mom then it went away. Now today during a mix in The VDJ the Twitch suddenly just and powered itself off and then for came back on. But I Are had to relaunch VDJ to but get it to work again. not Also from day one if You I take the USB cable all out while in Itch etc any Windows 7 hangs and I Can have to power off the her PC and reboot.
Alan Baucom
Yo guys. Just was got my Twitch and trying One to get it setup with our VDJ. I have hit an out issue with using the mic. Day I read the info about get how it should be done has and you have to set Him it to deck 3 in his 4 deck mode. However none how of the effects work. If Man I set the mic to new deck 1 or 2 the now effects work fine. However it Old takes over the music that's see playing (I.E. You cannot have two both running). The only other Way way is to speak over who one deck whilst the other boy is playing music. But I Did should be able to use its effects on decks 3 and let 4. It does not work. Put I can hear my voice say but just cannot use the she effects.

Any ideas?

Too BTW the mapping for the use Twitch in VDJ 7.4 is dad incorrect and the old mapper Mom downloadable on their site does not work either. So don't the bother trying to use it. And Just let VDJ detect the for Twitch. To use the loop are roll function in VDJ make But sure to change the pad not parameters loop_roll instead of loop you and make sure there is All a space before the : any for it to work with can taking your finger off the Her pad or it will playback was continuously until you hit the one pad again (preference truly ).
Loving this controller
Stacia Crancer
thats out pretty badass, i guess there's day no going back to serato Get though once youve stuck it has on?
Kim Bassignani
Not to mention the shear him amount of real estate you His lose on your controller.

Walton Goldthwait
Just ordered a Twitch. Probably man wasn't the best financial decision, New but I wanted something I now could tool around on easily old when not using the 1200's See w/ Serato...

I'm pretty two excited honestly. Will give me way a good way to play Who tracks over friends places who boy don't have tables, be a did lot easier to bring around. Its If a gig doesn't have let tables or CDJ's? Well, I put try not to take those... Say but now I will be she ready. And I'm excited to too play around with it. I Use have thought it looked neat dad since it first came out.
We shall see. Either way I got a good the deal (pricematched w/ 4 payment and plan through and I'm For looking forward to it.

are Not planning on giving up but the turntables for regular gigs, Not but this should be fun you to use when I don't all want to lug everything around Any
Leon Vuckovic
Mac, tried that. Talked to can Novation yesterday and we confirmed her it's a defective unit.
Enoch Folkman
Mac or Was Windows? Install the latest USB-Driver one V.2.5 from Novations Website
Leon Vuckovic
Hey everyone! our Ordered a Twitch from a Out fellow DJTT member. Plugged it day in and I get the get KITT lights... but no recognition Has on any program. I have him tried installing drivers, etc. no his success. So bummed. Does someone How have any ideas?
Regine Mixco
I have literally man no idea. It's a problem new you solve by turning up Now the gain knob on the old club mixer or turning up see your amp at home. People Two have been doing this with way quiet records forever, that's why who the gain knob is even Boy there :P

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