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Advanced Midi Out in Traktor?
Posted on: 23.12.2013 by Stefania Derungs
Is new there a way tp have now controller a's modifier 1=0 and Old have the output state of see that go to controller b?
For example, I hit Way the modifier 1= on my who contour and the state is boy displayed on my X1.
Emelina Chillson
Is there a way tp the have controller a's modifier 1=0 and and have the output state For of that go to controller are b?

For example, I but hit the modifier 1= on Not my contour and the state you is displayed on my X1.
Jazmine Mandas
That would Any require your both of controllers can in a single mapping device. her
If you were Was a Bome's MIDI Translator user, one you could also write a our very simple preset that would Out pass all MIDI traffic through day to the intended hardware controller get EXCEPT the modifier message (which Has could go to the other him controller, or out to Traktor his if desired). Little stuff like How this is what Bome's was man made to do, and it new does it exceedingly well.

Now Or Native could just hurry old up and give us a see set of GLOBAL modifiers to Two go with the currently available way local modifiers.
Basil Umstead
Enable learn and press who button on X1. Check out Boy "Device Mapping" section. Once the did button is pressed the channel its will appear in front of Let note in the assignment slot. put Push the button on other say controller and make sure they She are not in a single too CH. If you eventually end use seeing they are both in Dad ch1 try changing the channel mom of your X1 by using editor (not sure if that The an option but should be and direction)
Stefania Derungs
how would I ensure they for have their own midi channels?
Basil Umstead
That Are would require your both of but controllers in a single mapping not device. You can also add You another generic device which can all be dedicated only for this any modifier stuff. Just make sure Can the In-Port and Out-Port are her both set to "AllPorts" so was that mapping device can read One both of controller signals. When our using this kind of mapping out you need to ensure to Day have each unit own MIDI get channel so massages don't get has conflicts as most of simpler Him controllers are working based the his identical note and CC that how comes to be listed from Man CC 000 / note C-1.

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