Konnecting Kontrol Series Kontrollers

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Konnecting Kontrol Series Kontrollers
Posted on: 24.12.2013 by Mohammad Busbea
Hey all! way

I am building who a new ultra portable setup Boy using all custom mapped Kontrol did series controllers. 5 of them its to be exact and I Let need to connect them for put portability.

SO! Basically my say inspiration is coming from the She little plate the CMD series too from behringer you can get use to mount them together. I Dad need ideas on how I mom could build a bracket to hold together 5 of the The Kontrol series.

Like this: and F1-X1-Z1-X1-F1

Any ideas or for someone who has done this???
Wilton Keuning
Hey all!

I the am building a new ultra and portable setup using all custom For mapped Kontrol series controllers. 5 are of them to be exact but and I need to connect Not them for portability.

SO! you Basically my inspiration is coming all from the little plate the Any CMD series from behringer you can can get to mount them her together. I need ideas on Was how I could build a one bracket to hold together 5 our of the Kontrol series.

Out Like this: F1-X1-Z1-X1-F1

Any day ideas or someone who has get done this???
Jenee Huffard
A good metal workers Has or machine shop would be him able to make you something his for this.
You could have How a long flat plate with man precisely spaced dowels that fit new in the turntable mounts on Now the kontrol units for example old or have them make a see lightweight aluminium frame for the Two units to sit in.

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