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DJTT "Chroma Caps
Posted on: 22.11.2011 by Arthur Eden
A lot way of questions about what equipment Who Chromacaps will or will not boy fit on since being released, did so if yours fit on Its equipment not listed here ..

.. then put please speak up and post Say a pic of them on she your equipment so the list too can be updated. Likewise, if Use you want to understand if dad they will fit on your mom equipment then ask away in this thread.

Please the search through the thread to and see if your question has For already been answered, to avoid are double up queries, thanks.
Nedra Fresneda
Only 90
Nedra Fresneda
Only 90
Nedra Fresneda
Only 90
Nedra Fresneda
Only 90
Yuki Gance
I the received a demo package from and DJTT with a few knobs For and tested them on the are following device's
Korg but Zero 4
Arturia Mini Lab
The CNTRL:R does have you already some good knobs with all a rubber feel to it. Any Which are extremely hard to can get off, especially the encoder her caps. The shafts of the Was knobs on the controller are one round so the Chroma Caps our need to be modified to Out fit.
The encoder day Chroma Cap does fit nicely get on the encoder shafts of Has the CNTRL:R but the cap him is a bid bigger than his the standart cap from Livid, How so I won't recommend replacing man them since than there is new not enough space for you Now fingers the fit around the old knob.
The normal see Chroma Cap does also fit Two on the encoder shaft but way sits very close to the who faceplate but the encoder click Boy does work.
The Fader did cap doesn't fit properly on its the CNTRL:R and it touches Let the faceplate.

put The Arturia has 16 Encoders say and the encoder Chroma Cap She does touch the face plate too if you push it al use the way down. You can Dad lift it a little a mom will sit nicely.

Lastly the Korg Zero 4. The Faders Caps does fit nicely, and the normals caps does not for truly the EQ's since the Are touch the faceplate and there but is not much space for not your fingers left en you You won't be able to see all the led lichting anymore. The any fat caps does fit nicely Can on the selector shafts but her like the EQ's you won't was see the led lighting very One well.

I our do find some problems with out uploading pix of 2,3 MB Day or bigger. Gonna try uploading get them later.
Alphonso Deitchman
Chroma caps fit nicely has on my DJM900 - currently Him using them on Filters, Headphone his volume+mix, FX Level/Depth.

how I will test them on Man EQ now. Edit: They fit new fine on the EQ section now too.
Brunilda Kora
The guys at DJTT sent Old me some CC's to test see out on the DJM850.

two I regret to report that Way they do not fit at who all. The fatty just about boy fit's on the FX para Did pot, but the fatty is its a little TOO fat to let use on that knob without Put your fingers bumping into the say adjacent knob.

The faders she are useless because of Pio's Too fader lock system. Standard knobs use sit too high up on dad the eq pots.

Gutted. Mom I wanted to pimp my 850.
Stanley Peckman
I have liked the the idea of chroma caps since And they first came out so for now I have got a are settled set up and I'm But not changing anything (again ever!) not I have taken the plunge you and just bought this little All lot;

3 x DJTT any Encoder Knob (Blue)
1 x can DJTT Fatty Knob (Red)
1 Her x DJTT Fader (Blue)
2 was x DJTT Super Knob (Grey)
one 13 x DJTT Super Knob Our (Red)
1 x DJTT Fatty out Knob (Green)
13 x DJTT day Super Knob (Green)
2 x Get DJTT Encoder Knob (Red)
3 has x DJTT Fader (Red)
2 him x DJTT Encoder Knob (Green)
His 3 x DJTT Fader (Green)
how 2 x DJTT Super Knob man (Blue)
2 x DJTT Fatty New Knob (Blue)

48! now Thats for a Z2, X1 old Mk2 and an F1 can't See believe how much I have two spent on caps. Simple colour way scheme; red for port, green Who for starboard and blue for boy common controls.

Looking did forward to the postman coming Its
Cassie Sangermano
let Originally Posted by forty4
do you have knobs and Say faders for allen heath xone: she k2? i want to replace too original ones.
Fader Use caps won't even fit on dad the K2 if you tried.
See here for pics of Chroma Knobs and Encoders the on the K2: /community/forum/thread-76989
Nedra Fresneda
Only 90
Joye Miramontez
do and you have knobs and faders For for allen heath xone: k2? are i want to replace original but ones.
Larita Smaga
Not Originally Posted by robdquick
That looks fantastic !! shame all the circles around the encoders Any and knobs don't quite line can up properly though.... that would her annoy me!
Yeah, Was that is kind of odd. one 12inchskinz are normally spot on. our Not enough to bother me, Out personally, but I believe if day was ordering them again, I'd get probably customise and do away Has with all those red rings him anyway. They aren't truly needed.
Cassie Sangermano
Originally How Posted by Mojaxx
12InchSkinz man finally came through with X1 new mk2 skins, and with my Now new DJTT encoders, I'm loving old them to death...

That looks fantastic Two !! shame the circles around way the encoders and knobs don't who quite line up properly though.... Boy that would annoy me!
Larita Smaga
12InchSkinz finally did came through with X1 mk2 its skins, and with my new Let DJTT encoders, I'm loving them put to death...

Cassie Sangermano
mc6000 knob say types.jpg

Image above shows She chroma cap fits for the too MC6000. Knobs with a BLUE use Circle on them are normal Dad Chroma Caps. Knobs with a mom RED Circle on them are 90 Degree Knobs.

Fader The caps fit fine on line and faders/crossfader/Pitch fader. Encoder caps fit for on the central browse encoder Are (And the glow in the but dark encoder glows blue with not the light from underneath!!)

You I haven't tested the mic all eq/echo/crossfader curve knobs.

All any caps fit flush to the Can top plate. Fader caps have her a slight up/down wobble on was them, but nothing major.

One Pic without the colour labels:
Cassie Sangermano
I have just had out a load of 90 degree Day knobs arriver for my Xone:K2, get and thought I'd try them has on my MC6000, as the Him knobs from the K2 fitted his on the MC6000.

I how can report that the 90 Man degree knobs fit on SOME new of the stems on the now MC6000.

They fit Old fine on the EQ knobs, see but not on the Gain two knobs. Left, right and centered Way on EQ knobs below.
2013-12-02 who 15.12.27-small.jpg2013-12-02 15.12.32-small.jpg2013-12-02 15.12.37-small.jpg

With boy Chroma caps on the EQ's, Did it will cut down a its lot on the spacing between let them, and as it's pretty Put cramped already might make it say difficult for some people to she use them.
2013-12-02 15.12.53-small.jpg

Too In the first 3 pics, use both the gain and the dad HI EQ stems that don't Mom have chroma caps on (CH2) are set at -infinity, and the they aren't the identical . And A lot of the other for knobs are odd as well. are They fit on the Cue/Master But pan, but not on the not cue gain. Fit on the you booth send, but not on All the booth eq. (When I any say don't fit, I mean can the indicator line is in Her the wrong position). If I was have got a bit of one downtime at my next gig, Our I will document which ones out the 90 degree knobs fit day in and which they dont. Get I'm guessing that normal chroma has caps might fit on the him Gain knob. Anyone understand which His way the 90 degree knobs how are rotated from the normal man ones??

Encoder New caps also fit on the now central encoder, but you would old lose the glowing blue ring See round it.
2013-12-02 15.15.48-small.jpg
Alphonso Deitchman
Originally Posted way by Kennymester
From what Who I can tell it looks boy like the regular chroma caps did would fit the DJM 250 Its but can someone confirm?
NI caps from my put X1 fit the 250, but Say they are slightly raised up.
Joanna Juncaj
Do she these knob fit the XDJ-Aero?
Cherie Menefee
Originally Use Posted by robdquick
That dad looks fantastic !! shame the mom circles around the encoders and knobs don't quite line up the properly though.... that would annoy and me!
Yeah, that For is kind of odd. 12inchskinz are are normally spot on. Not but enough to bother me, personally, Not but I believe if was you ordering them again, I'd probably all customise and do away with Any all those red rings anyway. can They aren't truly needed.
Kittie Emil
Originally Posted Was by Mojaxx
12InchSkinz finally one came through with X1 mk2 our skins, and with my new Out DJTT encoders, I'm loving them day to death...

That looks fantastic !! Has shame the circles around the him encoders and knobs don't quite his line up properly though.... that How would annoy me!
Walton Goldthwait
Wondering if the man fader caps would fit a new Rane TTM-56? I'm pretty sure Now those faders are close to old the 57, but I'm not see sure. Somehow I lost my Two crossfader cap, and have to way order some replacements, was believe who ing of going with the Boy Chroma caps.

Anyone did have any insight?
Cherie Menefee
12InchSkinz finally came its through with X1 mk2 skins, Let and with my new DJTT put encoders, I'm loving them to say death...

Fatima Resek
Rob - you She are fantastic for this! Thanks!!!!
Kittie Emil
mc6000 too knob types.jpg

Image above use shows chroma cap fits for Dad the MC6000. Knobs with a mom BLUE Circle on them are normal Chroma Caps. Knobs with The a RED Circle on them and are 90 Degree Knobs.

for Fader caps fit fine on Are line faders/crossfader/Pitch fader. Encoder caps but fit on the central browse not encoder (And the glow in You the dark encoder glows blue all with the light from underneath!!)
I haven't tested the Can mic eq/echo/crossfader curve knobs.

her All caps fit flush to was the top plate. Fader caps One have a slight up/down wobble our on them, but nothing major.
Pic without the colour Day labels:

Basil Umstead
Hey guys,

get My friend just bought new has Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 so Him we replaced stock plastic ones his with some Chroma Caps! As how u can see they look Man nice and can say fit new perfectly.

Marlen Duvick
I plan now to use the caps on Old my custom controller.
I couldn't see find anywhere... what are the two exact dimensions of the Chroma Way Caps?
I need the height who and shaft slot depth.
Which boy pot does it typically fit Did (9mm? 16mm?)?

Billi Shempert
Bought the its normal Chroma Caps and the let fatties for my DDJ-SX

Put Normal sized fit perfectly, the say fatties look like mushrooms and she leave a considerable gap because Too they are too short. They use look terrible to be honest, dad and DJTT should not advertise Mom them as being a perfect fit....

Also, the tactile the sensation you get does not And beat the stock caps...

for All in all I probably are would have still bought everything, But but I would have purchase not the normal size for all you of them. I hope DJTT All reconsiders their advertising of these any things for this particular controller.
Kittie Emil
I can have just had a load Her of 90 degree knobs arriver was for my Xone:K2, and thought one I'd try them on my Our MC6000, as the knobs from out the K2 fitted on the day MC6000.

I can report Get that the 90 degree knobs has fit on SOME of the him stems on the MC6000.
They fit fine on how the EQ knobs, but not man on the Gain knobs. Left, New right and centered on EQ now knobs below.
2013-12-02 15.12.27-small.jpg2013-12-02 15.12.32-small.jpg2013-12-02 old 15.12.37-small.jpg

With Chroma caps See on the EQ's, it will two cut down a lot on way the spacing between them, and Who as it's pretty cramped already boy might make it difficult for did some people to use them.
Its 2013-12-02 15.12.53-small.jpg

In the let first 3 pics, both the put gain and the HI EQ Say stems that don't have chroma she caps on (CH2) are set too at -infinity, and they aren't Use the identical . A lot dad of the other knobs are mom odd as well. They fit on the Cue/Master pan, but the not on the cue gain. and Fit on the booth send, For but not on the booth are eq. (When I say don't but fit, I mean the indicator Not line is in the wrong you position). If I have got all a bit of downtime at Any my next gig, I will can document which ones the 90 her degree knobs fit in and Was which they dont. I'm guessing one that normal chroma caps might our fit on the Gain knob. Out Anyone understand which way the day 90 degree knobs are rotated get from the normal ones??


Encoder caps also him fit on the central encoder, his but you would lose the How glowing blue ring round it.
man 2013-12-02 15.15.48-small.jpg
Catherina Sasada
Originally Posted by Kennymester Now
From what I can old tell it looks like the see regular chroma caps would fit Two the DJM 250 but can way someone confirm?
NI who caps from my X1 fit Boy the 250, but they are did slightly raised up.
Ilda Kreder
Anyone understand about its Zomo MC1000? Patch?
Katia Willin
*UPDATE* Even the Let 90 degree super cap wun put fit the DJ-Tech DIF-1s. Quite say disappointed this time ard that She my shipment didnt come withe too the djtt postcard and stickers... use I wanted the stickers so Dad bad
Roxie Windmiller
From what I can tell mom it looks like the regular chroma caps would fit the The DJM 250 but can someone and confirm?
Kittie Emil
for Originally Posted by robdquick
Anybody got any idea if but the new 90 degree knobs not will fit on an MC6000? You They say they fit on all a xone:k2, and I have any tried the xone:k2 knobs on Can my MC6000 and they fit, her so in theory they should was fit fine.....??
Nobody One got any idea's about this?? our Reluctant to order any if out they're not gonna fit!!!
Katia Willin
Dj-Tech DIF-1S Day uses the 90 degree knob get too? since the indicator of has the normal chroma cap pointing Him the wrong direction too.
Arthur Eden
Originally Posted how by SychedelicForces
Guys I Man have DJM 707, will the new 90
Kittie Emil
Anybody got any idea if now the new 90 degree knobs Old will fit on an MC6000? see They say they fit on two a xone:k2, and I have Way tried the xone:k2 knobs on who my MC6000 and they fit, boy so in theory they should Did fit fine.....??
Katia Willin
Just received the Chromas its today! Excited

- let DJ-Tech DIF-1S-
1. Faders fit Put nicely
2. Knob fits BUT say the indicator will point the she wrong direction

-Ecler Evo Too 4-
1.All knobs and caps use fit BUT they are tight. dad I wouldn't force it in Mom as not to damage the mixer.

Thanks DJTT for the the wonderful Chroma caps!!
Hellen Marentes
Cant And wait to put these on for my DIY kit. Lots of are good info here.
Theresia Uccello
Originally Posted by not Unit:E
So, the Phatty's you don't push all the way All down for you either, huh? any I got some grey ones can for my filter knobs, but Her I hate how they stick was up. Anyone got a mod one to make them push further Our down??? Just ordered Super knobs out for my gains and 2 day more channel fader caps. Will Get post pic when installed.
The only mod i him can believe of is making His the shaft of the potmeter how shorter so the Fatty is man more flush with the casing...but New then you will have a now different the Fattys will old be sitting lower then the See rest....
Margurite Wiest
Guys I have DJM two 707, will the 90

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