Anybody used an Akai MPX8 SD Sampler?

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Anybody used an Akai MPX8 SD Sampler?
Posted on: 02.01.2014 by Kittie Emil
Anybody ever used one old of these?? I'm looking to see pick one up (for something Two totally unrelated to djing), and way have a few specific questions. who If you've used one, let Boy me understand !!!
Cassie Sangermano

Anybody ever used the one of these?? I'm looking and to pick one up (for For something totally unrelated to djing), are and have a few specific but questions. If you've used one, Not let me understand !!!
Kittie Emil
Wasn't expecting you to get any replies to all this!! Not sure you're going Any to be able to help can though....

I only have her 2 questions truly ... How Was long does it take to one load a kit?? And can our you set a default kit Out to be loaded when you day first turn the unit on??
Eleanore Perrenoud
I have used one Has fairly briefly at a demo, him but asked a load of his questions to the guys there. How What do you want to man understand ? If I can new help, I'd love to

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