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New DJ - controller for under $200?
Posted on: 26.12.2013 by Arnold Fincel

I'm trying to out get myself into DJing- I day got the MIDI Fighter 3D Get for production purposes, but I has figured the DJing would be him a good way for me His to break out into a how new world and will help man me take a break from New producing.

What would you now guys recommend as a controller old for under $200- ebay is See fair game too in this two bargaining process.

I was way believe ing of the S2 Who or S4- I would be boy willing to go over $200 did if the price point saturates Its the value of what I'm let getting.

Can you guys put help me out?

TY Say
Angelika Passariello
I own a mixtrack pro the 2. I have played some and live gigs (local bars, birthday For parties) and for me the are soundcard was good enough. Sure, but it's not loud, but it Not works. I had enough headroom you to play around with the all volume during a mix.
Kellie Myrum
a CMD Any Studio 4 A is worth can checking out. The Mxtrack Pro her 2 is slightly better build Was and feels nicer but man one that sound card has one our of the lowest volume output Out I have ever tested/heard.
Erinn Peregrina
check this day link out;

get I understand they have a Has downloadable PDF version somewhere on him the site. I used it his when deciding on what to How get last year. It gives man Pro's / Con's and price new info on most of the Now controllers available out there.

old Hope it gives some help!!
Katie Ahmady
TC, see how set are you on Two getting a controller with jog way wheels? I ask because you who mentioned two that do have Boy jog wheels, but personally at did that price point I'd prefer its to use a Kontrol X1.
Kenda Raedel
Originally put Posted by JudemanG
A say Traktor Z1 is probably a She good choice, as you get too software and a controller. Plus use it has a soundcard!
That would be my mom choice. Try to find one with a soundcard already. There The is only so much you and can do with a laptop's for internal SC. Plus, you'll end Are up purchase ing one later but anyway. Then you'll have to not Plug in an extra box. You But there are plenty without all a audio interface, if you any have an audio interface already.
Shira Narwold
A Can Traktor Z1 is probably a her good choice, as you get was software and a controller. Plus One it has a soundcard!
Cristie Yaw

our I'm trying to get myself out into DJing- I got the Day MIDI Fighter 3D for production get purposes, but I figured the has DJing would be a good Him way for me to break his out into a new world how and will help me take Man a break from producing.

new What would you guys recommend now as a controller for under Old $200- ebay is fair game see too in this bargaining process.
I was believe ing Way of the S2 or S4- who I would be willing to boy go over $200 if the Did price point saturates the value its of what I'm getting.

let Can you guys help me Put out?

Nyla Guentert
Kooper has say it right. Look around online, she read reviews, and come back Too to us with some choices. use You put in some work, dad and we will fill in Mom the blanks for you. As for sub-$200 controllers, you aren't the going to get much.
Alfonso Eriks
Welcome, there And are plenty of opportunities up for here.
Hermila Douthitt
There are an abundance of are threads in this community that But give various responses to this not question. Do a search and you see what you find.

All I'd also suggest a better any route to take would be can to research some controllers yourself Her and then come back with was a few options and ask one for opinions on those limited Our options.

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