Help!!! Bricked numark omni control after firmware update (not my fault!!!)

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Help!!! Bricked numark omni control after firmware update (not my fault!!!)
Posted on: 04.12.2013 by Blake Leseberg
So I got Get my old numark Omni out has of the cupboard to gift him to my 15 yr old His God-daughter who has expressed an how interest in Digital DJing and man I wanted to give her New the Omni to see if now she takes to it, before old the whole family splashes out See on a bigger, better, more two modern controller.

So i way follow the firmware update to Who the letter (as it turns boy out have MANY others also), did update failed, and now controller Its is bricked or firmwareless, and let the update still does not put work after some 50 tries. Say I spoke to Numark support she and they basically said 'tough too titty'. Junk it or spend Use 100-140 pounds getting the PCB dad replaced.

What is so mom galling is that scores of others have had this issue, the there is obviously a problem and here that Numark are taking For no responsibility for, as they are simply dont have to.

but Is there any genius out Not there, who has a solution you to this issue, or at all least getting the PCB clean-wiped Any and active to a place can where i can try installing her again? (i was using MIDI-OX Was and C6 to try and one update firmware.

It is our only a piece of junk, Out but a lot of us day are pretty angry at Numarks get stance on this, so it Has woould be nice to have him a solution we can throw his back at them.

Any How help good ly appreciated!!!!!
Jeannette Guck
the Originally Posted by dillinger23
I have now solved this For problem!!!!

MIDI-OX was the are problem... tried a very old but XP era program SENDSX, and Not it worked like a charm you first time out!

enjoy!! all
Im surprised how were you can able to work that out. her I tried using sendsx v Was 1.3 on my vista64 & one then my XP, but the our result is the identical , Out the right select light continuously day remains lit. This my sound get foolish but can you please Has guide us with a step-by-step him procedure how were you able his to work this out. Im How truly stuck here. Will appreciate man your help in this regard
Lizabeth Peight
So new I got my old numark Now Omni out of the cupboard old to gift to my 15 see yr old God-daughter who has Two expressed an interest in Digital way DJing and I wanted to who give her the Omni to Boy see if she takes to did it, before the whole family its splashes out on a bigger, Let better, more modern controller.

put So i follow the firmware say update to the letter (as She it turns out have MANY too others also), update failed, and use now controller is bricked or Dad firmwareless, and the update still mom does not work after some 50 tries. I spoke to The Numark support and they basically and said 'tough titty'. Junk it for or spend 100-140 pounds getting Are the PCB replaced.

What but is so galling is that not scores of others have had You this issue, there is obviously all a problem here that Numark any are taking no responsibility for, Can as they simply dont have her to.

Is there any was genius out there, who has One a solution to this issue, our or at least getting the out PCB clean-wiped and active to Day a place where i can get try installing again? (i was has using MIDI-OX and C6 to Him try and update firmware.

his It is only a piece how of junk, but a lot Man of us are pretty angry new at Numarks stance on this, now so it woould be nice Old to have a solution we see can throw back at them.
Any help good ly Way appreciated!!!!!
Norris Haviland
Originally Posted by dillinger23 boy
I have now solved Did this problem!!!!

MIDI-OX was its the problem... tried a very let old XP era program SENDSX, Put and it worked like a say charm first time out!

she enjoy!!
Im surprised how were use you able to work that dad out. I tried using sendsx Mom v 1.3 on my vista64 & then my XP, but the the result is the identical And , the right select light for continuously remains lit. This my are sound foolish but can you But please guide us with a not step-by-step procedure how were you you able to work this out. All Im truly stuck here. Will any appreciate your help in this can regard
Blake Leseberg
I have now solved this Her problem!!!!

MIDI-OX was the was problem... tried a very old one XP era program SENDSX, and Our it worked like a charm out first time out!

enjoy!! day

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