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BCR + BCF + Live = confusion...
Posted on: 15.12.2013 by Merissa Dalgliesh
I'm having some put trouble with my BCR / say BCF / Live configuration.

She Warning: Long read!

This too is what I want to use accomplish:

Using azymbol's neat Dad mod for joining a bcr/bcf mom together (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/4770733-post128.html), I want to configure a simple mixing console The for Live.

I and want to set up the for channel strips the following way Are (starting from top encoder):

but BCR2000:

Push Enc Grp not 1: Macro 1 (of 1st You rack in track) / Macro all 1 (of 1st rack in any track) (no change)
Push Enc Can Grp 2: Macro 2 (") her / Macro 2 (") (no was change)
Push Enc Grp 3: One Macro 3 (") / Macro our 3 (") (no change)
Push out Enc Grp 4: Macro 4 Day (") / Macro 4 (") get (no change)

Keys (Upper has Row): Select track
Keys (Lower Him Row): Record Arm

Encoder his (Top): Send A
Encoder (Middle): how Send B
Encoder (Bottom): Track Man Pan


Push new Enc Grp 1: Macro 5 now (of 1st rack) / Macro Old 5 (of 1st rack) (no see change)
Push Enc Grp 2: two Macro 6 (") / Macro Way 6 (") (no change)
Push who Enc Grp 3: Macro 7 boy (") / Macro 7 (") Did (no change)
Push Enc Grp its 4: Macro 8 (") / let Macro 8 (") (no change)

Keys (Upper Row): say Mute
Keys (Lower Row): Solo
Fader: Track Volume

All channels need to use get the identical preset, and dad being able to go to Mom channel banks 9-16/17-24/25-32 via Preset controls would be nice...

the Example:

I And have only begun to map for my BCR (my BCF comes are next week), and I can But see I'm going to hit not some snags.

Background: BCR you has fw 1.10, All presets All have the identical "BCR2000 Only any Controllers" sysex from: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BCR2000.aspx. Preset can 2-8 are set to midi Her channels 2-8 so I can was get more values as I one manually map the controller. I Our have famaliarized myself with flashing out sysex and modifying them via day BC Manager.

So it Get appear s I have a has few options...

- Manually him map the controllers, but be His forced to save this mapping how to a blank Live set man template - and use this New everytime I want to use now the bcr/bcf.

- Set old the Control Surface in Live See to "BCR2000" to gain a two few usable automapped controls (Send way A+B on Ch 1-8) - Who but I still have to boy manually map the rest and did hit the identical snags as Its above.

- Try to let figure out this program: LC put Xmu ( http://www.opuslocus.com/lcxmu/contr...hringerBCR2000 ) to Say enable Mackie Control Emulation for she the BCR. Been trying out too the demo version, but I Use can't appear to figure it dad out at the moment (even mom after reading the manual!) (I will probably post this whole the post to their community as and well)

I also have For another issue - I would are love the preset of the but BCR to change when I Not press the preset next button you on the BCF (and vice-versa).
Found some info on Any this:

--- In [email protected], "jk.anters1" her <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have Was a BCF2000 and a BCR2000 one linked together using USB Mode our 4 on the BCF and Out Stand Alone Mode 3 on day the BCR.
> Everything works get fine but I can't figure Has out how to perform a him bankselect so I can put his both controllers in the identical How preset at a time.
> man I can't find it in new the manual or anywhere on Now the internet..
> Can someone old help me out with this?
"BC MIDI Implementation.pdf" (available Two from http://home.kpn.nl/f2hmjvandenberg281/bc2000.html), section 19.3,

way describes several ways of selecting who presets:

The simplest way Boy is via a MIDI Program did Change message:

Cn PresetNumber-1
Here "n" indicates the Let MIDI channel minus 1.
So put for instance "C0 04" means say "select preset 5 via MIDI She channel 1."
For this to too work as you wish, you use must set the global Receive Dad Channel of both the BCF mom and the BCR to the identical value (1 in this The case).

Alternatively, you could and use a BCF/BCR-specific MIDI System for Exclusive message using command $22 Are (see BCMI section 6):

but F0 00 20 32 7F not 7F 22 PresetNumber-1 F7

You As you can see, this all is more complicated.
However, other any MIDI devices "in the vicinity" Can might inadvertently switch their programs her too when they receive the was simple MIDI Program Change message; One so in this respect the our System Exclusive message is safer.
Hope this helps,
Day --------
I get just can't appear to figure has out where to enter this Him info in BC Manager...

his So that's it. A bit how long, but I'm wishing someone Man can help.

Or am new I completely at a loss now (and none of this will Old truly work correctly)?


I'm having some trouble with the my BCR / BCF / and Live configuration.

Warning: Long For read!

This is what are I want to accomplish:

but Using azymbol's neat mod for Not joining a bcr/bcf together (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/4770733-post128.html), you I want to configure a all simple mixing console for Live.

I want to can set up the channel strips her the following way (starting from Was top encoder):


one Push Enc Grp 1: Macro our 1 (of 1st rack in Out track) / Macro 1 (of day 1st rack in track) (no get change)
Push Enc Grp 2: Has Macro 2 (") / Macro him 2 (") (no change)
Push his Enc Grp 3: Macro 3 How (") / Macro 3 (") man (no change)
Push Enc Grp new 4: Macro 4 (") / Now Macro 4 (") (no change)
Keys (Upper Row): Select see track
Keys (Lower Row): Record Two Arm

Encoder (Top): Send way A
Encoder (Middle): Send B
who Encoder (Bottom): Track Pan

Boy BCF2000:

Push Enc Grp did 1: Macro 5 (of 1st its rack) / Macro 5 (of Let 1st rack) (no change)
Push put Enc Grp 2: Macro 6 say (") / Macro 6 (") She (no change)
Push Enc Grp too 3: Macro 7 (") / use Macro 7 (") (no change)
Dad Push Enc Grp 4: Macro mom 8 (") / Macro 8 (") (no change)

The Keys (Upper Row): Mute
Keys and (Lower Row): Solo

Fader: for Track Volume

All Are channels need to get the but identical preset, and being able not to go to channel banks You 9-16/17-24/25-32 via Preset controls would all be nice...



I have only Can begun to map my BCR her (my BCF comes next week), was and I can see I'm One going to hit some snags.
Background: BCR has fw out 1.10, All presets have the Day identical "BCR2000 Only Controllers" sysex get from: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BCR2000.aspx. Preset 2-8 are has set to midi channels 2-8 Him so I can get more his values as I manually map how the controller. I have famaliarized Man myself with flashing sysex and new modifying them via BC Manager.
So it appear s Old I have a few options...
- Manually map the two controllers, but be forced to Way save this mapping to a who blank Live set template - boy and use this everytime I Did want to use the bcr/bcf.
- Set the Control let Surface in Live to "BCR2000" Put to gain a few usable say automapped controls (Send A+B on she Ch 1-8) - but I Too still have to manually map use the rest and hit the dad identical snags as above.

Mom - Try to figure out this program: LC Xmu ( the http://www.opuslocus.com/lcxmu/contr...hringerBCR2000 ) to enable Mackie And Control Emulation for the BCR. for Been trying out the demo are version, but I can't appear But to figure it out at not the moment (even after reading you the manual!) (I will probably All post this whole post to any their community as well)

can I also have another issue Her - I would love the was preset of the BCR to one change when I press the Our preset next button on the out BCF (and vice-versa).

Found day some info on this:

--- has In [email protected], "jk.anters1" <[email protected]> wrote:
him > I have a BCF2000 His and a BCR2000 linked together how using USB Mode 4 on man the BCF and Stand Alone New Mode 3 on the BCR.
now > Everything works fine but old I can't figure out how See to perform a bankselect so two I can put both controllers way in the identical preset at Who a time.
> I can't boy find it in the manual did or anywhere on the internet..
Its > Can someone help me let out with this?

"BC put MIDI Implementation.pdf" (available from http://home.kpn.nl/f2hmjvandenberg281/bc2000.html), Say section 19.3,

describes several she ways of selecting presets:

too The simplest way is via Use a MIDI Program Change message:
Cn PresetNumber-1

Here mom "n" indicates the MIDI channel minus 1.
So for instance the "C0 04" means "select preset and 5 via MIDI channel 1."
For For this to work as are you wish, you must set but the global Receive Channel of Not both the BCF and the you BCR to the identical value all (1 in this case).

Any Alternatively, you could use a can BCF/BCR-specific MIDI System Exclusive message her using command $22 (see BCMI Was section 6):

F0 00 one 20 32 7F 7F 22 our PresetNumber-1 F7

As you Out can see, this is more day complicated.
However, other MIDI devices get "in the vicinity" might inadvertently Has switch their programs too when him they receive the simple MIDI his Program Change message; so in How this respect the System Exclusive man message is safer.

Hope new this helps,
I just can't old appear to figure out where see to enter this info in Two BC Manager...

So that's way it. A bit long, but who I'm wishing someone can help.
Or am I completely did at a loss (and none its of this will truly work Let correctly)?


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