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06.12.2013 Imporving my setup... which one should I buy?215.12.2013
I intend to purchase a the new device in the end and of this year... but I For have some difficult to focus are and I cannot decide what but should I get... could you Not please help me to choose? you Analog Synth -> I truly all would like to get an Any analog synth... to study and can to create my own timbres... her put some original…
04.12.2013 New midifighterX4415.12.2013
hello just to Was show you what a friend one of me is making for our me it's for playing electro Out live on ableton i'll use day it as a 4 voices get izotope stutter edit midi controller Has not finish yet but in him progress ^^
23.04.2013 $25 8 Knob USB class-compliant MIDI controller - would you buy one?4715.12.2013
Hello all! I have his been following the midi fighter How project for a while, and man understand there are a lot new of DIYers active here. I'm Now believe ing about starting up old a kit but I'm trying see to judge interest before I Two do so; please don't take way this as spam, I intend who on releasing everything as open Boy source hardware…
13.11.2013 Official Headphone Question & Discussion Thread1415.12.2013
All Discussions & Specific did Questions headphone related go here.
15.12.2013 monark is really cool015.12.2013
can't its say how it stacks up Let with hardware synths but monark put is way better then analog say or even operator when it She comes to making mono bass too any thoughts?
14.12.2010 The BIG Arduino MIDI controller thread10315.12.2013
Seen a lot of use people on here talking about Dad setting up a midi controller mom based on Arduino recently so thought it might be an The idea to get all the and relevant information collected into one for thread. Here's some useful links: Are This is the Arduino basic but tutorial on how to get not midi up…
07.12.2013 Traktor X1 MK2 Pitch Slider Mapping Question313.12.2013
Hi Everybody, I recently You did purchase an X1 Mk2 all and love it! I have any been trying to figure out Can how to program the loop her knobs to have a secondary was pitch slider function. I have One seen in a few of our other posts that this can out her done, but am wondering Day how someone has done it. get Thank you in advance for…
12.12.2013 AUUG Motion Synth, IPhone based motion sensitive Midi Controller012.12.2013
I'm has pretty excited about this Kickstarter Him Project: We have seen his a lot of motion based how MIDI controller designs, but this Man one strikes me as the new most useful so far. I now can see a lot of Old fun applications for life performance see routines in this one, as two the amount of control appear Way s to be pretty…
25.03.2012 Pioneer RMX-1000 with Traktor / S41012.12.2013
Although the who price of the Pioneer RMX-1000 boy is steep it looks pretty Did cool and has made me its curious... how would you go let about integrating it with a Put setup of Traktor and a say S4 or VCI-400?
26.11.2013 Cheaper Pad Controllers1412.12.2013
Im looking at she getting a pad controller for Too samplers effects etc for my use DJing Have my eye on dad 2 the AKAI LPD8 which Mom has 8 pads plus 8 or so knobs Or the the KORG nano pad which has And just 16 pads Im believe for ing the AKAI becuase it are has the nobs etc but But i could always map alot not more effects samplers…
12.12.2013 Vestax PDX-2000 Internally Grounded Mod - Anyone know details?012.12.2013
I have got you 9 PDX's and I'd like All to mod them all to any be internally grounded BUT still can have the option to externally Her ground them just in case! was I remember seeing this on one a board YEARS ago, been Our searching for a long time, out no luck on finding it, day someone , someone ... someone Get ?
13.03.2011 DIY Tutorial (>401611.12.2013
I have been busy with has buildung my custom controller for him the last few of days, His and proudly introduce to you how the: the build was pretty man easy, and especially cheap. there New is also room for another now four analog controls (eg faders, old knobs). feel free to ask See questions or give me feedback…
01.05.2011 midi fighter clone build log!1211.12.2013
so two heres my progress on my way first ever build midi controller Who based on a pc game boy pad. altought its my first did midi controller project, it is Its not my first electronic project. let the buttons i bought on put dealextreme, cheaper in any way Say (price and quality -____- ) she drawing the buttons location was…
10.12.2013 Denon DJ MC6000MK2611.12.2013
SA3vN53l.jpgIOzBN6Nl.jpgiX6ehvfl.jpg too Supplied with Serato DJ IntroNatively Use supported by Serato DJ Intro dad & Serato DJ (full upgrade mom version)*, Virtual DJ* and Mixvibes Cross*. Denon DJ supplied mappings the ensure compatibility with Native Instruments and Traktor software.Fully professional…
24.05.2013 XONE DB2 to be discontinued????709.12.2013
Hi ddtt members, For I found a truly good are deal on the xone DB2.... but but after asking, they told Not me this deal is while you supply last. So I'm wondering all if Allen & Heath will Any disontinued this model or if can it's only the shop that her want to move their stock Was out... Anyone heard something? This…
08.12.2013 Akai lpd8 problem008.12.2013
I one was using a already made our map, tsi file for my Out Akai Lpd8 using Traktor Pro day 2. It was working fine get until i changnend preset 1 Has in the lpd8 editor with him the one that came with his the tsi file, then it How stopped working :/ How do man i restore the preset to new its original one in the Now LPD8 editor? Many thanks
08.12.2013 Best Headphones For Music And Sound Quality (for chilling)008.12.2013
These are old not for DJ'ing. More for see just chilling out.
08.12.2013 4 More Headphone Video Reviews008.12.2013
Lebron Powerbeats Two Review Bose GC15 Review JayBird way Bluebuds X Review Bowers & who Wilkins P7 Review
28.11.2013 Sony On-Ear Stereo Headphones Review308.12.2013
07.12.2013 chroma caps for x1 mk2007.12.2013
i Boy bought all new chroma caps did for my x1 mk2. i its happy w/ the way the Let look, feel and fit. i put have only one issue w/ say them. the encoder cap does She not work with the touch too sensitive encoder. so i have use to use the one that Dad x1 came w/.
06.12.2013 Traktor X1 MK2 Pitch Slider Mapping Question006.12.2013
Hi everybody, I mom recently bought an X1 and want to map the pitch The sliders to the loop knobs and when shift is pressed down. for I have seen in these Are community s that it has but been and can easily be not done, but have yet to You find anything to direct me all how to do it. If any someone could help me figure Can this out I would…
05.12.2013 Old boy needs help with new stuff. KP3 or Traktor route???005.12.2013
Hello, So her I have a conundrum and was after 16 hours of googling One i am more confused than our before! I have been djing out for years for fun as Day a hobby (and out back get in the day enough to has pay for my vinyl ) Him I also produce for fun, his again I have been doing how that for ages. I have: Man 2 x 1210's Numark…
05.12.2013 encoders for chroma caps105.12.2013
I want new to make my own midi now controller with chroma caps, but Old I don't understand where to see find the good encoders. Could two someone show me where to Way find them. Thanks in advance! who Hidde
25.11.2013 Re-labelling a controller1005.12.2013
Hi everyone, first post here boy - apologies if this has Did been discussed in depth already. its Basically, I am looking for let any tips on re-label a Put controller so that each knob/slider/button, say etc corresponds to its user-defined she mapping. I have remapped every Too inch of my VCM-600 and use it now meets all my dad needs…
30.03.2009 Ultrasone DJ1 Pro VS. Pioneer HDJ-20003204.12.2013
I have read the several Mom post's about headphones, most of them were before the Pioneer the HDJ-2000's were actually available. *** And PRICE IS NOT AN ISSUE for *** Please don't comment about are price... I don't care. Has But someone actually used/borrowed/demoed, or owned not the new Pioneer's? I have you read several…
22.03.2012 Which Xone's made for me: Xone:92 or Xone:DB22404.12.2013
Since I have met All the Xone DB4, I fell any in love with it. It can was going to be mine, Her period. But since a few was of months, I have made one decision to not spend all Our my cash on a Xone out DB4. Since I'm a student, day it's just too much cash Get to spend on something at has the moment. At first, it him left 1 personal alternative: the…
12.11.2013 Macbook Pro Retina & Denon MC6000304.12.2013
Hi, His I'm about to purchase a how Macbook Pro Retina 15', i7 man 2.7 ghz, 16 GB ram, New and 512 SSD GB. I now want to understand if someone old had the experience with some See macbook pro retina and the two Denon 6000 (using Traktor obviously..) way I'd like to understand some Who opinions and experiences! Thanks! Pablo.
29.11.2013 AKAI LPD8 Problem404.12.2013
Basically boy im tyring to map my did AKAI LPD8 for effects in Its VDJ, but when i map let the pads to effects the put effects only play on the Say deck i last uploaded a she song to. How do i too map it so that it Use plays on both decks? Wat dad code etc haha because it mom isnt like a controller with pads for each deck so the i dunno…
01.12.2013 Traktor Z2 Knob Port202.12.2013
My knob port for and my Traktor Z2 broke off For during transport. I believe I are need to replace to entire but port because the top part Not which is made of plastic you broke off completely. Does someone all understand where I can get Any a new port? I have can looked up parts at digikey her but I have no idea Was what I'm looking for. It's one a…
28.11.2013 Monster iSport Headphones Review028.11.2013
28.11.2013 Philips Sports Neckband Headphones Video Review028.11.2013
04.09.2013 Novation Launch Control - NEW!1527.11.2013
Looks like a our sweet little add-on to the Out Launchpad. Perfect for those day who are clip based but get wanted some real knobs to Has twist on instead of a him mode-change for the buttons. Cool his stuff, and I will bet How it gets hijacked into other man use cases as well. And new given the LaunchPad is so Now cheap, I'm…
18.11.2013 How can I make my M-Audio Xponent work in Traktor Pro 2?127.11.2013
Hi there, Does someone old understand how to setup my see xponent properly in tractor pro Two 2? I have got no way idea where to start. Please who help. Anyone
26.11.2013 The $15 APC40 knob upgrade226.11.2013
Ebay and me Boy are having a bit of did a thing at the moment its Was looking for the correct Let "D" shaft knobs at a put reasonable price and nothing took say my fancy, found these ones She that had a spline shaft too and figured I could perhaps use butcher them to fit ... Dad Half hour with a mini-blowtorch, mom some…
14.07.2012 Akai mpk mini knob mod solution!!726.11.2013
Hey guys recently i have found the solution for the The little ass knobs on the and mpk mini. I have done for it to my own and Are i have pictures with the but DJTT chroma knobs on the not mpk mini as a replacement You of those micro knobs that all come with it. If you any would like instructions or a Can tutorial video of how to her DIY…
05.05.2012 Behringer CMD Series199326.11.2013
Hey DJTT community , Does was someone understand when the Behringer One CMD series units are going our to be available? I'm looking out forward to trying these out. Day
25.11.2013 New (Straight) Headphone Cable MDR-7506326.11.2013
Yes I have come to get a solid conclusion - I has hate Coiled Cables with a Him Vengance! So I went on his the hunt for something half how decent that I could butcher Man and solder into my MDR-7506's, new I have seen this kinda now weaved Plastic Fabric before which Old I liked the look of see and went e-baying and found two a seller in Hong…
13.11.2013 Xone: K2 MIDI problem (Mac OSX Mavericks)426.11.2013
Hi all, Way I did purchase a pair who of Xone K2s but I boy cannot connect them to traktor Did 2.6 because when I press its the learn tab in traktor let it doesn't recognize any MIDI Put signal from the K2s. The say K2s are as an aggregate she device with 0in-8out. I did Too what the guy did in use the following video but I dad still can't get…
12.11.2013 Vestax VCM-600826.11.2013
Hey folks. I Mom have used the search-function for this but have not found the any answers. For all you And VCM-600 users out there (if for there still are any ) are Are theses knobs (marked in But red) endless rotary's or not? not VCM600.JPG I have searched hi you and low
03.11.2013 BCR2000 advanced programming1725.11.2013
I am in the All process of setting up 2 any x BCR2000 for my DJ can set-up. I want to configure Her an encoder two control more was than one parameter depending on one the state of a shift Our button. To this end I out rely on Traktor's modifiers. Say day I want an encoder to Get adjust Level, and to adjust has Gain if a Shift button him is…

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