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24.11.2013 Kontrol x1 Mapping Help( Mapping The SHIFT Button IN The Midi Pade/Mode)624.11.2013
I Need Help Mapping My the Kontrol x1 Shift Button While and in the midi page , For for some reason when i are click to map it it but won't recognize it. Ive Use Not other peoples mapping and they you mapped it . Can Any all Help !?
20.11.2013 Controlling FX with FL in DJX 750123.11.2013
Hey dudes Due of Any shi**y internal FX available in can BEH DJX750, I was asking her myself how works the FX Was SEND and RETURN in the one mixer. I mean, can I our connect the SEND to my Out laptop (mic port) leading to day FL (inserting the effects I get want) and then from my Has laptop (output port) send it him to RETURN on the…
18.11.2013 M-audio Xponent with Traktor Pro 2123.11.2013
Hi there, his I have got Traktor Pro How 2 installed on my iMac man (mavericks) and I'd like it new to work with my external Now midi controller. It is the old M-Audio Xponent which is not see listen in the list of Two external midi controlers in Traktor. way How can I make the who Xponent work in Traktor?
19.11.2013 DDJ-SX vs New Kontrol S4 Mk2019.11.2013
Hey guys Boy I'm in the dillema of did wanting the DDJ-SX ror the its new kontrol S4. I'm just Let not sure if I want put to go serato or traktor say pro. I understand this could She be an extensive discussion but too I love mixing edm primarily use (house, trap, etc) but if Dad I could get some good mom reasonable pros and cons of each so I can…
12.11.2013 TRAKTOR Pro 2 + RELOOP Digital Jockey 3 + TRAKTOR Audio 2 !?219.11.2013
I have: The ASUS NotebookTRAKTOR Pro 2RELOOP Digital and Jockey 3 The RDJ3 has for an inbuilt Soundcard ... but Are for performance, is it good but to have a TRAKTOR Audio not 2 ? Or does it You even matter to have that all one ?
18.11.2013 WIll the Midi fighters work with my terminal mix? it runs vdj.018.11.2013
I use dj intro any as well.
18.11.2013 The S4 & the Controller Backpack V2018.11.2013
Does someone have these Can 2 items? Do they go her well together? I truly wanted was an S2 but the lack One of an external input incase our of drop outs was a out deal breaker.. so unfortunate. I Day truly want a Backpack for get my s4 and not a has case or a bag
18.11.2013 UMC32+, DIY MIDI Controller018.11.2013
Does someone Him have any experience with this his board? I am hacing issues how with getting the output pins Man to transmit unique MIDI data, new it looks like I get now crosstalk between all the pins. Old So when I have more see than 1 pin in use, two then assign a potentiometer to Way something in Live, I move who the pot, and it reads…
17.11.2013 How to map DDJ-SX jog wheels to Traktor in vinyl mode017.11.2013
I boy have been trying to figure Did this out but no luck. its I can't get vinyl mode let to work. Anyone have experience Put with this?
15.11.2013 Custom Novation Dicer Work.117.11.2013
Looking to get my say Novation Dicers flushed in with she my Tech 1200's. Anyone understand Too of a good spot to use get that done and also dad how to change the colors Mom on the cue buttons. Saw some can be blue. J/W
25.10.2013 Reloop RMX-80 help715.11.2013
Yesterday the I bought this mixer and And it's good and all. But for I got a question, which are some of you may be But able to answer, regardless if not you have the mixer or you not. I tried using the All effect cue button, but it any doesn't truly serve a purpose. can It only works if: channel Her fader is up and when was the effect…
07.11.2013 x1 mk2 mapping help414.11.2013
i just bought a one x1 mk2 and was trying Our to map led meters to out it. i would add the day mew command the try to Get learn it to a button has and nothing would happen. i him tried it with different commands His and it would not learn how any of them. my default man map works just fine but New it will not let me now add new mappings to it.…
12.11.2013 LED Feedback Issue For Behringer CMD PL-1 In Traktor513.11.2013
Hi, old I am wishing to get See LED feedback on my two two PL-1s, I am using Traktor way and am fairly sure the Who PL-1s support LED feedback as boy I have seen pictures of did them with different coloured LEDs Its (at the moment all the let LEDs are orange). I have put no problem mapping the controller Say to Traktor using INs but she when I…
13.11.2013 Monster NCredible NPulse Over-Ear Headphones Unboxing & Review Videos013.11.2013
Unboxing Review
12.11.2013 New Philips Wireless Headphones Video Review312.11.2013
13.11.2013 Cdj 850 with Traktor/midi pitch problem1212.11.2013
Hi! I'm too using the midi file of Use pioneer with my cdj 850 dad and the pitch fader of mom the cdj's is not the identical in the software. Anyone the got this problem? Thanks
12.11.2013 Sony MDR-XB400 XB Series Extra Bass Headphones Video Review012.11.2013
12.11.2013 The new Faderfox DJ44 controller.012.11.2013
For someone and predominantly on 2 decks, occasionally For 4, absolutely no need for are jog wheels, this is looking but like the one controller I Not have been looking for. No you it's not cheap but looking all at the build, features, attention Any to detail in layout and can programming and the fact that her I likely won't purchase another…
10.11.2013 Ex turntablist getting back in511.11.2013
Hi.Needles Was ex turntablist from the early one 2000s and local DMC champ our who's been totally out of Out the game for 10 years day plus. I want to build get a new setup incorporating a Has DVS system. I have never him used Traktor or Serato. My his old setup was two Gemini How 500s and a Vestax 06 man mixer. Important hardware concerns…
10.11.2013 I need a new mixer...811.11.2013
Ok so new its time for me to Now get a new mixer. I old use traktor and a launchpad see to control the basics of Two traktor. Here are some specs way i am looking at. 1. who I am looking for a Boy gig worthy so I won't did have to lug around all its my equipment from the studio Let every week. 2. a 2 put channel mixer would work but say a 4 channel…
11.11.2013 Ultrasone DJ1 - Customized and modified011.11.2013
Here's a pair She of Ultrasone DJ-1 headphones i too did for my wife. I use repainted the caps to super Dad glossy pink and and modified mom the cables. I installed a female plug to allow detachable The cables. I used a V-Moda and kevlar cables in replacement of for the stock coiled Ultrasone cables. Are Lastly, the headband sleeve…
09.11.2013 CDJ-400s and Traktor?211.11.2013
I'm sick but of my SCS.3Ds and want not something with traditional jogs and You a pitch adjust. I'm leaning all towards getting some CDJ-400s and any using them as Traktor controllers. Can I have read a lot her of old posts about some was latency issues and inadequate pitch One fader resolution using older versions our of Traktor, but I…
18.10.2013 Numark NS7 II walkthrough video510.11.2013
Hey everyone! out I got hold of one Day of the first NS7 II get units in the UK, and has shot a full-on walkthrough video Him on it. If the weight his and size work for you, how it's a pretty damn fantastic Man bit of kit. See for new yourself here:
10.11.2013 Anyone planning to review the Pioneer DDJ-SB010.11.2013
I am truly now interested about this unit and Old was wondering if someone is see planning on getting one to two review on here? if not Way I'm going to pick one who up and chance it. Ill boy def post the review after Did i have played with it.
10.11.2013 Pioneer DJM-900SRT walkthrough/demo video.210.11.2013
Hey its guys, I have got hold let of the DJM-900SRT mixer and Put gave it a thorough going say over. The first ever non-Rane she Serato native mixer. Pretty exciting Too stuff! Check it:
31.10.2013 Pioneer DDJ-SR walkthrough/demo/review video710.11.2013
Check it use out...
08.11.2013 Class compliant Bespoke Midi Controllers (How much would you pay?)309.11.2013
Hey guys, Seems a dad cheeky thing to mention I'm Mom a University Electrical Engineering student and for my final year the project i've been truly working And hard on Midi controller design. for I have got to the are point i've developed a solid But foundation for USB Midi Class not compliant devices I have been you looking at…
08.11.2013 VCi-400 Encoder Chroma Caps008.11.2013
Hi there, I am All a VCi400 user and am any considering purchase ing some Chroma can Caps. The weak point for Her me of the vci400 build was quality is the rotary encoders. one They feel cheap, plasticy and Our have a slight wobble. That out is why I am considering day replacing them with 7 Chroma Get Cap encoders (in either black has or…
06.11.2013 MIDI Pitchbend in GlovePIE006.11.2013
Hello DJTT community , I'm him using a gamepad hooked up His into GlovePIE to convert the how gamepad signals into MIDI. Everything man is working fine, but I New can't figure out how to now get the analog stick to old send out midi commands for See Pitch Bend wheel instead of two CC values. This is what way I have for the analog…
16.09.2013 [NEW] Reloop Keypad1806.11.2013
New Who controller for Ableton Live: Reloop boy Keypad
29.10.2013 --laptop stand--305.11.2013
Does someone have did exspreicnes with this stand? DJ Its Mixer/Laptop Stand: White Adam Hall let Multitrack Recorder Stand Heavy Duty put Im on a budget and Say looking for a laptop stand, she i like this as its too in white haha someone got Use any exspreicnes with these? $T2eC16FHJHIFFh,9Y5VCBSbS+gwbU!~~60_12.JPG
28.10.2013 Vestax VCI-400 design issues404.11.2013
I dad am in the market for mom an all-in-one 4-deck DJ controller, and based on what I the have read I am leaning and towards the VCI-400. However, I For am looking at pictures of are it and straight away I but notice to problems: 1) No Not analog master output level control, you but all other outputs and all inputs have a dedicated…
03.11.2013 DJ Headphone Recommendation103.11.2013
Hi guys Any I require your = opinion can and advice for DJ headphones, her Could you please suggest me Was several options and price isn't one a problem. I would like our a pair that is comfortable, Out noise cancelling (doesn't have to day be excessive, just a bit get of cancelling is fine), I Has would like the ear cups him to be able to…
01.11.2013 [home lighting] Custom LED curtain (small skirt)? or other ideas?303.11.2013
I'm not his sure of the cost, but How I'm believe ing of building man one of these, custom sized new for the skirt of the Now riser that my decks and old mixer are on. Dimensions for see my setup skirt are 1440mm Two by either 150mm or 110mm way I already have some black who trouser material to use for Boy it. I have sent them did an…
02.11.2013 Is this an ebay scam?802.11.2013
Looking to purchase this set its on ebay, looks like a Let killer deal CDJ200 nexus (2) put and DJM900 nexus (1) Lets say hear some thoughts Untitledsdasdas.jpg
01.11.2013 Macbook Pro, Numark Omni Control, USB3.0 (....and me)001.11.2013
Hi guys She I'm in desperate need of too (swift) help. I have just use bought a Macbook Pro, with Dad OSX 10.9, with two USB3.0 mom ports. I have a Numark Omni Control. I understand Numark The have not released a driver and for OSX 10.9 yet, so for I drilled down into the Are 10.8 version and open the but two .pkg files, it…
31.10.2013 Kontrol X1 Mk2 Wont Work without Traktor Pro031.10.2013
I just not bought the x1 mk2 & You want to use it in all Midi mode with other softwares any apart from traktor. Been searching Can for the drivers but cant her find them online until I was learned that the drivers get One automatically installed when one installs our the latest version of traktor out pro. So am I to Day understand that…
16.10.2013 DB2 with K2, X1 or PL-1?1130.10.2013
Really having a hard get time deciding. So many different has options on each piece to Him accompany my DB2. K2 - his X-link and pages of midi how (which I probably won't use) Man X1 - All around good new traktor controller for any mixer now (no jog wheels) PL-1 - Old Jog wheels and fantastic price see Anyone have any input on two these…
14.10.2013 What Controller?1530.10.2013
Right, my head hurts as Way I am stuck with what who controller to go for (going boy to switch to Serato DJ)! Did I have very limited space its and was believe ing of let going for the Vestax VCI-400 Put but then thought that I say have a smashing Xone-92 sat she in the loft doing nothing Too so what can I do use to use that?? I will dad have…
29.10.2013 New MidiFighter129.10.2013
When are those new MidiFighters Mom coming?

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