How are the DJ rankings calculated?

The Official Global DJ Rankings is calculated according to an advanced algorithm, compiled to give an accurate, independent and fair ranking of all DJs.

We consider the following data and information:

DJ fees and salaries. Where available we look at individual fees for single events as well as accumulated annual earnings.

Ranking preferences provided by our own users and our DJ community.

Media presence and fame. We look into how much press coverage a DJ has and how much public interest there is about the person.

Chart data from music releases and remixes.

Airplay data from radio stations. 

Public data about royalties collected from copyright associations such as CISAC, GESAC, IFPI etc.

Followers on major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Polling and rating data from various polling agencies and rating sites, such as and

Our own expert jury team gives a final review of the results and makes adjustments, considering DJs' technical skills and craftsmanship. New jury members are recruited from our online community. Our jury works similar to the Michelin Star rating system for restaurants. A DJ never knows when a jury member is present at a gig and the jury member makes an unbiased review of the performance.


The Official Global DJ Rankings ranks the TOP 10.000 DJs in the world (TOP 10K). One may speculate that making it to the TOP 10K intrinsically does not sound like an achievement – but in fact it is a preeminent accomplishment.

In 2020 The Official Global DJ Rankings did a comprehensive study to determine how many professional DJs there are in the world. The study conducted individual geographical case studies and used an advanced mathematical algorithm, taking into consideration aspects such as: population, rural incomes, segmentation of clubs, GDP, religious and cultural factors.

To define a professional DJ, the study set as criteria that the DJ was able to sustain a living solely based on salary earned from DJ work. The study concluded that there are approximately 1¼ million professional DJs in the world in 2020.

In fact, if a DJ can make it to the TOP 10k on The Official Global DJ Rankings it means that the DJ is a recognized DJ, often with several commercial music releases, has an established fan base, and has played at several internationally acclaimed clubs.

Our site is 100% FREE and there are no hidden catches; the site is financed by a non-profit organization, and has been funded by EU grants. We are 100% independent from any commercial interests.

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