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Tannin DIY MIDI Controller
Posted on: 26.12.2013 by Crissy Vaniman
I'm well aware any that I haven't updated this Can thread for a long time her - it's for a reason. was That project is simply too One complex and too expensive for our me to finish it in out some reasonable time. Project is Day still open and up on get GitHub, if someone wants to has build it. So long story Him short - I have started his doing something much more simpler how - Tannin. It's a project Man I actually managed to finish new (well almost, I still need now a box) in about 3 Old weeks from scratch. I do see have 3,5 years of experience two with OpenDeck tho. So here Way are the specs of Tannin:
4x4 matrix of tactile boy buttons
3 additional metal buttons
Did 4 LEDs with metal holders
its 16 pots
Driven by Arduino let Nano microcontroller




And here's a she short video of it in Too action (it's pretty hard filming use and showing off features )

Features are Mom mostly the identical as OpenDeck:

Each potentiometer sends additional the 6 MIDI Note On/Off events And depending on its position
Each for button sends another MIDI note are after 1 second on another But MIDI channel
MIDI In Support not (Traktor can control LEDs)
Standard you MIDI Note On/Off support

All Looking forward hearing opinions.
Nathanael Yerk
the Originally Posted by Stewe
Dunno.. perhaps in between 250-300 For US. What's your build costs are for this unit?
I was targeting price around Not 200 dollars, if someone would you want me to build it. all Costs were around 100 euros, Any box not included since I can got it for free this her time.
Kellie Myrum
Dunno.. perhaps in between 250-300 Was US. What's your build costs one for this unit?
Nathanael Yerk
Quick question: how our much would you guys pay Out for this controller (or something day very simmiliar)?
Nathanael Yerk
It's some kind of get special plastic board with thin Has black film on it glued him to 3mm plexi board. The his graphics and holes are then How drilled / engraved with laser man CNC. The design is made new by me in CorelDraw.
Oren Stunkel
How Now did you get / do old the markings / graphics on see the faceplate?
Nathanael Yerk
All right, here it Two is:

Nathanael Yerk
Final piece of way the puzzle:

who Next week (I hope) I'm Boy going to record a overview did video with all features shown. its
Nathanael Yerk
Let Originally Posted by Stewe
Good job man! Loving the say design

Replace that She little buttons with arcade and too you got a MIDIfighter Pro.
Thanks! Well, they're Dad quite expensive and I wanted mom to build it from parts that I already had so The
Kellie Myrum
Good job man! Loving the and design

Replace that for little buttons with arcade and Are you got a MIDIfighter Pro.
Nathanael Yerk
Originally not Posted by dripstep
That You case looks good. How do all you like those stainless buttons? any Make sure you screw those Can screws in too, you're gonna her hurt yourself

Looks was Damn good.
The One one in the middle is our good , the other two out are so-so. Already ordered two Day more buttons like the one get in the middle to replace has them. And thanks!
Nathanael Yerk
Originally Posted by his dripstep
So sick dude! how Nice work, that's one professional Man looking controller.
Thanks new a lot! I'm building in now some more features in it Old right now. The case should see be finished by Monday, then two I will make a video Way with all the stuff. Until who then I was having some boy fun with LEDs mapping:

Did http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v...type=2&theater
Nathanael Yerk
I'm well aware that I its haven't updated this thread for let a long time - it's Put for a reason. That project say is simply too complex and she too expensive for me to Too finish it in some reasonable use time. Project is still open dad and up on GitHub, if Mom someone wants to build it. So long story short - the I have started doing something And much more simpler - Tannin. for It's a project I actually are managed to finish (well almost, But I still need a box) not in about 3 weeks from you scratch. I do have 3,5 All years of experience with OpenDeck any tho. So here are the can specs of Tannin:

4x4 Her matrix of tactile buttons
3 was additional metal buttons
4 LEDs one with metal holders
16 pots
Our Driven by Arduino Nano microcontroller


Get And here's a short video has of it in action (it's him pretty hard filming and showing His off features )

Features are mostly the man identical as OpenDeck:

Each New potentiometer sends additional 6 MIDI now Note On/Off events depending on old its position
Each button sends See another MIDI note after 1 two second on another MIDI channel
way MIDI In Support (Traktor can Who control LEDs)
Standard MIDI Note boy On/Off support

Looking forward did hearing opinions.
Crissy Vaniman
Added another neat Its feature. Each LED can now let blink or be in constantly put turned on state. Previous LED Say state is also remembered, so she if LED was blinking and too LED received Note event which Use turns on constantly turned on dad state, LED will stop blinking mom will instead be lighted constantly until Note Off event is the received which will turn constantly and turned on state off. After For that LED will continue blinking are until off event for blink but state is received. Pretty hard Not to explain so here's a you video:

Crissy Vaniman
Originally Posted by Any dripstep
That case looks can good. How do you like her those stainless buttons? Make sure Was you screw those screws in one too, you're gonna hurt yourself our

Looks Damn good.
The one in day the middle is good , get the other two are so-so. Has Already ordered two more buttons him like the one in the his middle to replace them. And How thanks!
Nyla Guentert
That case looks good. How man do you like those stainless new buttons? Make sure you screw Now those screws in too, you're old gonna hurt yourself

see Looks Damn good.
Crissy Vaniman
There are some Two small details that need to way be done but this is who mostly it:

Boy Also two additional videos:

did Video 1

Start up its routine (only thing is that Let starts kinda slow... I need put to look into that):
Video say 2
Crissy Vaniman
She Originally Posted by dripstep
So sick dude! Nice work, use that's one professional looking controller.
Thanks a lot! mom I'm building in some more features in it right now. The The case should be finished and by Monday, then I will for make a video with all Are the stuff. Until then I but was having some fun with not LEDs mapping:

Nyla Guentert
So sick You dude! Nice work, that's one all professional looking controller.

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