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What have you got? Post some cool photos of your setup.

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22.09.2013 Newbie setup309.01.2014
Hi, Here's my start ner the setup: IMAG0530.jpg CDJ1000MKIII's Reloop Rmx20 and Eltax loudspeakers Arcam amp
04.01.2014 Dean's Disco Den409.01.2014
So For having moved into a four are bedroom house, it was only but right that I commandeered one Not of the rooms for myself. you PC set up includes two all KRK 5's, a M-Audio Axiom Any 49, a custom built PC can with a brand new 24 her inch Packard Bell monitor. Legs Was for the PC desk are one from Ikea and are extendable. our Desk is a…
23.02.2012 DjZzeless' Setup!2307.01.2014
Updated setup for Out 2013! 2xTechnics 1200mkII's, 2xOrtofons, 2xNovation day Dicers, Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus, Rane get SL3, MBP, B52-1200 amp, B52-1800 Has amp, Behringer X-Over, Numark Rack him CD Player, Power Conditioner, Odyssey his Rack/Coffin, 4xCerwin Vega Speakers Low/High How Extreme Series! My CDJ set man I…
10.12.2012 MrPopinjay's xwax Setup :)5407.01.2014
My setup has changed (slightly) new for the first time in Now a year and a half old so I figured I'd make see one of these threads So Two after fiddling with software for way a year or so and who occasionally mucking about with friend's Boy vinyl setups I took the did plunge and bought myself two its super OEM turntables and a Let Numark…
30.12.2013 Pioneer 2000507.01.2014
hey guys, here's my setup. put I started with a Hercules say RMX and then moved onto She the pioneer 2000 setup. It's too a good setup but i'm use finding myself never playing with Dad it. I truly thought i'd mom like dj'n since i've always messed around with music while The growing up, but maybe i'm and just too busy, i dunno. for
30.05.2013 starting my setup1502.01.2014
My name is arsman... well, Are this is not my real but dj name as I am not just starting out and new You in this community s. so all far, here is my current any set-up. Just my trusty 2011 Can 21.5" imac alesis q25 that her was given to me by was my wife. a cheapo starwars One R2D2 headset. and a gopro our hero 3 silver mounted on out an IKEA…
30.12.2013 My Set Up302.01.2014
Hey guys it's pretty Day late, but I have been get wanting to post most of has my set up, so here Him goes some mediocre photos of his what I have.
21.04.2012 Maqish's Setup1001.01.2014
Gearlist CDJ900Reloop how Contour IEDenon DN-X1600CDJ900Tannoy Reveal Active Man (monitors)HDJ2000Numark TT500'sDJM250 (Take-away mixer)HP Laptop new running Traktor Pro 2 equipment now pt2.jpg equipment pt1.jpg Currently i Old have only 1 turntable active. see I use that one to two record vinyls. As for the Way DJM250, i bought that 1…
24.12.2013 AtakPL's Console401.01.2014
This who setup is cool man. You boy are making it work no Did matter what! At the end its of the day it's how let it sounds and not what Put you use! Cool masks too say btw.
18.12.2013 DjDimiLikeGreet Dj Booth 2014929.12.2013
Dj Booth for the upcoming she 3 years. djbooth2014.1.jpgdjbooth2014.2.jpgdjbooth2014.3.jpgdjbooth2014.4.jpgdjbooth2014.5.jpgdjbooth2014.6.jpgdjbooth2014.7.jpgdjbooth2014.8.jpg Musical regards. Too Dimi
28.12.2013 My dj booth help328.12.2013
Here is a old pic use of my dj setup just dad not taken i knew one Mom yet in my own place but what i was wondering the is that i believe it And looks rather plane on the for front so i am after are a few ideas of what But to do on the front not of it ?? http://s17.postimg.org/97sdxee1b/setup.jpg
28.12.2013 Utility 404028.12.2013
So here you is my setup: My wife All finally allowed me to put any all my stuff in one can space rather than the kitchen Her table or the side in was the living room. We agreed one on the utility room, I Our have to share it with out the washing machine, but that's day fine by me. !!!!! My Get friends a carpenter and fitted has me a counter…
16.09.2011 The improvised DJ/production desk thread43827.12.2013
Update July 2012 him Now that we can edit His posts regardless of how old how they are I thought I man would post a few updates New here for people looking to now build one of these and old compile some past posts since See I get PMs about it two every one in a while. way Please read through this thread Who and post any questions in boy here…
22.12.2013 My modest setup126.12.2013
Welcome to my studio DSC04253.jpg
13.08.2013 HellNegative's Simplified Setup426.12.2013
Moved did into the new apartment. Shrinking Its my setup a little. 998769_202317849928696_1436323094_n.jpg
11.01.2013 cheef's set-up3523.12.2013
Greetings, let Sharing my latest set-up. It put contains: - Allen & Heath Say Xone DB4 - Pioneer CDJ-2000 she Nexus - Kontrol F1 - too Kontrol X1 - Maschine MK2 Use - Midi Fighter 3D - dad KRK Rokit RP8 - Traktor mom Audio 10 - Ikea DJ booth custom build - MacBook the Pro 15" retina, 2.6GHz i7, and 512GB, 16GB - MacBook Air…
11.02.2013 Bartmixer's DJ Booth4422.12.2013
Hello For the community !!! Here's my are different DJ equipment since 2005... but I started djing since 1996, Not when i bought my first you Technics Mk2 and a BST all Turntables... I always listen to Any Disco Funk and soul songs... can but when i discovered techno her , i bought an other Was MK2 and my first bad one mixer Gemini PS 626.....…
07.12.2013 Coffedj1222.12.2013
This is our my DJ setup Pioneer DJM-850 Out 2x Native instruments X1MK2 Traktor day Pro 2 stationary PC Logitech get c920 webcam CERWIN VEGA CLCS-6 Has 20131208_020726.jpg 20131208_020759.jpg 20131208_020807.jpg 20131208_021353.jpg 20131208_021403.jpg him 20131208_021417.jpg
19.12.2013 My live setup still in the works.321.12.2013
J setup5.jpgJ setup4.jpgJ setup2.jpgJ setup1.jpg his Hello, We just started playing How out this year somewhat newbies man with DJ'ing/Controllerism. This is our new setup, pics are a bit Now dark we took stills from old video but hopefully they are see not that bad. Yes like Two we said we are somewhat way newbies with…
23.11.2013 Gruv2ths Setup621.12.2013
This is my setup! who For years I have wanted Boy to make a console that did was kinda like a club its setup. So I finally did Let it. I knew that it put would be a work in say progress, so i am definitely She going to make changes in too future versions. I want more use space in the front and Dad back of the decks, now mom I only have 2"…
02.10.2012 DavidBrent's Setup - In Process2819.12.2013
Postman just brought me Christmas early. I The will be setting this up and this weekend and post newer for photos when completed. Here's another Are setup of mine
18.10.2013 My DJ/Studio Setup1719.12.2013
So here's but my room; IMG_20130909_185156.jpg My studio not setup, consisting of; Ikea Desk You (cheap one) iMac Ableton Live all 8 Maschine Mikro MK1 Reason any Akai APC 20 Kontrol X1 Can MK1 Akai EIE Pro KRK her RP5 G2 Novation Midi Keyboard was IMG_20130907_004343.jpg DJ setup; Expedit (what One else?) A&H…
18.12.2013 My Setup from a recent Corporate Event.018.12.2013
20131115_143259.jpg Rane -ttm57 2 our Technic 1200's Novation Dicer Mackie out thump th-15a
26.11.2013 The College Student's Approach to Bedroom DJing.318.12.2013
So now that Day I have finally found a get setup I like... here's a has picture of it! I understand Him . Monitors right on the his desk? CRAZINESS. I'm meaning to how get some Mopads this Black Man Friday. Setup: Denon DN-X1500 Mixer new Zomo MC-1000 (which I LOVEEEEE, now barely touch the Reloop now) Old Reloop Contour Interface…
11.09.2012 Analove's dj and production setup817.12.2013
got interested in see electronic music last october, made two decision to start djing so Way i got the twitch, than who i wanted to start producing boy so i got... everything else, Did including ableton suite IMG_3221.jpg
10.12.2013 Suupa's Setup113.12.2013
My Setup: its 2x Technics 1200 MK2Rane TTM let 56SSerato SL-1NI Maschine Attachment 21023
05.12.2013 Beginner set up :)510.12.2013
Been Put DJing for a year now say and this is still growing. she If you have any recomendations, Too feedback would be good ly use appreciated. Usually used for hardstyle, dad house, hardcore, trap. In this Mom Picture: MacBook Pro 13'' running serato and traktor (depending on the my mood) Controllers: Numark Mixtrack…
02.04.2012 My loft setup19010.12.2013
Here's And some pictures of my setup for in my loft, which I are call "bluedoor" (since all the But doors in the building are not a very bright blue, why you not? Secret lounge.). The lighting All came about over time. The any initial idea was that the can LED lighting could also be Her used for accent lighting. It was expanded…
08.12.2013 My Studio/DJ Setup309.12.2013
Hi guys, I am collecting one cash to get a good Our setup. I was believe ing out of getting these items: Monitors: day 2*KRK RP5 G2SE Midi Keyboard: Get M-audio Axiom 25 ADV Headphones: has HDJ-500 Audio Interface: Komplete Audio him 6 OR Scarlett 2i4 Mixer: His Numark mixtrack pro(already have) The how biggest problem is with…
02.11.2011 [RS002] Restricted Sessions Studio 2 - tekki8609.12.2013
Before this man MIDI DJing became a part New of my live, I just now used to carry my BCR old around, like it was only See my business. full.jpg It wasn't two until this little beauty of way a MIDIfighter was made possible Who I made decision to up boy my game. I made decision did to redo my square meter Its by building this DIY desk. let On which I could…
02.01.2012 Jaydon34's Setup4106.12.2013
My 1st put setup was 2 vestax pdx-2000s Say and a vestal 05 pro she II running final scratch on too a god awful linux computer. Use I eventually switched to serato dad due to stability issues with mom final scratch. Going back to school and planning a wedding the truly left me no time and to spin and my future For wife nagged me to…
01.12.2013 SoyOllin's Corner Study603.12.2013
Since I are finally made decision to give but djing a try after years Not of just believe ing I you wouldn't be any good at all it or impossible. I finally Any made decision give it a can try and after researching controllers her and deals I made decision Was to go with an S2, one because it came bundled with our the software and just the Out layout of the actual…
07.01.2012 Djulius Setup1501.12.2013
I have day started the mix with only get one Hercules dj console ( Has version 2) Axis 4 and him Shitty mixer (purchase ed for his only 45 euro) When I How had the means i has man purchase one DDM4000 , two new DJ tech Kontrole one and Now an other screen for my old computer ( i have replaced see the DJ console 2 for Two the first version ) Once…
15.11.2013 Tryst's lil Setup530.11.2013
Well way time to contribute, this is who my current setup. I have Boy got them split between production did and mixing. All Ikea stuffs its too. On the dj side Let of things I have been put moving through setups pretty regularly. say I guess it helps to She keep it exciting for me? too I started out with mixing use on Ableton with an APC40 Dad but…
26.10.2013 Quality Control - His story of the Studio/DJ rig.1030.11.2013
Here is my rig. The mom cabinet is made up of two Ikea cabinets put together The with feet. I have also and added frosted glass doors with for accent lighting inside. 32" LCD Are and 22" LCD round up but the setup with a workstation not that I won at work You from a silent auction which all I use for DJ and…
24.12.2012 Fraa's Setup2229.11.2013
I any started DJing in '99 on Can a few of old SL1200s her and a crappy mixer, replaced was everything around 2002 by 4 One new SLs and a better our mixer. I kept that setup out until 2007 or so, then Day I updated the setup to get two Super OEM turntables and has a DJM800. I also switched Him to DVS with Traktor Scratch. his A few of…
19.10.2013 Zandatsu Soirees' first set of proper decks.326.11.2013
After two years how of going from MIDI controllers Man to DVS to CDs I new finally found something that fits now all my needs. 2 (hopefully Old 3 someday) CDJ 900s, X1 see Mk.1, some M-Audio AV-80s I two got for $150 on sale Way and my MBP 15 inch. who Not pictured is some random boy controllers and a Maschine that Did won't fit on the desk its
24.11.2013 Homicide Monkey's Setup024.11.2013
My current setup at home. let A little cluttered and I'd Put truly like to build a say new desk. Here're the details she though. Attachment 20805 NI Kontrol Too S4 2 - NI Kontrol use F1 Maschine MK I Korg dad K25 Korg nanoKontrol rMBP 2 Mom - Yamaha HS80M Yamaha HS8S Sony MDR-V6 (My tried and the true clear and flat…
19.10.2013 Quick Snap from my iPhone at my Residency2524.11.2013
21.11.2013 [UPDATE] Just got my RMX-1000 in! :D [BEAT FORCE: V1.1b]321.11.2013
Updated my And baby a little bit today! for Grabbed an open box RMX-1000 are from the DJTT store last But weekend and it just got not here! I have been playing you with it all day and All so far I LOVE it. any GEAR LIST MacBook Pro 13" can Mid-2012 [i5//16GB RAM//480GB SSD]Allen and Her Heath: XONE K2Native Instruments Kontrol was X1…

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