Pioneer 2000

Pioneer 2000
Posted on: 30.12.2013 by Becky Cousin
hey guys, Him here's my setup. I started his with a Hercules RMX and how then moved onto the pioneer Man 2000 setup. It's a good new setup but i'm finding myself now never playing with it. I Old truly thought i'd like dj'n see since i've always messed around two with music while growing up, Way but maybe i'm just too who busy, i dunno. Either way, boy here it is, i'm trying Did to decide whether or not its i wanna sell it. I let understand once it's gone, that's Put when i'll wanna play with say it.

2x CDJ 2000
she 1x DJM 2000
Marathon case
EDIT: I'm trying to use add pictures but i keep dad getting a red icon when Mom adding a pic. Can someone help?

Lavon Voudrie
pshh hell id love to the purchase that setup. to most and kid djs who cant afford For more than a pricey in are the box controller that setup but is a dream down the Not road
Ilene Secker
you Originally Posted by jamamerican
make them smaller
Here's an attempt sending it can from my phone, hope this her works
Ilene Secker
hey guys, here's my setup. Was I started with a Hercules one RMX and then moved onto our the pioneer 2000 setup. It's Out a good setup but i'm day finding myself never playing with get it. I truly thought i'd Has like dj'n since i've always him messed around with music while his growing up, but maybe i'm How just too busy, i dunno. man Either way, here it is, new i'm trying to decide whether Now or not i wanna sell old it. I understand once it's see gone, that's when i'll wanna Two play with it.

2x way CDJ 2000
1x DJM 2000
who Marathon case

EDIT: I'm Boy trying to add pictures but did i keep getting a red its icon when adding a pic. Let Can someone help?

Reba Terpenning
I put will trade you my small say setup for it.
Arthur Eden
added pic to She your original post mate. good too stuff
Shira Narwold
store it in a use place where you will miss Dad it. I once lend my mom cousin my guitar, then I wanted to play the guitar. The ended up with 2 guitars and to play with. identical with for my first controller, sold it Are to get a turntable, then but missed using the controller because not of its portability and ended You up getting the s2 mk all 2

or sell any it to get a cheap Can controller that you can keep her for when time comes you was want to play again.
Ginette Lubow
Yeah sounds One good .
Becky Cousin
Originally Posted by jamamerican out
make them smaller
Here's an attempt sending get it from my phone, hope has this works
Reba Terpenning
make them smaller

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