My dj booth help

My dj booth help
Posted on: 28.12.2013 by Diamond Bolk
Here our is a old pic of Out my dj setup just not day taken i knew one yet get in my own place but Has what i was wondering is him that i believe it looks his rather plane on the front How so i am after a man few ideas of what to new do on the front of Now it ??
Estela Axen
Here is a old pic the of my dj setup just and not taken i knew one For yet in my own place are but what i was wondering but is that i believe it Not looks rather plane on the you front so i am after all a few ideas of what Any to do on the front can of it ??
Sanford Diambra
A her mirror? Sticker bomb it? Cool Was setup
Diamond Bolk
there for some reason it one did not like it
Shalanda Hafoka
no pic?

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