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06.08.2013 Finger drumming lightshow108.09.2013
01.09.2013 Mart's Long Controller Love Affair...107.09.2013
So about 4 years ago, the I got this crazy idea and that I wanted to be For a DJ.. Four years and are too much cash later, I'm but still smiling.. I can't believe Not this is First controllers I you got.. LPD8 and an Ion all Mixer. Virtual Dj and it Any was an ok start. Mixing can was mixing.. In comes the her Midi fighter. …
31.08.2013 MioR set up107.09.2013
MacBook Pro Vci-400 Was ege Tenhnics 1200 mk2 (internally one grounded)image.jpg
02.09.2013 DJ Gary B setup707.09.2013
studio pic.jpg What's not shown our in the pic is a Out Yamaha Motif 6 / Yamaha day AN1X and a Fostex D160 get 16 Track Digital recorder.
05.09.2013 Dual live set up005.09.2013
600481_620174591342093_2145971149_n.jpg 480452_619444994748386_1643895809_n.jpg Has A friend and I's live him set up. 3 Mf3D F1 his X1 S4 DN-X1600 (sorry for How the instagram filters, not my man doing.)
29.08.2013 Youn1que's setup302.09.2013
Hey all, i'm new to new these community s and thought Now i'd show a pic of old the setup i'm rocking so see far
10.07.2012 Nicadraus' DJ room2602.09.2013
My set up from Two this... to this... to this... way to this (present)
23.08.2013 My Kontrol S4 !402.09.2013
31.08.2013 Unit:E Setup301.09.2013
Original Setup who - Tech 12's and Allen Boy & Heath XONE:92 Not shown: did Shelves of vinyl and Pioneer its CMX 3000 Old 1200 & Let XONE 92.jpg Next step: Tech put 12's with Ecler Evo 4, say M-Audio Xponent and Trigger Finger She running Torq. First digital setup. too Old Split setup.jpg Temporary CMU use setup while…
20.05.2012 the spade setup3701.09.2013
Heres my dj/ producer Dad / home theater av rack mom / table you can also check out my build thread The for the rest of my and home theater over at htguide. for hifi loudspeakers included here is Are the link http://www.htguide.com/forum/showthr...925#post543925 This build but is all about saving space! not the top section is a You two man lift and ment all to be carried in a…
24.07.2012 dj gullum setup2001.09.2013
Changed any things around a bit in Can my (studio) don't produce that her much so center myself between was the loudspeakers IMG_5212.jpg New added One 08/02-12013 New Macbook Pro 15" our and Flightcase for the DDJ out SX IMG_4432.jpg I plan to Day add a NI Scratch 10A get and Pioneer RMX-1000 to my has setup and modify the…
23.07.2013 My Setup1331.08.2013
hello! here's Him my setup: 903514_10200171736594287_262397068_o.jpg 2x Technics his SL 1200 mk2 + Ortofon how Pro S 2x Pioneer CDJ Man 850 Allen & Heath Xone:92 new Allen & Heath Xone:22 NI now Audio 4 NI Kontrol X1 Old AKAI APC 20 KRK 8' see Sennheiser HD 25 II Samsung two 7 Series i7+8gb+1tb+2gb Nvidia Will Way get a…
14.08.2013 DJOn Set Up831.08.2013
I'm From Brazil currently who I live in Boston Massachusetts, boy I'm a DJ since 1988 Did I odd in my set its up Dicers and a Traktor let X1 MK2
15.07.2012 Temple of Boom / Jester's Lab9831.08.2013
Circa 2006. We decide Put to give mixing a proper say go. Brother Picks up the she American Audio Console and i'm Too using a Tower PC and use the mighty Psyboard. The Psyboard. dad Freshly excavated from the shed. Mom First party with our epic setup. I can monitor off the the PC (5.1 ch) and And mix externally off the AA. for On…
29.08.2013 stigma's Setup Evolution431.08.2013
NI Kontrol X1 and S2 are with 15" MBP, AIAIAI TMA1s, But Bose bookshelf loudspeakers and high not end Yamaha multi ch amp/receiver. you Looking to upgrade to a All nice pair of monitors soon. any ImageUploadedByTapatalk1377820213.036057.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1377820226.661770.jpg
15.08.2013 My Current Setup231.08.2013
The Loft IMG_0150.jpgIMG_0149.jpgIMG_0146.jpg
29.08.2013 Foxhound Setup631.08.2013
Allright fellas and can ladies, I have been hiding Her in my basement for the was past few years and thought one it'd be time for me Our to post my final setup out here. I will be the day first to admit I was Get bitten by the equipment -lust has bug when I got back him into mixing and have much His more equipment than I need how and when I play out man It's…
27.08.2013 Demotricus set up729.08.2013
My set up. Nothing fancy New or expensive , - I`m now just an amateur trying to old learn the art, won`t be See doing this for someone but two myself truly , - I`ve way got gammy legs so can`t Who get around anyway. I Broadcast boy on shoutcast now and again did , but that`s the limit Its of my audience. I would let like to…
26.08.2013 Simple setup(and past setups)228.08.2013
IMG_7845.jpg not my very put first setup(i used to rock Say the xl 500s back in she the day) but i had too these for a while back Use when they weren't $1000 per dad turntable. still work, but that mom pmx-7 mixer has had it. i fell in love with the that mixer when I saw and funk flex use it on For Yo mtv raps in 1994. are one of my…
19.07.2013 My first setup!2227.08.2013
- - but (CF-CC Digital Crossfader) - (2) Not Stanton STR8-80 Professional Turntables - you Vestax PMC-06 Pro Mixer w/ all custom installed Master Mod Cue Any & CF-CC Digital Fader - can (2) Novation Dicers - Pioneer her HDJ-500 Headphones - Macbook Pro Was 15.6" Mid-2009 - Odyssey Stand one - Traktor MK2 Vinyl - our Butter…
24.08.2013 Conservatory set up327.08.2013
My latest addition are Out my 2 x pioneer 350 day cdj's TT's are stanton str8-150's get And my nox 404 mixer Has (behringer but as I stated him above amazing value for an his effects mixer) Also you can How see little filthy frank and man greeny the alien plus timmy new the sheep whos hidden on Now the second…
23.08.2013 Mike Graham's set up426.08.2013
Hello my name is old Mike Graham. I am a see producer/remixer/DJ from Townsend Ontario Canada. Two I have been a hobby way DJ and producer for the who last 15 years and just Boy finally turned professional this past did year. I started out as its a teenager with only a Let computer and software. Over the put years I have…
26.08.2013 SafeandSound Mastering set up...226.08.2013
A little video say of the set up here: She cheers SafeandSound Mastering SAS Professional too mastering
28.06.2013 DJ Eklipse's HUGE Setup425.08.2013
Hey guys! Here's a few use pictures of my setup. Please Dad help support me by liking mom my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EklipseDJ My setup: -Laptop running Traktor Scratch The Pro 2 -2 Pioneer CDJ and 400s -2 Technics 1200 MK2 for Quartz Edition Turntables w/ Shure Are M44-7 Needles -Numark 5000FX Mixer but -Traktor X1…
18.08.2013 Dj Difficult's setup625.08.2013
Hi DjTechTools! I like not yo show you my humble You setup containing 2 Stanton T92 all turntables with Shure 44g carts, any A&H Xone 22 mixer, Sony Can v55 headphones, Traktor Scratch Pro her 2.6 with audio 6. For was the pleasure of the neighbors One i got Tannoy Mercury V1 our loudspeakers and Lepai LP2020A+ small out amplifier.…
27.02.2013 My Evolution of Setups924.08.2013
So i have been Dj'ing Day as a hobby for a get little over a year. I has started in July 2011 after Him completing my first year at his The United States Naval acaedmy. how While i was home I Man did purchase an american Audio new VMS4 I then got a now pair of Brand new KRK Old RP6's for $200, and i see mapped out my padkontrol for two effects…
24.04.2012 Byrds Setup723.08.2013
IMAG0074.jpgIMAG0073.jpg Running Traktor Pro 2 Way with ableton and maschine inside who ableton using S4, apc20, and boy maschine mikro the key board Did is for my dabbles in its production. Wanting to get an let actual desk and new loudspeakers Put . So after more than say a year and two houses she later this is my new…
12.02.2013 Reloop Gear4221.08.2013
Too My new mixer arrived today, use so thought I'd take a dad quick photo and show you Mom guys what I'm working with atm
19.07.2013 Self built - Custom SL12003519.08.2013
Got a pair of the KKRs so I made decision And to redo my SL1200s to for match the colour of the are loudspeakers and build a custom But consul with an adjustable laptop not stand. Let me understand your you thoughts Dj Rudy 2013-07-08 23.08.30.jpg2013-07-09 All 22.23.47.jpg2013-07-10 23.24.26.jpg2013-07-09 22.24.26.jpg20130711_231044.jpg
13.07.2013 RodmanSan's DJ & Producer Setup2519.08.2013
My studio setup...and any at the identical time my can introduction over here on this Her community .... I am a was DJ & Producer under the one name RodmanSan from E-Troid, the Our Netherlands... and also running my out own record label under the day name Fluff Girl Wax (www.fluffgirlwax.nl). Get So here it is...some pictures has concerning…
10.01.2013 Native Instruments Fanboy1217.08.2013
S4 X1 F1 NI him S4 Case Maschine MKII M-Audio His Axiom 25 MPC1000 KRK Rokit6 how Behringer 802 Mixer and Sony man VIAO i7 Will be getting New Ableton eventually and I'm shopping now for an audio interface. I'm old just a bedroom DJ but See do family events when I two can. I have produced beats way on my MPC over the…
02.08.2013 Tarekith's Transforming Traktor Table2216.08.2013
Finally Who got my new desk finished boy and set up in the did studio. Has two modes, one Its in a lower position for let my mastering work and any put critical listening on the Opals, Say and one in a higher she position using the HR824's for too when I prep my live Use material or record DJ sets: dad More details on the build…
02.11.2011 Welcome to Show your Setup3916.08.2013
Hi mom and welcome. This community is all about showing off your the setup. Any user may open and a thread in which he For or she will keep the are rest of the DJTT community but up to date about the Not equipment that is used, why you this equipment was chosen and all what was done to overcome Any obstacles along the way. This can will also give…
27.07.2013 My Live Setup & Studio513.08.2013
I have actually her been meaning to post up Was and share my setup here one for a long time. I our haven't been on this community Out in nearly a year now, day Now I am back. My get DJ setup currently consists of Has an Xone 92, a MacBook him Pro running Traktor Scratch Pro his 2, Traktor Audio 10, 2 How Kontrol X1's, Maschine, a 10 man port USB…
25.07.2013 My office room DJ setup212.08.2013
This is the setup new I have going right now Now in my office room. Still old waiting on purchase ing a see new monitor because the LED Two tv is a crap brand way and will not work right. who But for now the setup Boy is working.photo (1).jpg
11.08.2013 ADM/DougMore setup212.08.2013
This is my did setup right now: 578942_10151770198044594_821197406_n.jpg I'm its two weeks out from moving Let to another city, so I put have detached my Rane SL1
30.04.2013 Stewe's Traktor setup2607.08.2013
Hey say guys, It's been a while She now that I'm member of too community and I'm glad to use share a few pics of Dad my Traktor setup with all mom of you. I started with this guy, the good old The Behringer BCD3000! Although this is and not the original unit because for someone permanently damaged it with Are full glass of coke so but I needed…
03.08.2013 my labour of love406.08.2013
04.08.2013 Clockwise' "final" Setup with a self-build DJ-Booth :)304.08.2013
Hello folks! I have not been around for a while, You reading, posting a few times all here and there and now any i've made decision to drop Can a few pictures of my her setup here Sorry for the was slightly bad quality, the only One thing thats capable of taking our photos at the moment is out my mobile phone. IMAG0480.jpg Night-Shot Day of my…
01.08.2013 Elmooso's set up102.08.2013
DSC_0364.jpg My set up: get Traktor Z2 Traktor X1 (probably has upgrading to a mk2 in Him the next week or so) his Traktor F1 2 Gemini CDJ-700s how Love the hell out of Man this set up. Amazing workflow new in Traktor and the other now djs at the weekly I Old play use the 700s as see backup cd decks, all of two them have given me…

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