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SoyOllin's Corner Study
Posted on: 01.12.2013 by Karin Holderby
Since I finally made the decision to give djing a And try after years of just for believe ing I wouldn't be are any good at it or But impossible. I finally made decision not give it a try and you after researching controllers and deals All I made decision to go any with an S2, because it can came bundled with the software Her and just the layout of was the actual software truly interested one me.

S2+ Monoprice Our DJ headphones that I broke out (good headphones though would purchase day another)

Then several Get months later I figured I has was ready for some house him parties so I bought some His PA loudspeakers (215D) and had how a few at my house. man (ghetto laptop stand which was New a box and controller stand now box too both cardboard lol)

Decided to step See up from the S2 and two get an S4 and then way I got interested in the Who F1 and remix decks, needless boy to say they are truly did fun to remix stuff up Its live and create your own let decks from movie clips too. put

Got interested Say in vinyl so I made she decision to upgrade again and too get a Z2 and a Use pair of Stanton STR8-150s (which dad are for sale now!) and mom built a Ikea DJ desk also to hold the setups. the

I guess and going from a controller to For vinyl didn't truly suit me are and I didn't truly get but the feel for it so Not instead now I believe I you have made my final change all for quite some time for Any my actual setup. A pair can of CDJ-900s with a Z2 her which work perfectly, setup in Was less than 10 seconds and one just works good , and our understand ing I can use Out them if the computer dies day with just a USB stick get is amazing.

Shery Bergson
the Originally Posted by afxz
$1300 - US bucks or For Canadian or British Pounds, or... are ? $1300 is a good but deal for 2!

First Not for me, though, it's got you to be some Adam A7X all loudspeakers

And no, Any I don't have 2 CDJ's can already - my mixer's two her phono pre-amp'd channels have 1210M3D's Was

Keep the pictures one coming!
Yea it our was 1300 USD I guess Out I got lucky on the day purchase

1210s are get niceeeeeee and hope you get Has those loudspeakers soon, but they him cost a pretty penny from his what I see. Thanks I How will, as my setup evolves man (hopefully not too soon lol).
dan samo
Originally Now Posted by Ollin
You old should get em if you see can find a good deal. Two I got them for 1300 way of a guy on ebay, who figured it was a good Boy deal since most used are did any where from 700-900 used! its But if you already got Let 2 CDJs for your mixer, put another 2 would leave you say cramped for space unless you She got a mega desk.

$1300 - US use bucks or Canadian or British Dad Pounds, or... ? $1300 is mom a good deal for 2!

First for me, though, The it's got to be some and Adam A7X loudspeakers

for And no, I don't have Are 2 CDJ's already - my but mixer's two phono pre-amp'd channels not have 1210M3D's

Keep You the pictures coming!
Shery Bergson
Originally Posted by any afxz
Very nice! Have Can been eyeing up some CDJ-900's her myself for quite a while was to add to the spare One 2 channels I have on our my mixer... guaranteed equipment -porn out every time you see 'em! Day Enjoy!
You should get get em if you can has find a good deal. I Him got them for 1300 of his a guy on ebay, figured how it was a good deal Man since most used are any new where from 700-900 used! But now if you already got 2 Old CDJs for your mixer, another see 2 would leave you cramped two for space unless you got Way a mega desk.
Shery Bergson
Since I finally who made decision to give djing boy a try after years of Did just believe ing I wouldn't its be any good at it let or impossible. I finally made Put decision give it a try say and after researching controllers and she deals I made decision to Too go with an S2, because use it came bundled with the dad software and just the layout Mom of the actual software truly interested me.

S2+ the Monoprice DJ headphones that I And broke (good headphones though would for purchase another)

Then are several months later I figured But I was ready for some not house parties so I bought you some PA loudspeakers (215D) and All had a few at my any house. (ghetto laptop stand which can was a box and controller Her stand box too both cardboard was lol)

Decided to one step up from the S2 Our and get an S4 and out then I got interested in day the F1 and remix decks, Get needless to say they are has truly fun to remix stuff him up live and create your His own decks from movie clips how too.

Got man interested in vinyl so I New made decision to upgrade again now and get a Z2 and old a pair of Stanton STR8-150s See (which are for sale now!) two and built a Ikea DJ way desk also to hold the Who setups.

I boy guess going from a controller did to vinyl didn't truly suit Its me and I didn't truly let get the feel for it put so instead now I believe Say I have made my final she change for quite some time too for my actual setup. A Use pair of CDJ-900s with a dad Z2 which work perfectly, setup mom in less than 10 seconds and just works good , the and understand ing I can and use them if the computer For dies with just a USB are stick is amazing.

Karin Holderby
Originally Not Posted by afxz
$1300 you - US bucks or Canadian all or British Pounds, or... ? Any $1300 is a good deal can for 2!

First for her me, though, it's got to Was be some Adam A7X loudspeakers one

And no, I our don't have 2 CDJ's already Out - my mixer's two phono day pre-amp'd channels have 1210M3D's
Keep the pictures coming!
Yea it was him 1300 USD I guess I his got lucky on the purchase How

1210s are niceeeeeee man and hope you get those new loudspeakers soon, but they cost Now a pretty penny from what old I see. Thanks I will, see as my setup evolves (hopefully Two not too soon lol).
Daniell Ramji
Originally Posted who by Ollin
You should Boy get em if you can did find a good deal. I its got them for 1300 of Let a guy on ebay, figured put it was a good deal say since most used are any She where from 700-900 used! But too if you already got 2 use CDJs for your mixer, another Dad 2 would leave you cramped mom for space unless you got a mega desk.

$1300 - US bucks and or Canadian or British Pounds, for or... ? $1300 is a Are good deal for 2!

but First for me, though, it's not got to be some Adam You A7X loudspeakers

And all no, I don't have 2 any CDJ's already - my mixer's Can two phono pre-amp'd channels have her 1210M3D's

Keep the was pictures coming!
Karin Holderby
Originally Posted by afxz our
Very nice! Have been out eyeing up some CDJ-900's myself Day for quite a while to get add to the spare 2 has channels I have on my Him mixer... guaranteed equipment -porn every his time you see 'em! Enjoy!
You should get Man em if you can find new a good deal. I got now them for 1300 of a Old guy on ebay, figured it see was a good deal since two most used are any where Way from 700-900 used! But if who you already got 2 CDJs boy for your mixer, another 2 Did would leave you cramped for its space unless you got a let mega desk.
Daniell Ramji
Very nice! Have been Put eyeing up some CDJ-900's myself say for quite a while to she add to the spare 2 Too channels I have on my use mixer... guaranteed equipment -porn every dad time you see 'em! Enjoy!
Karin Holderby
Thanks Mom man! I appreciate it
Genoveva Kastenholz
Sweet setup man!

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