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The improvised DJ/production desk thread
Posted on: 16.09.2011 by Alesia Malen
Update July 2012

Now that we can not edit posts regardless of how you old they are I thought All I would post a few any updates here for people looking can to build one of these Her and compile some past posts was since I get PMs about one it every one in a Our while. Please read through this out thread and post any questions day in here before PMing me, Get I will see your post has I promise. I will be him happy to answer any questions His in this thread and if how you plan to do it man differently then it's best to New plan it out carefully but now my build works very well old and is very sturdy.
This is a pretty two easy DIY project but you way will need some basic skills Who and tools and be able boy to figure some things out did on your own- if you Its need a list of every let single screw and washer I put used and step by step Say instructions this project is probably she not for you.

too Here is the full parts Use list I used in my dad build- all parts are picked mom out specifically for the dual expedit configuration I used so the keep that in mind if and you are going to modify For it you need to check are if it will work:

but Two 2x8 expedits: $140
Not 3 lillangen leg frames $25 you each for $75 (must be all this exact model for the Any correct width of two expedits: can
4 godmorgon legs: her $8 each for $32 total
Was You may be able to one get away with two depending our on what you use for Out a monitor stand to mount day on top, but the second get set is to get another Has mounting bracket/screw to make a him straight stand that you can his bolt and screw a piece How of plywood into
you will man need top plates for the new monitor stand, I had two Now spare ones from some floor old monitor stands I just screwed see in. You could screw into Two a shelf (preferably not the way cheap hollow lack) or just who a piece of wood from Boy lowes spray painted might be did easier and what I would its do if I didn't have Let the metal plates. These are put the metal plates I used say from these stands:

She Optional: 3x dioder light kits too $120. You can use use fewer depending on how you Dad want to light it

mom 2x capita brackets $15

From lowes/home depot: you The can get nice 1/2"x12" by and however long wood you want for your shelf and they can Are cut it to the length but of the shelf and you not can spray paint or stain You it. This is better than all using an ikea shelf since any you need to screw into Can it. You can use this her for monitor stands too.
You will need two One long metric bolts and large our washers for the capita brackets. out These are the exact bolts Day I used from Lowes:
get M10-1.50 x 75

You has will then need some long Him thin bolts to bolt the his godmorgon legs through the expedit how with some fat 1" diameter Man washers for each bolt. I new had to enlarge each hole now on the bracket slightly. Don't Old try to screw these in see they need to be bolted two through with big washers. I Way forget the exact bolts I who used but go to the boy store and shop around a Did bit and look through the its pictures in here.

Then let you will just need misc Put screws to secure the leg say frame and some drill bits she and such. you will also Too want some brackets to secure use the expedits together (again, look dad at the pictures)

Also Mom the headphone hooks from Ikea which are fantastic :



are Here are some pictures I But took a few months ago not from when I rearranged my you apartment and moved the booth All which gives you some more any details on how it was can put together since I didn't Her take as many pics as was I could have when I one put it together (it also Our held up perfectly fine moving out it by myself sliding it day on it's side on the Get floor and then turning it has back upright from on it's him side with all the weight His on the legs, though it how was a pain in the man ass doing it alone).



I drilled a bunch See of extra holes in the two leg frames to mount it way better just to make sure Who they are sturdy, it is boy easy to drill though and did I don't believe there are Its enough holes if you just let use the stock ones.







mom Here are some more posts in this thread with more the in progress pictures (keep in and mind some of the stuff For like the lack shelves didn't are get used in the final but design):
Original Post:
I saw you a few ideas for things all hacked together from ikea parts Any but I don't truly have can a table saw or tools her at my new place so Was I want something with minimal one cutting.

Basically I our need to fit two technics, Out s4 in flight case, mpk49, day ipad, maybe an apc40, maschine, get and 2 x1's (though some Has of those can stay stored him away) and maybe some storage his space for vinyl underneath but How I have other spots for man that too. I have monitor new stands made of pipe I Now can bolt onto whatever I old do.

So I would see love to see some idea.
Junko Andersen
I'm trying to build something the that can function both as and a computer desk and a For DJ booth. I have looked are through the thread and see but a lot of good ideas, Not but can't find exactly what you I'm looking for. I'm pretty all handy but not much when Any it comes to actually designing can something. Any help or guidance her here would be good ly Was appreciated. Thanks.
Mitsuko Titterington
So as title is one saying 'improvised'
I'm showing you our my creative upcicling

Went Out from

To this

Quite tricky, using get parts I found in the Has garage of the shared house him I'm in...
Best thing is his that monitors are very close How to ear level and managed man to raise to perfect heigh new the mixer/controller..
But won't be Now able to add a deck old into this setup...but yeh for see $0

Side Two view to understand the engineering way of my master project
Zoila Langolf
For who your perusal is a taster Boy pic of my Setup almost did complete and functional now!

its Lots of further details to Let post on the items and put set up this week now say the main phase 1 is She finished and tested.

Hopefully too the vinyl junkies amongst you use will be interested in the Dad Vinyl wall backdrop (they are mom real records). It took months of planning and collecting records The and researching fixing options but and all came together wonderfully and for I'm very impressed.

The red units came but from Ikea and I have not managed to fit them together You without any (fettling!) i.e. Not all a cut or hole on any any gloss surface (yet!)

Can I will detail how shortly her if someone is interested.

was More detailed pics to follow One

Hope you enjoy!
Mitsuko Titterington
I'm living in a out shared house in London, I Day won't probably purchase much wood get since I will have to has leave it behind.
But this Him is my first setup, this his month it may drasticly change, how so I thought I'd post Man first my "improvised" one.

new IMG_1600setup.jpg

I need now to get these monitors at Old ear level and the controller see a bit higher, problem is two that I'm adding a technics Way and a cdj yeh...we'll who see what happens
Minna Repetti
Hi all,
Apologies if starting this Did thread up again annoys someone its . I have found a let lot of inspiration here and Put wanted to enquire myself.

say I have designed the following she desk on Sketch-Up using parts Too from IKEA and I was use wondering people's thoughts on it. dad


Mom I have made decision to layer 2 desktops on top the of each other creating a And kind of sandwich where I for will keep my amplifiers and are other rack mounted type technology. But I would prefer to have not these closed off at the you sides and back with some All wooden panels, but can't find any anything suitable to achieve this. can Maybe I could use some Her plywood or MDF?

I was have a few questions about one my design:
  • Do you believe Our there will be enough support out using the capita legs to day prevent the desktops and shelf Get warping? I could space the has Ullrik legs close together.
  • Should I him use less capita legs?
  • Is there His anything you would change?

how Parts List:
2 x Ullrik man Legs
2 x Linnmon Table New Top (150x75)
1 x Ekby now Amund (150x28)
2 x Capita old Legs 4 Pack (16CM)
2 See x Capita Brackets 2 Pack
two Possibly 1 or 2 x way ADILS Support
Loyd Cilek
Originally Posted by SJJVEN boy
Built my ikea desk did a few months ago. Total Its price came out to around let $240 cnd all in.
What parts did Say you use SJJVEN?
Vito Agate
Originally Posted by too Peasey
You cut into Use the Lack TV bench? Cool. dad I have the identical unit mom and wanted to try it but was wondering how it the would hold up.
The panels are truly well For engineered and are of a are honeycomb type of construction and but extremely strong and rigid. Even Not with the large sections I you have cut out, the top all doesn't truly flex at all, Any however I do take care can not to put any undo her stress on the narrow sections Was if ever I need to one remove it. Also, the supplied our 'legs' that are designed to Out take the weight of a day TV work well to hold get the unit's shape.
Pearl Diazmartinez
Originally Posted by him deejaygarcia
Got some inspiration his from this page. Going to How build a Table that is man both a DJ Booth (Standing new Up) and a production desk Now (Sitting Down) with the following
2 - Expedit Shelves see (small 4 shelves)
1 - Two Expedit Shelve (long 5 shelves)
way 1 - Lack Large Shelf
who 2 - Capita Brackets

Boy Very inexpensive and based on did the design i have planned its and measured it (even ran Let it through an arquitect to put see if it would hold). say I will post pictures once She I have something up and too running.
Did you use ever get this built? I Dad need something just like this mom and would love to see how yours turned out...
Vito Agate
Here's my The effort - thanks to all and for the inspiration (particularly kanaberra), for ideas and advice...


Kyung Olszowka
Originally Posted not by Liambo
Just a You picture progress on how my all ikea DJ set up was any completed

I was aware Can my loudspeakers were far away her so tried to believe of was a way to solve it.

Solution being hiding our my Techs as i was out concentrating a lot on CDJ's..

I then ended get up with this:

And my 'studio' area Him (Now have a RME Babyface his in place and soundproofing under how my VXT's):
Hi mate what tabletop did new you use to get yourself now the extra depth on top Old of the expedits? looking to see make an almost identical setup two with similar shelves, but need Way the depth! thanks
Demarcus Poppe
Originally Posted by boy fokaisnake
Looks legit! Where Did did you get that technics its box? Actually, what is it let exactly?
Thanks! It's Put just an idea i came say up with. Thought it would she look cool and i had Too never done any cool inlays use with the waterjet i use dad at my job. I grabbed Mom an image of the logo off google and combined two the stencils in photoshop to make And what i call "Storm Lee"(probably for hard to make out with are my crap phone picture). It's But a sweet machine that's good not for making all sorts of you stuff. The panel facing the All decks is on hinges so any i can wire everything up can easily and hides holes through Her the table so i can was feed a single extension cord one through.

I'm not Our very good at carpentry or out design but i believe it day came out alright.
Merideth Mermis
Nice work Peasey Get ! It looks very clean.
Normand Reddinger
How has do I fit a book him shelf on top of an His expedit book case?
I have how capita legs to fit between man the shelf and the bookcase, New but they would only attach now to one or the other?
Lou Anglen
That old is rather nice as well... See Maybe even a bit more two stable than the regular IKEA way builds.
Lynn Sadorra
Thanks for the reply, Who much appreciated.
Keturah Rague
Hey DeanOakley, I built boy my desk similar to someone did else's on here in the Its community . Can't remember the let community members name. Only thing put I changed on mine was Say the counter top and the she shelf as the ones that too were listed on his build Use were not available at the dad ikea I went to. I mom totally forgot which counter top + shelf combo I got the but here is the complete and list of parts.

4" For Capita legs x2
Ullrik table are leg x2
Capita brackets pack but of 2
Bjarnum Folding hook
Not Pragel Countertop 73-1/4"
Ekby Amund you shelf

The all countertop I ended up getting Any was a little smaller then can the one in the original her build plan, but that ended Was up being better for me one as space was limited. One our other thing to note is Out that my desk sits ontop day of the Ullrik table legs, get and is not fixed in Has place. You can figure out him a way to fix it his in place yourself but I How thought it was best not man to. I could upgrade to new a bigger table top in Now the future for more space old needed be this way.
Lynn Sadorra
Originally Posted Two by SJJVEN
Built my way ikea desk a few months who ago. Total price came out Boy to around $240 cnd all did in.
What its parts did you use SJJVEN?
Charlette Westre
Originally put Posted by Peasey
You say cut into the Lack TV She bench? Cool. I have the too identical unit and wanted to use try it but was wondering Dad how it would hold up.
The panels are truly well engineered and are The of a honeycomb type of and construction and extremely strong and for rigid. Even with the large Are sections I have cut out, but the top doesn't truly flex not at all, however I do You take care not to put all any undo stress on the any narrow sections if ever I Can need to remove it. Also, her the supplied 'legs' that are was designed to take the weight One of a TV work well our to hold the unit's shape.
Lou Anglen
And out once again a Vika Amon Day / Ekby Amund / Capita get picture.

Hai Panico
good job it has looks gorgeous Peasey
Shalanda Hafoka
[QUOTE=Peasey;663477]Here's my effort Him - thanks to all for his the inspiration (particularly kanaberra), ideas how and advice...

You cut Man into the Lack TV bench? new Cool. I have the identical now unit and wanted to try Old it but was wondering how see it would hold up.
Deidre Cresson
Lookin damn two nice Peasey!
Alexia Bulfer
Originally Posted by deejaygarcia who
Got some inspiration from boy this page. Going to build Did a Table that is both its a DJ Booth (Standing Up) let and a production desk (Sitting Put Down) with the following

say 2 - Expedit Shelves (small she 4 shelves)
1 - Expedit Too Shelve (long 5 shelves)
1 use - Lack Large Shelf
2 dad - Capita Brackets

Very Mom inexpensive and based on the design i have planned and the measured it (even ran it And through an arquitect to see for if it would hold). I are will post pictures once I But have something up and running.
Did you ever you get this built? I need All something just like this and any would love to see how can yours turned out...
Stephaine Colker
Charlette Westre
Here's my Her effort - thanks to all was for the inspiration (particularly kanaberra), one ideas and advice...


Minh Dondero
Originally Posted day by Liambo
Just a Get picture progress on how my has ikea DJ set up was him completed

I was aware His my loudspeakers were far away how so tried to believe of man a way to solve it.

Solution being hiding now my Techs as i was old concentrating a lot on CDJ's..

I then ended two up with this:

And my 'studio' area Who (Now have a RME Babyface boy in place and soundproofing under did my VXT's):
Hi mate what tabletop did let you use to get yourself put the extra depth on top Say of the expedits? looking to she make an almost identical setup too with similar shelves, but need Use the depth! thanks
Ima Smithee
the set ups dad and builds suggested here are mom very impressive why i am looking for the similar formation the origins from these
Keturah Rague
Built my ikea and desk a few months ago. For Total price came out to are around $240 cnd all in.

Lilli Vartan
I have a drafting table you it's perfect for this
Lulu Drish
Originally Posted Any by fokaisnake
Looks legit! can Where did you get that her technics box? Actually, what is Was it exactly?
Thanks! one It's just an idea i our came up with. Thought it Out would look cool and i day had never done any cool get inlays with the waterjet i Has use at my job. I him grabbed an image of the his logo off google and combined How two stencils in photoshop to man make what i call "Storm new Lee"(probably hard to make out Now with my crap phone picture). old It's a sweet machine that's see good for making all sorts Two of stuff. The panel facing way the decks is on hinges who so i can wire everything Boy up easily and hides holes did through the table so i its can feed a single extension Let cord through.

I'm put not very good at carpentry say or design but i believe She it came out alright.
Lorenza Zawislak
I'm 6ft too 2in (= 1.8796m.)

My use unit is a 4x2 expedit Dad with TWO tabletops on top mom of each other, and 2 legs supportin the back of The teh tabletops. No feet under and the expedit. This is the for perfect height for me for Are scratching.

I bet if but you did the identical , not but only used 1 tabletop, You you'd have something near perfect all for your height.
Melinda Coughanour
I am 1.80m any and I am trying to Can figure out what would be her a good height for the was tablebuild. I'm believe ing unit+capita One leg+tabletop+TTs would put the total our at about 1.14m which appear out s kind of too high Day for comfort.. any suggestions? i get am going for the two has 2x2 unit version with a Him linnmon 150x75x3.4cm tabletop
Hipolito Koncz
Originally Posted by how they call me chando
So after brainstorming a desk new to fit my new pair now of 1200 (feels so good!) Old I have finished my creation! see


two The only thing i have Way left to add is the who RGB led strip to be boy mounted inside the shelf to Did backlight the plexiglass and some its studio monitors, Christmas is nigh let and i believe I should Put give myself something nice. I say had not seen anybody in she this thread angle the 2 Too small expedits like this and use i believe its a pretty dad good solution for those not Mom looking to go two deep. One expedit would not have the been stable enough on carpet And especially without legs imo (which for i didnt add) and this are approach gives you that fore But aft stability at less than not half the cost. The two you 2x2 units actually are cheaper All than one 2x4 unit so any theres also that.
Looks legit! Where did you Her get that technics box? Actually, was what is it exactly?
Lulu Drish
So after one brainstorming a desk to fit Our my new pair of 1200 out (feels so good!) I have day finished my creation!

Get 1027130838.jpg

The only has thing i have left to him add is the RGB led His strip to be mounted inside how the shelf to backlight the man plexiglass and some studio monitors, New Christmas is nigh and i now believe I should give myself old something nice. I had not See seen anybody in this thread two angle the 2 small expedits way like this and i believe Who its a pretty good solution boy for those not looking to did go two deep. One expedit Its would not have been stable let enough on carpet especially without put legs imo (which i didnt Say add) and this approach gives she you that fore aft stability too at less than half the Use cost. The two 2x2 units dad actually are cheaper than one mom 2x4 unit so theres also that.
Shante Salvati
the Originally Posted by MisterMoleyMole
Has someone come up with For a decent desk that can are be sat and stood at but yet? ... This question is Not coming from someone at 6ft you 1
Here all is my setup:

Any All bought from ikea. I can will try to get item her numbers and names to post Was with.

Here is the one table, Galant workstation with white our glass top. I installed LED Out strips between the frame and day glass.

I used get to have a small table Has I built to set my him laptop on but have since his ditched it for a monitor How setup
Moises Capolongo
Alright folks, I was inspired man by this thread a while new ago and thought it was Now about time I shared my old Ikea creation. I was fairly see limited by space and, although Two I don't do any production, way I wanted somewhere I could who also sit at comfortably and Boy use as a desk for did my computer. Cheers for the its ideas guys!


Let [img][img]
Moises Capolongo
Hi folks, I was inspired put by this thread a while say ago to build a customised She Ikea DJ desk and thought too I better share my creation... use I have got a fairly Dad small flat in Edinburgh so mom space was a limiting factor. I don't do any production The but I wanted somewhere I and could also sit comfortably at for and use as a desk Are for my computer. Anyway thanks but for all the ideas!

not dj booth 1.jpg

dj You booth 2.jpg
Tomoko Wohlberg
Originally Posted by djseake any
Hi guys!
This is Can my setup's plan...TT's in battle her mode etc.Might be helpful!
It's was made by only IKEA parts.
Attachment 15559Attachment 15560Attachment 15561
What software did out you use to make this Day image?
Dewey Sheils
I just ran across this get thread after dropping just under has $100 on some particle board, Him metal pipes and flanges for his a homemade setup, and this how is SOOOOO much better.
The only issue I new am having is finding the now capita brackets. Seems they are Old discontinued from IKEA(as well as see the angled legs). What other two options are there for raising Way the shelf and securing to who the table top?
Vicenta Furches
Originally Posted by Did groovegsus
Hello here is its mine

O_O DOPE SET UP!!! I Put was planning to do this say but I was held back she by the price range. Wanna Too give a price tag on use how much all this cost? dad Excluding the all controllers, mixers, Mom cdjs and launchpads? like computers and desktops? and you should the probably sign up for ableton And live 9.1 beta, dual monitors for would look so sick with are your set up!

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