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16.11.2013 Unihorn Corn's Setup420.11.2013
Hello all! It's me and the my first post on this and community . I have seen For some fantastic setups on here are so I made decision to but post my hobo's den of Not a setup. I want to you upload pictures when I update all the whole thing so I Any will order them in date. can Hope you like it and her feedback and questions are…
19.11.2013 happydan's setup820.11.2013
I believe Was this will be my final one form. setup-far.jpg setup-lower.jpg setup-arty.jpg setup-detail.jpg
22.01.2012 Garygary1's Setup120.11.2013
Well, our after years of messing around Out with my dad's setup, about day 2 years ago, I went get ahead and got my own Has setup: a gemini ps-828x mixer, him NI audio 2 and Traktor his kontrol x1. Since then i've How accumulated this setup. Includes: Denon man DN-X600 Traktor Kontrol X1 HP new Envy 14 i5 2.66ghz (not Now pictured,…
19.04.2013 My komplete setup719.11.2013
Finally after spending a little old more than I should have see I have finished my set. Two Had my first gig a way few weeks back and it who truly sparked a fire in Boy my wallet to just finish did my equipment collecting. x1 S2 its with neon green chroma caps Let x1 Midi fighter 3D for put all my live effects needs say x1 F1 which I have She yet…
19.11.2013 Numark DJ2GO + Akai LPD8 (Chroma Caps) + Behringer UCA 222 - Powered by Macbook Pro019.11.2013
DSC_0327.jpg Setup from Brazil - too DJ PACCA!
18.11.2013 Tom Silvera's Setup419.11.2013
I have got 2 use setups! My home studio & Dad My Club Setup! My Home mom Studio runs a classic setup, with 2 Stanton Str8-150s With The a Gold Skin, A Traktor and Z2, a Traktor X1 & for a Senheiser E945 mic. 1425777_10151992622302287_1256939514_n.jpg Are My Club Setup is a but little more modern, Running 2 not CDJ-1000's, A…
03.07.2013 Max One's Set Up Evolution2818.11.2013
Alright folks, here it You is! CURRENT SET UP (**UPDATE all NOV 2013**): Technics 1200s / any DJM 900 / X1 / Can X1 mk2 / Akai MPK her Mini / KRK VXT4s / was ZOOM H4N recorder / Sennheiser One hd25 EVOLUTION OF MY SET our UP Me at 19 yrs out old in bedroom Had Final Day Scratch then Serato…
06.11.2013 My two spaces117.11.2013
First space is get in my living room and has it consists of four turntables Him and well kinda two mixers his . The tables are 1 how technics 1200 m5g with modified Man tonearm for either straight or new s shape( this was done now by me only after my Old friend who borrowed it had see it brake while the table two it was on collapsed, I Way have…
25.06.2013 Chuck Noland's setup1216.11.2013
Hi all, I have been who more of a lurker than boy an active user so far Did so thought it's time I its stick some content up! After let a very long period of Put saving I'm about to get say my greasy mitts on some she CDJ 2000 / CDJ 2000 Too Nexuses within the next month use or so so will post dad an updated picture with my Mom new desk (will…
12.03.2012 My happy place.1514.11.2013
14.04.2013 Prelich's DVS Setup2313.11.2013
Hey everyone, So I finally got around the to taking some pictures of And my new setup. Bought some for Technics 1200s the other week are and I'm in love with But them. I started on the not Numark Mixtrack (strictly midi) but you I wanted to take my All DJing to another level. I any just wasn't getting that satisfaction can from the…
04.11.2013 Brad's contemporary setup713.11.2013
Hey guys, here's my Her setup that I have been was designing and building for the one past several months. Components are: Our Desk is custom Hoerboard built out at computer desk height, normally day Im seated Traktor pro controlled Get via S4 MK1 Ableton w/ has PSP42 .VST routed through S4 him Maschine controlled by MK1…
11.11.2013 My Simple Setup412.11.2013
So this His is my minimalist setup consisting how of a rMBP 13" running man Ableton and Traktor, a Traktor New Kontrol S4, and a MidiFighter now Spectra. I have been mainly old focusing on production recently so See christmas time will add a two Maschine to the mix as way well IMG_0463.jpgIMG_0464.jpgIMG_0467.jpgIMG_0469.jpg
25.01.2013 Palace One's Setup on a selfmade table812.11.2013
Hi Guys, Here is Who my little Setup: -Traktor Kontrol boy S2 -Midifighter Classic -Akai MPK did Mini -Traktor Kontrol F1 The Its Table I made by myself let with some IKEA Articles, hope put you like it Screenshot_2013-11-11-15-20-33-1.jpg
10.11.2013 Home studio / man cave311.11.2013
Mixing in Say the home studio. Custom NI she setup :] 1115924_672901546071170_1651656203_o.jpg
06.11.2013 They call it Chando's Setup310.11.2013
Started mixing about too 8 years ago , mucking Use about with trance on an dad American Audio rackmount dual CD mom jobber and a crap Gemini mixer. When that all broke the in about a year of and bedroom use, i grabbed two For CDJ-200's and a DDM-4000. The are CDJs did their job but but truly aren't that good and Not I still use the…
06.10.2013 My "bedroom" set up.2009.11.2013
Hi Guys. you I have been following this all community for a while and Any got inspired I only play can music at home for relax her and fun. My equipment is Was not that hi-tech or expensive one but it's working for me. our The stand is made out Out of Ikea stuff only. The day PC to the left i get use with Ableton Live for Has effects and…
21.09.2012 beaubryte's Setup5207.11.2013
10691605073_ea35d2739e_z.jpg Built a new him room for my equipment , his added some new devices and How changed workflow. Here it is, man my own home studio. This new is my personal DJ booth Now for playing and recording DJ old mixes, samples and vocals. Multiple see artists/dj's can play simultaneously, so Two I'm always in for a…
06.11.2013 Show Your Setup Rules Reminder006.11.2013
One way unique thread per member please. who Any additions to your setup Boy should be added to your did existing thread. It is suggested its to subscribe to your own Let thread in case its been put a while between updates Additional say threads will be merged or She deleted upon discovery or reporting. too Cheers guys, J
03.11.2013 my small but cozey set up1105.11.2013
photo 2-1.jpg numark use ttx usb turntables x2 denon Dad sc3900 x2 ddm 4000 pioneer mom ddj sx numark ns7 II akai XR 20 roland SP The 404 sx
17.10.2013 Farringt0n mountain cabin setup503.11.2013
Ok, so I have and been lurking here for quite for some time, and got the Are general ideas from many of but the Ikea builds here, had not a lot of the parts You already, so I have been all slowly building it up over any time. Some of my equipment Can is pretty ancient :P I her started out with this (pretty was sparse) and after loading it One up,…
20.06.2013 Kwal's Simple Setup, I Love It6803.11.2013
Nothing too fancy here... I our spin cd's, I do not out run any type of Dj Day software at all on my get Mac. I only use Audacity has to record my mixes. 2x Him CDJ mk2s and a Xone his 22 M-Audio Bx5 Monitors House how Parties My CDJs with my Man buddies equipment .. Sick setup new here... I'm looking to incorporate now new things…
03.11.2013 Prof_Strangeman vs. DJ Vanska - Practice Space203.11.2013
I get to do Old a B2B all evening set see with another local controllerist this two weekend at our local Gay Way Pride Weekend and we practiced who tonight! I took a few boy quick iPhone shots for you Did guys. This is the first its time I have sync'd two let instances of Traktor over Ethernet Put before too! Works…
11.01.2012 Coldfuzion's Mecca3802.11.2013
As most of say you understand my journey as she a DJ / Producer began Too here on DJTT a little use over a year ago (October dad of 2010). Here's a timeline Mom of all the equipment I have acquired since then. My the first piece of equipment ever And was the S4 (got it for a few days before it's are official release through Guitar Center But and felt…
04.10.2013 Basement Bartop Re-imagining702.11.2013
This is my setup, not it's in a finished basement you that had a bar in All it. I have to 2 any Vestax PDX-2000s, A Numark 4trak can that also functions as my Her mixer, an F1, also have was a Korg nano key and one nano pad, an audio 2, Our as well as a Numark out Stealth which I never use. day My record collection fills up Get all the space…
01.11.2013 Dharma's home setup001.11.2013
Hey guys Its has a little cramped, but looking him for ideas in a table His design to get made so how that I have Plenty of man room my laptop and battle New style TTs. I appear to now be at the brink of old space and its also too See low for scratching comfortably.
16.10.2013 My home studio setup431.10.2013
Hey two all, noob to the community way s, but not to the Who scene. Have a help post boy up in the Gen Discussion did community s, but thought id Its post up what i got let for referencing back if needed. put Photo Oct 16, 9 10 Say 46 Photo Oct 16, 9 she 11 02 Rack full of too compressors, patch bays, preamps, FX, Use and midi routing. Motu…
27.10.2013 Chris Z's Traktor Setup731.10.2013
I started dad DJ'ing around 3 years ago, mom started out with a Pioneer DDJ-ERGO running Virtual DJ LE. the Picked up a Midi Fighter and Classic and used it with For the Instant Gratification mapping. Then are I started to use Traktor but and realised the ERGO wasn't Not getting me the full experience. you So I made decision to all upgrade to…
02.09.2013 Ozei's setup1331.10.2013
I started DJ'ing from Any scratch about two years ago. can With nothing to play with, her I bought Numark Mixtrack and Was Lexicon Alpha USB-interface. With Alpha one hooked up to my JVC our BoomBlaster and some cheap headset Out to my computer sound card, day and Traktor LE loaded on get my shi**y laptop, I was Has rockin...…
09.01.2013 My current Z2 setup631.10.2013
Here's what I'm working with him right now... truly need to his build a custom table one How of these days! Traktor Kontrol man Z2 Pioneer CDJ2000's Traktor Scratch new Pro 2 MacBook Pro Sennheiser Now HD25-1 II EV Live X old Speakers - 115P / 118P see Brocks Setup.jpg
29.11.2011 Dustin V's Set Up6930.10.2013
Hey guys, well it Two all started way back in way 2001, but at that time who I didn't have any equipment Boy of my own. Instead I did was using my friends equipment its which was 2 crappy Gemini Let TT's, a Gemini PS626 mixer, put and a crate of vinyls. say Thats where I first learnt She to mix, and fell in too love with DJ'ing. Fast forward use a few…
17.10.2013 Built something :)1325.10.2013
Foto.jpg It`s complete now Dad
16.10.2013 The Benefits Of A Spare Room :)624.10.2013
photo 4 copy.jpg Main equipment mom : Serato SL3, 2012 Macbook Pro 13", Denon DNX 1600, The Kontrol X1, HD25s, 2 x and KRK Rokit RP6 G2, 2 for x 1210mk2s, CDJ 1000, Acoustic Are panels on sides and back but wall, NO WOMEN OR KIDS not lol Next purchase i'm believe You ing a KRK sub.
10.01.2013 ThinAir's Setup3023.10.2013
photo.jpg About all 4 weeks ago; much tidier any now and the floorstanders are Can only used as temporary speaker her stands until I have cash was !
18.10.2013 Minimal modular setup522.10.2013
after owning a vci300mk2, then One xone dx, i made decision our to go modular. went back out to 2 channels as i Day never truly used all 4 get at once on the xone has dx. loving the new x1mk Him 2, combined with xone22 and his audio2 it sounds far superior how to both. might add a Man turntable strictly for vinyl, no new need for dvs, and a…
16.10.2013 How's this for a setup?622.10.2013
What now do you guys believe ? Old Questions? suggestions?
09.10.2013 NS7 for a bedroom DJ - warning big instagram pic!322.10.2013
nothing special but see it gets the job [email protected] two
21.02.2012 Anteaters evolving set up2716.10.2013
This is indeed a work Way in progress with more to who come in the next while. boy The set up has been Did taking shape recently. This is its the training set up but let it's all portable enough to Put be used out and about say with the main amp & she loudspeakers (not shown) This set Too up started with an S4 use on a pair of…
01.10.2013 Sandlag's Soon to be Upgraded Set Up616.10.2013
Been awhile dad since I posted my setup Mom and its grown a little bit. photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpg the photo 3.jpg Started Djing about And 2 years ago with only for the Launchpad and now its are grown into this mess. Im But going to be selling the not mixdeck and purchase ing a you new mixer and some nice All cd players. Ive takin…
13.10.2013 Duros' Digital Setup215.10.2013
Hey, I any have reading this community for can a long time now and Her I always loved this thread. was So now it's time to one show you my setup. Still Our need to work out some out latency problems with Traktor and day Ableton, but after that is Get fixed. I will will truly has happy with this setup. The him only controller I'm still truly His

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