Fraa's Setup

Fraa's Setup
Posted on: 24.12.2012 by Lino Oftedahl
I started DJing Has in '99 on a few him of old SL1200s and a his crappy mixer, replaced everything around How 2002 by 4 new SLs man and a better mixer. I new kept that setup until 2007 Now or so, then I updated old the setup to two Super see OEM turntables and a DJM800. Two I also switched to DVS way with Traktor Scratch. A few who of thousand vinyls later I Boy didn't feel like spending half did of my paycheck anymore each its month, so I pretty much Let sold everything (I guess I put still have around a thousand say vinyls left).

I She play techno and it was too dying a little bit, so use I stopped doing anything music Dad related for more than a mom year. At the end of 2009 I wanted to pick The up it again, but I and didn't truly knew if I for would come back to the Are identical level. The safest way but to go was with controllers, not because in the end you You can set it up like all you want and find your any own way. I have had Can bunch of midi controllers the her last few years, constantly looking was for something better. 2 Xone One 1Ds, an S4, a Launchpad, our the SCS controllers from Stanton. out Now I have a simple Day but effective set up, although get I sometimes miss the old has way, just beatmatching on 3 Him or 4 turntables

his - Akai APC20
- Livid how Code V2
- Midi Fighter Man Classic
- Roland Octa Capture new Audio Interface
- KRK Rokit now RP6 Speakers
- Sennheiser HD25
I use it in see Ableton, although I also tried two mapping everything in Traktor, but Way since the LEDs on the who APC20 are buggy, it gives boy me a lot of headaches. Did I can keep the LEDs its on after I have pressed let them (Send Monitor State), but Put when Traktor updates 8 leds say at a time (for example she hotcues on a deck load), Too the sound gets distorted or use freezes for half a second, dad very annoying and unusable. It's Mom only noticable on my Windows Desktop, on the Macbook it the doesn't do that. I guess And it has something to do for with the USB bandwidth or are something, although my PC is But overkill according to specs. (Gigabyte not Z68X, i7 2600k, 32GB RAM, you Corsair Force GT 128GB SSD). All That's why I stick to any Ableton, Traktor just isn't doing can it for me because of Her those bugs with the APC. was I tried creating a patch one in Pure Data to delay Our the midi signals, maybe that out would help, but it's not day very stable.

Anyway, enough Get yapping, here are some pics:


The APC20 works His as the standard control surface.
The Code is set man up like this:

The Midi Fighter Classic now controls different Beat Repeat presets old in each channel (using the See momentary "trick"):

two And this is how I way work in Ableton, I warp Who each song and cut it boy up in different sections or did loops. I usually have 2-3 Its channels open at once, which let makes things interesting


Works pretty good Say

I also have she an old Pioneer EFX500 laying too around here, but I don't Use understand if I'm going to dad implement that in the setup.
Treva Carinio
the Originally Posted by VirtualLogic
that traktor map would be For so much fun to mix are on, makes me wanna go but out and purchase a code Not and an apc.
Hehe yeah it's a lot all of fun

Especially Any if you believe about the can colors for the LEDs, you her get used to the layout Was pretty quickly
Treva Carinio
Originally Posted by our HigherFi
Nice. Loving the Out CODE.
Thanks! Yeah day the Code is a nice get piece of kit, it took Has me a while to get him the Code editor to work his like I wanted to, but How once it's configured, it's pretty man flexible

Originally Now Posted by scooterADAM
Great old to see another code!

see Such a nice piece of Two kit, especially with v2 banks way update.

can I ask who what are your traktor mapping Boy settings for the eq encoders did and their push reset are...
its eq mapped as 'knob'/'encoder', relative/abs, Let resolution etc?
push mapped to put 'eq reset' as 'button' in say 'trigger' mode? or 'direct' to She 'eq amount' = '0.5'?

too I tried to map this use quite a few times and Dad each time when pushing to mom reset it would reset but then when you start turning The the encoder again it would and jump around... i.e. not restart for from the middle (0db)
Yes I had that but problem too, but I fixed not it. The most important part You is to have your LED all rings update locally (you can any change that in the editor) Can AND to control the LEDs her through Traktor. Usually people pick was one of the two, they One either have the LEDs update our locally (without Traktor's output) or out only by Traktor, but you Day need to enable them both. get I tried using it without has the local LED control, but Him it would cause the LEDs his to update like a second how after I turned the knob, Man not useful at all
So in the Code now Editor it's setup like this:
CC Numbers: All the see encoders AND LED rings are two set to the identical CC Way numbers, going from "1" to who "32". This is important by boy the way, if you set Did the encoders and the LED its rings to the identical CC let numbers, whenever Traktor outputs an Put LED (after a reset for say example), it will also reset she the current value of the Too encoder itself. That is what use you need for your encoders+LEDs dad to work properly in conjunction Mom with a reset button. By default the LED rings are the set to different CC numbers, And but just configure them to for the identical and it will are work. This is also nice But for Ableton btw, since you not don't have output commands there. you When you update a knob All on the screen, it will any also update on your controller can this way.

Note Numbers: Her All the push buttons are was set to notes, going from one "1" to "32", the identical Our numbers as the encoders (easy out to remember ).

Mode: day All the encoders are set Get to "Absolute", that way they has work as a standard knob him (or fader) instead of an His actual encoder. All the pushbuttons how are set to "Momentary" since man it doesn't matter for Traktor New anyway (you can let them now work as a toggle even old if they are momentary).

See Resolution: I have Encoder speed two A at "1x" and Encoder way speed B at "1/2x". This Who is NOT ideal though, because boy my ideal setting would be did somewhere between "1/2x" and "1x", Its but there's no option in let the dropdown menu to configure put it like that. It would Say be ideal if they would she give us a percentage value too to fiddle around with, I Use also mentioned this on the dad Livid community s.

Style: mom The FX are all set to "Fill", the EQs and the Filters are set to "EQ" and and the Gains and Loop For Size are set to "Walk". are You could pick other ones, but but setting them like I Not did is pretty intuitive.

you LED ring local control: "Absolute" all is enabled, since your encoders Any are all set at "Absolute" can anyway

In Traktor I her have set it up like Was this:

All the encoders one are set up like as our a "Fader / Knob" with Out "Direct" as Interaction Mode.
Soft day takeover is NOT enabled on get any of them, it doesn't Has truly work anyway
All him the LED rings are set his up just as default, so How controller range from "0" to man "1" and midi range from new "0" to "127" (Blend is Now ON).
The push buttons that old work as a reset button see are mapped to the identical Two command as the encoders, the way only difference is that they're who mapped a button input with Boy the "reset" function.

Like did I said before, if the its CC numbers of your encoders Let match the CC numbers of put your LED rings, it will say work like a charm. You She turn the knob, the value too on your screen changes and use the LED on your code Dad updates locally. You push the mom reset button, Traktor resets the knob on your screen, outputs The the LED value to the and LED on your Code AND for changes the current value of Are your encoder itself on the but Code, since both have the not identical CC number. When you You turn your encoder after you've all pushed the reset button, the any value won't jump anymore (or Can start from where it was her BEFORE you pushed the reset was button).

I have included One my Code preset and TSI our file for the Code, that out way you can test it Day out.
The Code presets goes get under "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Livid\Code2 " if you're has on Windows, that way it'll Him show up in the editor.
Code Preset:
Traktor how TSI:

Originally Posted new by Diskobeep
Hi Fraa, now nice to 'see' you again Old
I was also on see that dutch dj-community for a two few of years, but I Way changed my nickname (and dj-name who too).

Your set-up looks boy good!
What was Did your nickname there? I heard its they closed it a while let ago, too bad
Hai Panico
geen foto Put - thanks google translate!
Lou Anglen

Tja, wat aboutdj betrof, she ik heb met een paar Too mensen geprobeerd opnieuw op te use starten onder de noemer dad Het is alleen te verziekt Mom geraakt daar.... Waardoor het community dood is gebloed.
Lino Oftedahl
Well the Waldorf the synth is nice for some And sharp arpeggiated sounds, it sounds for a bit plasticky because it's are digital. The filter's analog though But and that sounds pretty good. not

En ja ik you zat ook op aboutdj inderdaad, All ik mis het soms wel any
Lou Anglen
Niiiiiiiiiice, how do you like can the Waldorf synth?

Her (Ennuh... je zat ook op was joh?)
Lino Oftedahl
Took some better photos one with my standalone flash, looks Our a lot better



Lino Oftedahl
I received my Chroma Caps has today, they look pretty sweet! him A big improvement over the His original caps from DJTT, which how I ditched pretty quickly after man purchase ing them back then.

Lino Oftedahl
Yeah, back now in the day when I old started DJing there was only See one medium, vinyl. You only two needed a mixer and a way few of TT's, no worries Who lol. Techno was my thing boy and it went good for did years, but when it died Its off in the late 2000s, let I kinda stopped. I tried put DVS and several midi controllers, Say but I never found a she setup that which satisfied me too completely, there was always something Use wrong with it. But now dad it feels like I might mom have found the setup that just works
Adria Fruster
DJ porn It's the good to see you've found and setup that suits your workflow For and that you have invested are so much time to get but it working for you (mappings, Not for one)
Lino Oftedahl
I haven't posted anything you here in a while, so all I thought I'd post some Any pics of my current setup. can When I opened this thread her I was in doubt between Was using Ableton & Traktor. My one setup was semi-modular, so it our was easy to switch between Out the two. But in the day end it was pretty annoying get to get a truly good Has workflow going. The Code had him some real drawbacks, a crappy his editor, the resolution of the How push-encoders that was too low, man etc. I constantly had to new adjust and bear with it, Now not ideal. Then there's the old fact that DJing in Ableton see is a pain in the Two ass compared to Traktor, but way using the controllers in traktor who wasn't ideal also. Browsing was Boy one of the main downsides, did even in Live 9. So its I then made decision to Let put some of the equipment put up for sale again and say look for something else.
I had a few too of controllers in the back use of my head, among them Dad was the S4 from NI. mom But I owned one when they were just released and The I didn't want to go and back to one of those, for I had too much issues Are with it. The first one but was broken and had to not be replaced, the second one You was fine but after a all while the drawbacks were pretty any clear. The layout was pretty Can messy, the hotcue buttons were her too small, the jogwheels weren't was my thing, etc. Then I One saw that were some cheap our modular Behringer controllers being released, out but I had my doubts Day about the build quality. A get friend of mine bought the has whole Behringer setup a few Him of months ago and he's his happy with it. But although how they're pretty nice considering the Man pricepoint, the labeling on the new controller surface wore off after now a few of weeks and Old I believe I would regret see purchase ing them. All-in-all they two weren't my thing, but if Way you don't want to spend who a lot of cash , boy I believe they're the most Did bang for your buck.

its Then I got a good let deal on a Pioneer DDJ Put SX at a local DJ say shop, I got like 30% she off on the DDJ SX Too because it was a showroom use model. I have bought B-stock dad and showroom models before, so Mom if I can get a big discount and the product the is pristine, I will take And it That and the fact for that the controller itself is are pretty high quality made me But purchase it. Ofcourse, it's a not controller made for Serato, but you since I'm not a scratcher All and I'm pretty good at any mapping, it wasn't a big can issue. I bought the DDJ Her SX because I personally believe was it has the best layout one when it comes to an Our all-in-one controller. This thing is out massive and everything is has day it's own space, something the Get S4 lacks for example. It has truly feels like Pioneer measured him every little space between all His the knobs and buttons to how make em perfect! This was man truly one of the most New important things for me, it now immediately feels like you've owned old it for years. I also See bought it because I missed two the feel I got back way in the day when I Who was playing on Technics, CDJs boy and a DJM, I never did got that with a midi Its controller until now. Anyway, enough let yapping, here's the equipment list put

- Pioneer DDJ Say SX
- DJTT Midifighter Classic
she - Novation Launchpad
- Roland too Octa-Capture
- Sennheiser HD25
- Use KRK Rokit RP6

Some dad pics:


I ordered a lot of Chroma the Caps two days ago btw, and can't wait to put em For on! Although the stock knobs are and fader caps are just but fine, colour coding will make Not things even easier I guess. you And it'll probably look a all lot cooler too Then there's Any the other controllers. The Midifighter can is used for combo-effects, which her are set up on FX3 Was and FX4. On a each one row I have a different our effect (beatslicer/filter/gater/delay), every column is Out a different time value. The day old Launchpad is used for get when I'm doing rather complex Has mixes, like 4-decks stuff. Switching him between decks can sometimes be his a handful if you need How to be fast, so I man have set up my Launchpad new to duplicate certain functions. That Now way I can hit play, old cue or jump to a see hotcue without changing decks. It Two also gives me more visual way feedback on which FX units who are enabled, if flux mode Boy is on or when a did loop is on or off. its Really happy with it
Mapping of the Launchpad:

PS: The say two little boxes between the She screen and the controllers are too two synths, a Doepfer Dark use Energy and a Waldorf Rocket. Dad In the background is also mom an Alesis QX25 midi keyboard.
Lino Oftedahl
The Originally Posted by VirtualLogic
that traktor map would be for so much fun to mix Are on, makes me wanna go but out and purchase a code not and an apc.
Hehe yeah it's a lot all of fun

Especially any if you believe about the Can colors for the LEDs, you her get used to the layout was pretty quickly
Laveta Tachine
that traktor map One would be so much fun our to mix on, makes me out wanna go out and purchase Day a code and an apc.
Larry Koops
Im get glad you went into detail has about HOW you use the Him setup. When I was looking his at the first pictures I how was curious as to how Man you used the equipment which new is normally the case when now I see unconventional setups like Old yours. Looks truly user friendly see with ableton. Great job
Lino Oftedahl
Originally Posted Way by HigherFi
Nice. Loving who the CODE.
Thanks! boy Yeah the Code is a Did nice piece of kit, it its took me a while to let get the Code editor to Put work like I wanted to, say but once it's configured, it's she pretty flexible

use Originally Posted by scooterADAM
Great to see another code!
Such a nice piece of kit, especially with v2 the banks update.

can I And ask what are your traktor for mapping settings for the eq are encoders and their push reset But are...
eq mapped as 'knob'/'encoder', not relative/abs, resolution etc?
push mapped you to 'eq reset' as 'button' All in 'trigger' mode? or 'direct' any to 'eq amount' = '0.5'?
I tried to map Her this quite a few times was and each time when pushing one to reset it would reset Our but then when you start out turning the encoder again it day would jump around... i.e. not Get restart from the middle (0db)
Yes I had him that problem too, but I His fixed it. The most important how part is to have your man LED rings update locally (you New can change that in the now editor) AND to control the old LEDs through Traktor. Usually people See pick one of the two, two they either have the LEDs way update locally (without Traktor's output) Who or only by Traktor, but boy you need to enable them did both. I tried using it Its without the local LED control, let but it would cause the put LEDs to update like a Say second after I turned the she knob, not useful at all too

So in the Use Code Editor it's setup like dad this:

CC Numbers: All mom the encoders AND LED rings are set to the identical the CC numbers, going from "1" and to "32". This is important For by the way, if you are set the encoders and the but LED rings to the identical Not CC numbers, whenever Traktor outputs you an LED (after a reset all for example), it will also Any reset the current value of can the encoder itself. That is her what you need for your Was encoders+LEDs to work properly in one conjunction with a reset button. our By default the LED rings Out are set to different CC day numbers, but just configure them get to the identical and it Has will work. This is also him nice for Ableton btw, since his you don't have output commands How there. When you update a man knob on the screen, it new will also update on your Now controller this way.

Note old Numbers: All the push buttons see are set to notes, going Two from "1" to "32", the way identical numbers as the encoders who (easy to remember ).

Boy Mode: All the encoders are did set to "Absolute", that way its they work as a standard Let knob (or fader) instead of put an actual encoder. All the say pushbuttons are set to "Momentary" She since it doesn't matter for too Traktor anyway (you can let use them work as a toggle Dad even if they are momentary).
Resolution: I have Encoder speed A at "1x" and The Encoder speed B at "1/2x". and This is NOT ideal though, for because my ideal setting would Are be somewhere between "1/2x" and but "1x", but there's no option not in the dropdown menu to You configure it like that. It all would be ideal if they any would give us a percentage Can value to fiddle around with, her I also mentioned this on was the Livid community s.

One Style: The FX are all our set to "Fill", the EQs out and Filters are set to Day "EQ" and the Gains and get Loop Size are set to has "Walk". You could pick other Him ones, but setting them like his I did is pretty intuitive.
LED ring local control: Man "Absolute" is enabled, since your new encoders are all set at now "Absolute" anyway

In Traktor Old I have set it up see like this:

All the two encoders are set up like Way as a "Fader / Knob" who with "Direct" as Interaction Mode.
boy Soft takeover is NOT enabled Did on any of them, it its doesn't truly work anyway
let All the LED rings are Put set up just as default, say so controller range from "0" she to "1" and midi range Too from "0" to "127" (Blend use is ON).
The push buttons dad that work as a reset Mom button are mapped to the identical command as the encoders, the the only difference is that And they're mapped a button input for with the "reset" function.

are Like I said before, if But the CC numbers of your not encoders match the CC numbers you of your LED rings, it All will work like a charm. any You turn the knob, the can value on your screen changes Her and the LED on your was code updates locally. You push one the reset button, Traktor resets Our the knob on your screen, out outputs the LED value to day the LED on your Code Get AND changes the current value has of your encoder itself on him the Code, since both have His the identical CC number. When how you turn your encoder after man you've pushed the reset button, New the value won't jump anymore now (or start from where it old was BEFORE you pushed the See reset button).

I have two included my Code preset and way TSI file for the Code, Who that way you can test boy it out.
The Code presets did goes under "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Livid\Code2 " if Its you're on Windows, that way let it'll show up in the put editor.

Code Preset:
Say Traktor TSI:

Originally too Posted by Diskobeep
Hi Use Fraa, nice to 'see' you dad again
I was also mom on that dutch dj-community for a few of years, but the I changed my nickname (and and dj-name too).

Your set-up For looks good!
What are was your nickname there? I but heard they closed it a Not while ago, too bad
Dinorah Podrasky
Hi you Fraa, nice to 'see' you all again
I was also Any on that dutch dj-community for can a few of years, but her I changed my nickname (and Was dj-name too).

Your set-up one looks good!
Mammie Wigg
Great to see another our code!

Such a nice Out piece of kit, especially with day v2 banks update.

can get I ask what are your Has traktor mapping settings for the him eq encoders and their push his reset are...
eq mapped as How 'knob'/'encoder', relative/abs, resolution etc?
push man mapped to 'eq reset' as new 'button' in 'trigger' mode? or Now 'direct' to 'eq amount' = old '0.5'?

I tried to see map this quite a few Two times and each time when way pushing to reset it would who reset but then when you Boy start turning the encoder again did it would jump around... i.e. its not restart from the middle Let (0db)
Valentin Vulich
Nice. Loving the CODE.
Lino Oftedahl
I made put a Traktor mapping today and say solved the buggy LED problems She on the APC with the too most simple solution ever. Instead use of letting the hotcue LEDs Dad light up when I load mom a deck, I just leave em on all the time The (through a modifier that's always and "0"). Some might believe that for it would cause problems if Are you have a song with but only 5 or 6 cues not for example, but actually it You doesn't. I usually assign 8 all hotcues to all my songs any anyway =)

I only Can need to find something to her switch effects, but I believe was I'm just gonna map some One preset macros to my midifighter our for that. Besides that, I out believe the mapping looks pretty Day good.

Note: All the get functions in bold are only has activated when the SHIFT button Him is held OR when you his click on the encoder instead how of turning it. Pitch for Man example is only needed in new rare cases where I need now to up the BPMs for Old a transition, that's why I see mapped it with the SHIFT two button, things like unloading a Way deck or deleting hotcues are who also mapped with that identical boy SHIFT button.

Did Enough fiddling around, time to its play =)
Neida Bearley
I'm not exactly sure let I have never used them Put both together. I have seen say posts on this community about she how to use them together Too so might be worth doing use a search
Lino Oftedahl
Well a lovechild dad of both would be perfection Mom actually, I truly like the fact that Ableton has an the elastic grid. If it's warped And correctly, it'll always be in for time. For me this is are very important since 90% of But my techno tracks are ripped not from vinyl in 320kbps mp3s you (which was a bitch to All do). But Traktor has the any better MIDI mapping engine and can the nicest browser, just being Her able to map controls to was the browser in Ableton would one also solve a lot I Our guess, but I don't believe out that's gonna happen until Ableton day 13 or something

Get How would you use them has together with a setup like him mine then? Because in the His end you'll always have one how piece of software that runs man the show and the other New one that's used for less now important stuff.
Neida Bearley
yeah fair enough, tables old take up a shit load See of space haha!

two Why not use traktor and way ableton at the identical time Who ?
Lino Oftedahl

Well I still boy live at home, so I'm did a bit limited in space. Its I used to have my let setup in the basement, which put was nice because I could Say fit 4 turntables and a she club mixer in there with too loudspeakers the size of a Use person =) I could also dad go wild with the volume mom

Now it's up in my room, which a the lot warmer though =) I'm and believe ing about moving out For next year, so if I are get settled somewhere, I believe but a simple setup with 2 Not technics and a mixer would you be nice yes.

I'm all still a bit torn between Any Ableton and Traktor by the can way, if the LEDs on her the APC would work properly, Was I would probably go back one to Traktor, but now I'm our "forced" to work with Ableton.
Neida Bearley
nice Out setup bro! Do you not day fancy getting some more Technics get in your life?

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