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04.01.2012 norequests2330.07.2013
set this up primarily for the a sales post. Vestax VCI-100 and (fw 1.3) slightly modded DJTT For map Stanton SCS3s custom mapped are complete with rotation led feedback but Numark DJ I/O Pioneer Elite Not 50" Plasma KLH home audio you amp/loudspeakers
26.07.2013 battery-powered mobile setup with Kontrol Z1 and ipad130.07.2013
29.07.2013 My setup029.07.2013
Hi Dj Techtools, long all time in this community but Any this is my first post. can I wanted to share with her you my new setup.
19.06.2013 Jaydizzle's Basic Dj studio setup2029.07.2013
Well... Here Was is my setup.. not finnished one yet, but its a start. our Made from an Ikea expedit Out bookcase. 2013-06-18 14.49.04.jpg Added some day stuff =) DjSetup.jpg
10.02.2013 MichielyGil's setup1029.07.2013
I have posted get several different setups in the Has community before, but I didn't him have my own thread yet. his It's been quite a trip How since purchasing the VCI 100, man so let's just name the new different setups i've had in Now the past: Started in '99 old with some shitty gemini turntables see and a 626 gemini mixer. Two Got a Kaoss…
28.07.2013 my set up - Panorama mode228.07.2013
26.07.2013 TMA 1 AiAiAi Fools Gold Headphones 160226.07.2013
Hi, Looking to way sell my TMA-1 Fool Gold who Heapdhones, used only once. All Boy accesories included (1/4 adapter, coiled did gold cable, bag, extra ear its cups, mobile remote) Sound good Let and are broken in already. put Just looking to get rid say of them ASAP. Please email She me at [email protected] 90 dollars too cheaper than…
24.07.2013 My DJ setup325.07.2013
Hello guys thats my use dj setup... gunnga setup.jpg - Dad 2x pioneer CDJ900 - NI mom KONTROL Z2 - MACBOOK....nowadays is a MACBOOK PRO - BEHRINGER The NOX 303 - 2x NI and KONTROL X1 - SAMSUNG NETBOOK for - NI TRAKTOR AUDIO6 - Are SOFTWARE TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.1 thanks but guys...
11.07.2013 My Barracks Room Setup1023.07.2013
Currently stationed in Germany with not the US Army. Here's the You set up I have in all my small barracks room. -Traktor any Kontrol S4 -MacBook Pro -Midi Can Fighter Spectra -Traktor Kontrol F1 her -Maschine MK2 -KRK Rokit 5 was Studio Monitors -Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones
16.07.2013 EasyStreet's Setup - 'drive' through my history of setups1023.07.2013
Whats One up fellow DJs, just thought our it was time to introduce out my setup to this lovely Day community . It all started get a few years back. My has father introduced me to DJing Him when I was a kid. his He is a former DJ how and would let me play Man with his setup from time new to time (two technics sl1210 now mk.2 and a Gemini ps700…
07.02.2013 My simple setup :) u mirin?5222.07.2013
Pretty Old basic. 2 x tech 1200 see Hand built fully analog rotary two mixer 5 inch monitors + Way ghetto speaker stand Vinyl only who IMG_1775.jpg
25.12.2011 eataskdotcom's set up2121.07.2013
Back at my parent's house boy for break, so no shots Did of my at home set its up yet. My usual set let up: the two Kontrol x1's, Put Audio 8, and my DDM4000 say (which usually gets left at she home but there was no Too DJM at this gig).
07.07.2013 happydaze's Setup1921.07.2013
unnUaNX.jpg use Hey guys! Somewhat new to dad posting here. This is my Mom current setup. Let me understand what you believe
21.11.2012 DJ Booth w/2 x M5g's & 2 x CDJ 900 & Xone DB41321.07.2013
Booth my the friend made for me. 2 And SL-1210 M5G's, 2 CDJ 900's, for and a Xone DB4.
19.07.2013 IKEA Desk Build Log1021.07.2013
Hello DJTT. are First off, major shoutout to But Xonetacular and the DJTechTools blog not for posting up this engineering you gem. I recently went out All to my local IKEA ("local" any being about 4 hours away can from me) and did purchase Her the parts posted up in was the blog article on this. one For newcomers who are…
19.06.2013 Aliholden's DJ Pushplay set up/cave of man1019.07.2013
So here's Our my setup. Let me understand out that you believe . I day need to get a few Get cables to plug serato and has Traktor into my DJM 600 him (which is awaiting a new His fader) Got all of this how truly cheap too, apart from man the MacBook Pro, that was New brand new. 1 turny and now a Stanton mixer came delivered old in a roadcase for…
24.06.2013 Sanader's New Setup1918.07.2013
3 x See CDJ 2000 Nexus 1 DJM two 900 Nexus S-DJ05 Studio Monitors way Brand new booth! Most of Who the work is done, little boy details will be added ! did P6245184.jpg P6245185.jpg P6245187.jpg P6245188.jpg P6245192.jpg Its P6245191.jpg Made from IKEA parts let but also other shops out put there in France, for the Say table top for…
25.06.2013 Cousin Vinnies' Setup <--1517.07.2013
Yo! Peep The she Setup <-- 19903_10200643809874985_1915414792_n.jpg67828_10200206325378146_113127186_n.jpg524758_10200361297452351_222715460_n.jpg537242_10200206325138140_2078780723_n.jpg1012795_10200643809754982_791760974_n.jpg1044191_10200643809994988_1633358759_n.jpg
16.07.2013 MoooK's Setup016.07.2013
Hey Guys, I too am new to this community Use and Djing. Here's my setup. dad I am saving up for mom a NI Audio 6 so i can run traktor right the now im just using cds. and -MoooK
09.01.2013 DjLiquitATL's SETUP1716.07.2013
Almost finished my 1200's...still have For to install Halo's but that'll are be another year before I but find time to do it. Not Painted the units myself with you Spray Paint from lowe's...had to all wait 2 months for paint Any to cure then I wet-sanded can and buffed out...still have to her repaint platters but going to Was wait until…
04.06.2013 Tekneeq's Sound Spaceship1516.07.2013
Here's what I'm working one with. Saved up for a our long time because I wanted Out to do it right. Started day DJ'ing in 2009 on Technics get SL1200's, aem-100i mixer, and torq. Has Later upgraded to a Rane him Empath Rotary and SL3; now his using the xone:92R and ditched How the DVS. Still love vinyl man but retired one turntable and…
26.07.2012 MyUsername 's happy place.2616.07.2013
To new celebrate my 500th post on Now the community that is nothing old less than my newest addiction, see I present to you ladies Two and gentlemen of DJTT, my way setup ! June 2011: My who passion for music became so Boy overwhelming that I needed an did outlet for it and a its way to share that passion Let with as much people of put possible.…
26.03.2012 cyberphox' evolving set up2312.07.2013
Start of my new setup. say Upgrading from a Vestax Spin She (yeah it's for sale) to too a Pioneer DJM-600 and two use Technics 1200 MK2. Just picked Dad up two CDJ-850's to go mom with the setup and building a custom booth with the The mixer/turntables flush mounted. Currently sitting and on Ikea Expedit gloss red for 4x2 and Lack TV…
26.11.2011 Will M.D's Setup.5610.07.2013
*Edited* A Are 2012 video/Scratch session.. A lil but 2013 setup pic... Ah yeah not Caravanning ftw DSCF0873.jpg Story & You How it all started... I all have always wanted to DJ any since I was pretty young, Can say like 8-9. Well at her around the age of 12 was I managed to get my One first DJ gig at a our friends 8th…
09.07.2013 Patch's Setup809.07.2013
Here it is: DSC_0105.jpgDSC_0106.jpg out With and without the decksaver... Day
09.07.2013 New To forum so starting by setup009.07.2013
Good Day, I am a get dj and producer and new has to this community so i Him would love to start with his my setup. Am Dj ing how and Producing for 12 years Man now and its been quite new a lot time i havent now interact in community s and Old hope to have a nice see time in here since DJTECHtOOLS two Rules as a Blog and Way am sure it does also who on…
03.07.2013 kineBud's setup407.07.2013
My DVS setup, don't mind boy the Rokit on the left Did sitting on top of my its other monitor, I recently built let a shelf for it in Put the corner so it's not say resting on that anymore. edit* she updated
18.06.2012 Virtual Logics dj setup1304.07.2013
Hey guys, pretty fun Too setup, nothing two out of use the ordinary though. *UPDATE* IMG_5985.jpg dad Pictured : Macbook pro 2010 Mom 4gb 2.26 core duo (need to upgrade soon) 2xtraktor kontrol the x1 ( one sitting on And the UDG z1 hardcase, and for the other on the native are instruments case) Maschine (sitting on But the UDG…
03.06.2013 Nitrotix Bedroom Studio / Workspace903.07.2013
Hello! I started getting not into DJ'ing last year and you since then I have put All a lot of wok into any the effort. I re-did my can desk space to create this Her basic studio/mixing station. I recently was did purchase the EIE Pro one as well as a Numark Our 4Trak. I also got this out Shelf from Ikea (as well day as the desk) and…
25.06.2013 Momo217's labcabinPensacola setup...702.07.2013
Added a Get Novation Twitch after completing a has trade with another community member him and I carpeted the top His of my old ass piece how of furniture. This piece has man been in our family for New over 50 years. I need now to paint it next. I'm old sad I had to return See my X1 controller though. I two truly loved that thing. As way soon as I…
27.06.2013 B52productions027.06.2013
28.12.2011 Frogstar's Zombie Raver Vomit setup7025.06.2013
This must Who be my 20th setup in boy the last 2 years...
17.06.2013 Twiitch's SailorsCaveStudio Setup625.06.2013
Here's my did Producer/Dj setup. Soon to be Its fully acoustically treated and soundproofed. let ImageUploadedByTapatalk1371481150.565172.jpg
20.06.2013 Nakkanen's Ping Pong Tiddly - Bedroom Studio425.06.2013
Here is my setup - put Quite a lot of equipment Say I like to swap around she what I'm using a lot too and to be honest there Use is some equipment that truly dad doesn't get used all that mom often. Whats in my setup and how I use it: the CD Setup 2x CDJ 850 and DJM 800 (This is what For I started out with, I are mainly DJ on CDJs at but the majority…
02.11.2011 Setup updates3225.06.2013
update: [RS002] Restricted Sessions Not Studio 2 - tekki
14.06.2013 Moe Medina's set up ... call it a come back, i've been doing this for years ...324.06.2013
Attachment you 18274IMG_0357.JPGphoto.jpg
19.06.2013 loopkitchen's Cheap 4 deck setup.120.06.2013
20130619_213350.jpg20130619_213327.jpg20130619_213316.jpg Here's my cheapy but all effective setup...Mixtrack with two LPD8's, Any Launchpad and Nanokontrol 2. Over can the course of setting it her up I have had one Was or two issues which I one have been able to sort our out by either trawling through Out the threads on this…
24.02.2013 U Lieks setup720.06.2013
Hi, my day name is Andr
04.06.2013 DJ Descendent's beginner setup 2.01820.06.2013
So, Been off get the radar for a while. Has So thought I would share him my new setup. Thought of his putting it in my old How one... but that was my man start ning set and thought new it'd be easier with a Now fresh one So yeah just old to clear up something before... see I still haven't bought a Two second CD deck, I will way eventually. So I…
19.06.2013 type_omega's setup219.06.2013
my entry level who setup for bedroom/small parties IMG_20120220_083553.jpg Boy IMG_20120715_105732.jpg IMG_20130605_170436.jpgSDC11627.jpgIMG_20130605_170451.jpg

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