My Set Up

My Set Up
Posted on: 30.12.2013 by Rusty Callens
Hey guys now it's pretty late, but I old have been wanting to post See most of my set up, two so here goes some mediocre way photos of what I have.

Coleman Dorival
Moved some things around, I the believe it looks better here and (the hercules), and I get For to utilize it more so are I'm a happy camper

Coleman Dorival
Not Originally Posted by tothecloudd
wow nice set up man all what pio mixer is that Any on your tech 12's?
Thanks bro, it's actually her the Bherringer DJX700, a replica Was of the Pioneer DJM600, I one absolutely love it!

Originally Out Posted by keithace
how day do you like the DNX get 120?
Im a Has big fan of Denon, I him just did purchase this mixer his a few of months ago How and considering I only spent man $20 on craigslist it's not new too bad. The only issue Now I have with it is old that the knobs (EQ/TRIM) are see not as sensitive as my Two other mixers...say my mids are way at 0 and I want who to turn the knob to Boy level 5, no matter how did slow I turn the knob its the level increases (or decreases) Let too rapidly, it's very unpleasing put to the ear....the crowd doesn't say notice it and neither do She a lot of my friends, too but I notice it, I use believe my ears are too Dad finely tuned.

Here are mom some newer pictures, enjoy and thanks for looking.



Semi for completed wire tuck




You My least favorite part of all my set up, too cluttered--->
Coleman Dorival
Hey guys it's pretty Can late, but I have been her wanting to post most of was my set up, so here One goes some mediocre photos of our what I have.


Rusty Callens
Originally Posted get by tothecloudd
wow nice has set up man what pio Him mixer is that on your his tech 12's?
Thanks how bro, it's actually the Bherringer Man DJX700, a replica of the new Pioneer DJM600, I absolutely love now it!

Originally Posted by see keithace
how do you two like the DNX 120?
Im a big fan who of Denon, I just did boy purchase this mixer a few Did of months ago and considering its I only spent $20 on let craigslist it's not too bad. Put The only issue I have say with it is that the she knobs (EQ/TRIM) are not as Too sensitive as my other mixers...say use my mids are at 0 dad and I want to turn Mom the knob to level 5, no matter how slow I the turn the knob the level And increases (or decreases) too rapidly, for it's very unpleasing to the are ear....the crowd doesn't notice it But and neither do a lot not of my friends, but I you notice it, I believe my All ears are too finely tuned.
Here are some newer can pictures, enjoy and thanks for Her looking.



Semi completed wire Our tuck




My least has favorite part of my set him up, too cluttered--->

Roxann Weidinger
how His do you like the DNX how 120?
Hai Panico
wow nice set up man man what pio mixer is that New on your tech 12's?

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