My Studio/DJ Setup

My Studio/DJ Setup
Posted on: 08.12.2013 by Deshawn Warsaw
Hi guys, I am collecting How cash to get a good man setup. I was believe ing new of getting these items:

Now Monitors:

old Midi Keyboard:
M-audio Axiom 25 see ADV


Two Audio Interface:
Komplete Audio 6
way OR
Scarlett 2i4

who Numark mixtrack pro(already have)

Boy The biggest problem is with did the audio interface, I don't its understand which one to pick. Let The difference that I see put between them is that the say Audio 6 has all balanced She in and outs and a too SPDIF(which I believe that I use don't need). The Scarlett has Dad both balanced and unbalanced(I believe mom that I need the unbalanced because if I go to The my friends they don't have and monitors so I have to for plug a set of 2.1 Are loudspeakers for djing). But when but i was looking at some not pics I saw that they You don't have a place where all you can plug inputs. I any want the inputs because I Can would like to use the her interface for both producing and was djing. As I said I One have a Mixtrack pro and our the outputs are unbalanced. Is out there a way in which Day I can run the audio get from the mixer to the has monitors using an audio interface Him or do I need to his get a better mixer with how unbalaced?
Erwin Trewyn
Thanks for the info, I the believe I will be going and for the Komplete Audio 6 For since it has more inputs are that I might need. The but setup that I have in Not mind is something the this:KOMPLETE_AUDIO_6.jpg you The first diagram is the all one that I'm aiming for. Any The most important thing that can I want out of the her setup is to be able Was to play music from the one mixer while still being able our to play some notes from Out the midi(like playing a piano day verse) at the identical time. get I'm sorry that I confused Has the Komplete Audio 6 with him the Traktor Audio 6. I his was also gathering some info How about some pioneer CDJ and man DJM maybe later I collect new for a better setup than Now my Mixtrack Pro.
Erwin Trewyn
Hi guys, I old am collecting cash to get see a good setup. I was Two believe ing of getting these way items:

2*KRK RP5 who G2SE

Midi Keyboard:
M-audio Boy Axiom 25 ADV

did HDJ-500

Audio Interface:
Komplete its Audio 6
Scarlett 2i4
Numark mixtrack pro(already put have)

The biggest problem say is with the audio interface, She I don't understand which one too to pick. The difference that use I see between them is Dad that the Audio 6 has mom all balanced in and outs and a SPDIF(which I believe The that I don't need). The and Scarlett has both balanced and for unbalanced(I believe that I need Are the unbalanced because if I but go to my friends they not don't have monitors so I You have to plug a set all of 2.1 loudspeakers for djing). any But when i was looking Can at some pics I saw her that they don't have a was place where you can plug One inputs. I want the inputs our because I would like to out use the interface for both Day producing and djing. As I get said I have a Mixtrack has pro and the outputs are Him unbalanced. Is there a way his in which I can run how the audio from the mixer Man to the monitors using an new audio interface or do I now need to get a better Old mixer with unbalaced?
Deshawn Warsaw
Thanks for the see info, I believe I will two be going for the Komplete Way Audio 6 since it has who more inputs that I might boy need. The setup that I Did have in mind is something its the this:KOMPLETE_AUDIO_6.jpg The first diagram let is the one that I'm Put aiming for. The most important say thing that I want out she of the setup is to Too be able to play music use from the mixer while still dad being able to play some Mom notes from the midi(like playing a piano verse) at the the identical time. I'm sorry that And I confused the Komplete Audio for 6 with the Traktor Audio are 6. I was also gathering But some info about some pioneer not CDJ and DJM maybe later you I collect for a better All setup than my Mixtrack Pro.
Shira Narwold
if any you will be seeing yourself can using turntables or cdj when Her you outgrow your mixtrack in was the future, get the traktor one audio 6. but if you Our plan to get a certified out mixer, then an komplete audio day 6 or the scarlett 2i4 Get is enough.

you has can connect the 2.1 loudspeakers him to your audio interface with His an RCA to 3mm jack. how just have the right cables, man any interface will do.
Deidre Cresson
There isn't New a "Traktor Komplete audio 6". now Rather, there is a Traktor old Audio 6, which is Traktor See Certified and definitely best left two solely for DJ purposes in way my opinion, and the Komplete Who Audio 6, which has 2 boy XLR/quarter inch ins, 2 quarter did inch ins, 4 quarter inch Its outs, an spdif in out, let and a headphone jack that put is switchable between outputs 1/2 Say and 3/4. The Komplete Audio she 6 also has phantom power too which you will need if Use you plan to use condenser dad microphones.

I actually mom have the Komplete Audio 6 and I quite like it the for a producer/workstation interface. It and has a truly nice big For knob on the top for are the main 1/2 volume which but is good for studio work. Not I have also used it you to output 2 stereo channels all to a DJM400 and that Any has worked good too. Keep can in mind, the Komplete Audio her 6 has a headphone jack Was as well as normal quarter one inch outputs so you can our plug monitors in or use Out a quarter inch adapter and day plug into headphone jack/computer loudspeakers get for playing at your mates, Has but the Scarlett has that him too.

Hope that helps! his ^_^

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