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Posted on: 28.12.2013 by Sanford Diambra
So here put is my setup:

My say wife finally allowed me to She put all my stuff in too one space rather than the use kitchen table or the side Dad in the living room.
We mom agreed on the utility room, I have to share it The with the washing machine, but and that's fine by me. !!!!!
My friends a carpenter Are and fitted me a counter but top for free, also got not me the counter for free!


all Contents:

MacBook Pro 15"
any 20" LG montior (connected via Can mini post via mavericks)
Traktor her s4
X2 traktor f1
Maschine was mikro
Roland 500 pro
Oxygen One 25
Korg nano kontrol
Midi our interface
Thompson pro vocal microphone
out Ipad 2
Bluetooth trackpad for Day second user
5.1 surround
Numark get laptop stands
Ableton 9 live
has Maschine 1.8
Traktor pro

Him Pink floyd artwork..
White board
his Jabba the hut

how X2 barstools

Counter Man at waist height

Wish new list...
Monitors loudspeakers
Technics now 1210s
Soundproofing foam or egg Old boxes

An older pic see
Jenelle Cute
So here is my setup:
My wife finally allowed and me to put all my For stuff in one space rather are than the kitchen table or but the side in the living Not room.
We agreed on the you utility room, I have to all share it with the washing Any machine, but that's fine by can me. !!!!!

My friends her a carpenter and fitted me Was a counter top for free, one also got me the counter our for free!


Out http://db.tt/XbxKgZuj


MacBook day Pro 15"
20" LG montior get (connected via mini post via Has mavericks)
Traktor s4
X2 traktor him f1
Maschine mikro
Roland 500 his pro
Oxygen 25
Korg nano How kontrol
Midi interface
Thompson pro man vocal microphone
Ipad 2
Bluetooth new trackpad for second user
5.1 Now surround
Numark laptop stands
Ableton old 9 live
Maschine 1.8
Traktor see pro

Pink floyd artwork..
Two White board
Jabba the hut
way Etc

X2 barstools
Counter at waist height
Wish list...
Monitors loudspeakers did
Technics 1210s
Soundproofing foam its or egg boxes

An Let older pic

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