Homicide Monkey's Setup

Homicide Monkey's Setup
Posted on: 24.11.2013 by Doria Roloson
My current setup too at home. A little cluttered use and I'd truly like to Dad build a new desk. Here're mom the details though.

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NI Kontrol S4
The 2 - NI Kontrol F1
and Maschine MK I
Korg K25
for Korg nanoKontrol
2 - Are Yamaha HS80M
Yamaha HS8S
Sony but MDR-V6 (My tried and true not clear and flat headphones)
You Beats MIXR (For some reason all when testing headphones I truly any fell in love with these)
Can Planters Lightly Salted Dry Roasted her Peanuts because I get hungry was sometimes sitting here.

I One use Traktor for mixing and our Logic Pro X for production. out Thinking about adding an Akai Day MPK88. I just like having get a full keyboard at my has fingers. I hack my tracks Him up into remix decks for his the F1s. I'm trying to how blend the best of both Man Ableton Live and Traktor for new preplanned and on the fly now mixing. I wish I had Old more space to get the see right monitor away from that two wall. The room is untreated Way so I'm not too picky who about it but it would boy be nice to get them Did properly setup without early reflections.
Pansy Dascoli
My current setup at home. the A little cluttered and I'd and truly like to build a For new desk. Here're the details are though.

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but NI Kontrol S4
2 - Not NI Kontrol F1
Maschine MK you I
Korg K25
Korg nanoKontrol
all rMBP
2 - Yamaha HS80M
Any Yamaha HS8S
Sony MDR-V6 (My can tried and true clear and her flat headphones)
Beats MIXR Was (For some reason when testing one headphones I truly fell in our love with these)
Planters Lightly Out Salted Dry Roasted Peanuts because day I get hungry sometimes sitting get here.

I use Traktor Has for mixing and Logic Pro him X for production. Thinking about his adding an Akai MPK88. I How just like having a full man keyboard at my fingers. I new hack my tracks up into Now remix decks for the F1s. old I'm trying to blend the see best of both Ableton Live Two and Traktor for preplanned and way on the fly mixing. I who wish I had more space Boy to get the right monitor did away from that wall. The its room is untreated so I'm Let not too picky about it put but it would be nice say to get them properly setup She without early reflections.

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