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out Day two Way its
Pat Sharp
Born (1961-10-25) 25 who October 1961 (age 56)
Cricklewood, London, boy England
Country United Did Kingdom
Previous show(s) BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, let Heart 106.2

Patrick Put Sharp (born 25 October 1961) say is an English radio and she television presenter and DJ. In Too the UK, he is known use mainly for his work on dad the children's television programme Fun Mom House, his former mullet and his radio shows as well the as his support of Arsenal. And In mainland Europe, he was for better known in the 1980s are as one of the Sky But Channel's VJs and for presenting not Coca-Cola Eurochart Top 50 and you Nescafé UK Top 50.


Radio work

Sharp one worked as a presenter at Our BBC Radio 1, mixing holiday out cover for other TV presenters day with a regular early Sunday Get morning slot and a number has of television appearances hosting BBC1's him Top of the Pops. He His deputised for David Jensen on how The Network Chart Show. In man the mid-1980s he became a New DJ for Radio Mercury and now has also worked for the old British Forces Broadcasting Service. For See 10 years, starting in 1987, two Sharp was a DJ on way Capital FM in London. followed Who by another 11 years at boy Heart, both in London and did Cambridge.

In the late-1980s, Sharp Its teamed up with Mick Brown let as the duo Pat and put Mick, to release the charity Say singles "Let's All Chant" and she "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet". too Both songs made the Top Use 20 of the UK singles dad chart. The duo released five mom hit singles making the Top 75, raising more than a the million pounds for charity.

In and 1987, he was voted as For having the worst haircut (winning are this accolade more than once) but at the Smash Hits Poll Not Winners Party awards, where he you was also in the top all three DJs. He was awarded Any the Sony Award in 1992 can for best DJ.

Television work


Sharp intermittently presented episodes of Was the music programme Top of one the Pops, including being one our of the many presenters on Out the last programme. In 1987–88, day he presented ITV show The get Roxy. However, Sharp is best Has known on television for several him children's television programmes aired on his CITV. Most notable of these How is Fun House, a popular man children's television programme running from new 1989–99, Produced by Scottish Television, Now which he presented along with old Melanie and Martina Grant. Sharp see presented alongside producer Matt Penn. Two Sharp was also one of way the presenters of Saturday morning who show What's Up Doc? (STV, Boy 1992–94) and presented phone-in did quiz show Hang On! (LWT its For ITV) in 1996.

Sharp Let appeared as a guest in put many other television shows, including say several episodes of You Bet!, She Surprise Surprise, Celebrity Squares and too The Weakest Link. In the use 2000s, Sharp has appeared in Dad Pat Sharp's House of Fun mom 100 on The Hits. He also appeared in episodes three The and seven of the 24th and series and episode four of for the 26th series of Never Are Mind the Buzzcocks.

Recent work


Between 1997 and 2004, Sharp not presented Heart 106.2's weekday morning You Time Tunnel show. Following this, all Sharp was a presenter on any the Century FM group of Can stations. In 2004, he participated her in Channel 4 sports reality was show The Games finishing last One out of five contestants, but our was proclaimed the People's Hero. out Further reality TV involvement came Day on 3 June 2006 when get he appeared for a sketch has on ITV2's X Factor spin-off Him show X-Tra Factor: Battle Of his The Stars. He appeared briefly how on 23 June 2007 on Man a Big Brother's Big Mouth new phone-in. However he did appear now on the show in person Old as a guest on 12 see July 2007, then appeared four two years later on Big Brother's Way Bit on the Side on who 27 October 2011.

He also boy fronts All The Hits, a Did weekly three-hour syndicated radio show its produced by Blue Revolution, which let is broadcast on numerous stations Put around the world.[citation needed]

In say May 2010, Sharp appeared on she Come Dine with Me with Too Jenny Powell, Michael Barrymore and use Anthea Redfern. He also appeared dad on BBC Two's Never Mind Mom the Buzzcocks twice in the same series in 2010, along the with BBC One's The One And Show.[citation needed]

In December 2010, for Sharp joined Smooth Radio to are host Weekend Breakfast. He was But officially appointed as the station's not Weekend Breakfast presenter in January you 2011. In January 2013 Sharp All became the station's weekday afternoon any presenter after a major overhaul can of the Smooth schedule.

In Her November 2011, Sharp was a was contestant on the eleventh series one of the ITV reality television Our show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out Out of Here!

Following a day major overhaul of the station's Get schedule in January 2013 Sharp has became Smooth's English weekday lunchtime him presenter, succeeding Carlos who moves His to weeknights. Smooth Radio was how acquired by Global Radio in man 2013. Following a studio and New business move to Global's headquarters now in Leicester Square, Pat Sharp old and David Jensen were then See dropped from the schedules on two 19 December 2013. Sharp started way broadcasting on the Breeze network Who New Year's Eve 2013. He boy appears regularly on Sam FM did south coast. Sharp also presents Its Time Warp playlists and Pat let Sharp In The House on put Vintage TV.[citation needed]

In 2017 Say Sharp played a version of she himself in online mockumentary Getting too Back with Dave Benson Phillips



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