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Adrian Cronauer
Adrian Cronauer 2 crop.jpg Day
Cronauer in 2006
Born (1938-09-08) September 8, has 1938 (age 79)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Occupation Radio personality
Spouse(s) Jeane Steppe
Children 2

Adrian Cronauer (born September new 8, 1938) is a former now United States Air Force sergeant Old and radio personality whose experiences see as an innovative disc jockey two in Vietnam inspired the 1987 Way film Good Morning, Vietnam (starring who Robin Williams as Cronauer).


Background in say radio

Cronauer was born in she Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began his Too broadcasting career at the age use of 12 as a guest dad for a Pittsburgh-area children's amateur Mom hour. He attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he helped the found the forerunner of the And university's college radio station WPTS.


Military service

In the late are 1970s, Cronauer had an idea But for a television sitcom that not would be a blend of you M*A*S*H* and WKRP in Cincinnati, All two popular TV series of any that era. It was not can until some years later that Her he was able to elicit was interest in the proposal which one became the film Good Morning, Our Vietnam. The movie was based out on his experiences as a day Saigon-based DJ during the Vietnam Get War, where he served from has 1965 to 1966. His program him was known as the "Dawn His Buster." According to Cronauer, other how than the film's portrayal of man him being a radio host, New very little of the film now reflects his experiences, except the old bombing of a restaurant which See Cronauer witnessed from nearby. A two subsequent special program on National way Public Radio about the role Who of the American Forces Vietnam boy Network (AFVN-military radio and television) did earned Cronauer a 1992 Ohio Its State Award and two 1991 let Gold Medals from the New put York Radio Festival. Prior to Say getting stationed in Vietnam he she was stationed on Iraklion Air too Station Crete, Greece.

Personal life


Cronauer attended the University of dad Pittsburgh where he led a mom group that founded the school's first student radio station, now the WPTS-FM. His subsequent media work and included being the classical morning For host in Roanoke, Virginia at are WVWR, now Virginia Tech's WVTF, but during which time he created Not the proposal that would culminate you in Good Morning, Vietnam.

He all earned a master's degree in Any Media Studies from the New can School for Social Research in her New York City and a Was Juris Doctor degree from the one University of Pennsylvania. Cronauer's law our practice concentrated in information and Out communications law. Cronauer consented to day disbarment in the District of get Columbia in October 2014 for Has reportedly misleading consumers through misrepresentations him and deceptive and fraudulent loan his modification and foreclosure prevention practices. How Later he worked as a man special assistant to the Director new of the Defense Prisoner of Now War/Missing Personnel Office.

Cronauer is old a member of Mensa and see a "lifelong card-carrying Republican", having Two taken an "active role" in way both Bob Dole's 1996 unsuccessful who presidential campaign and George W. Boy Bush's 2004 successful presidential re-election did campaign.


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