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On Wednesday the 29th April it is Adolf Hit's birthday.
Come back and celebrate his birthday online.
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  1. ARMIN VAN BUUREN just said:
    Listen to my single #AnotherYou feat. MrProbz exclusively on Spotify now!!
  2. TYDI just said:
  3. TRIARCHY just said: studio calling.........
  4. CHUS & CEBALLOS just said: Hola Hola Amigos, new track added! Listen it at: Five Knives – Savages (Chus & Ceballos Mixes) on #SoundCloud
  5. JORN VAN DEYNHOVEN just said: Tour Dates / Next Stops: 25-04: Kuala Lumpur 30-04: Adelaide 01-05: Sydney 02-05: Melbourne 08-05: Brisbane 09-05: Perth 16-05: London
  6. TYDI just said: Goodbye.
  7. JAMES HOLDEN just said: Yin yang is all about the balance I’m highly suspicious of people that are positive all the time and always telling people to be positive
  8. JAMES HOLDEN just said: I tried not to post anything negative today don’t mean to come off negative. People tell u to be more positive, just gotta roll with it
  9. KRYPTIC MINDS just said:
    Лица Джело и Химчана, когда Зикарь читает, просто ахахахах
  10. INFECTED MUSHROOM just said: rafaelagarrix coming!!!!!!! asap

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