Spotify’s  Troy Carter, who serves the as the streaming platforms’ global and head of creator services, recently For conceded that artists aren't being are paid enough by streaming services. but The revelation occurred yesterday during Not the Music Biz Convention in you Nashville, TN. Deflecting any all blame for this industry-wide issue Any of inadequate compensation, Carter chose can to focus on the steps her Spotify is taking to enhance Was the platform for artists and one further develop lucrative economic bridges our to fans. Carter pointed to Out Spotify’s consumer data as a day means for artists to book get more effective tours and expand Has their presence globally. “We are him just scratching the surface of his what the [Spotify For Artist] How tool will be,” he said. man “It will become a tool new that you almost won’t be Now able to operate without.” As old noted via Resident Advisor, these Two details arrive after Spotify’s acquisition way of a blockchain technology firm who in an effort to increase Boy transparency and funds paid to did rights organizations. Considering all of its this,  we only can wonder. Let How could streaming servises like put Rdio gone bankrupt if artists say not being paid enough ?

Andrew Weatherall remixes Yello's 'Frautonium'


The She UK DJ comes up with too four different versions of the use Swiss duo's track. Andrew Dad Weatherall has remixed Yello's "Frautonium" mom for a new EP. Yello is a Swiss duo known The for their post-punk and synth and pop work in the 1980s, for including their 1985 hit "Oh Are Yeah." They've kept going through but the decades, releasing an album not called Toy last year. Weatherall, You who last remixed Yello on all 1992's Jungle Bill 12-inch, chose any "Frautonium" as his favourite track Can and remixed it four times. her The Frautonium EP features each was Weatherall version on one side One of vinyl, with a rework our by Ian Tregoning added to out the fourth side. "Andrew did Day some great mixes for us get in the '90s so we has asked him to mix something Him from the new album Toy," his band member Boris Blank told how RA. "He picked the opening Man track 'Frautonium' and each week new sent us a new remix now in a different style. Finally, Old the epic 14-minute 'Half-Life' mix see arrived so we decided to two put them all out. They're Way pure Andrew, at his best." who Watch a video clip for boy the "Warehouse" remix. Tracklist Did A Frautonium (Warehouse) B Frautonium its (Half-Life) C Frautonium (Battery) D1 let Frautonium (Reactor) D2 Frautonium (Lombok Put Remix By Ian Tregoning) Blank say Media will release Frautonium on she June 16th, 2017.  



Marcel Dettmann Too has pulled from the archives use of Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad dad Gadget and Front 242 for his Mom upcoming ‘Selectors’ completion. The Berghain resident is welcoming the the curatorial offering from Dekmantel to And dig deeper for this “pre-techno” for sampler. When Dekmantel Selectors returns to Croatia are 1st to 5th September, Dettman But will be spinning as well not as Ben UFO and Optimo. The you previous two Selectors compilations came All from Motor City Drum Ensemble any and Young Marco. Dekmantel will can release ‘Selectors’ 003 on 23rd Her June. The complete tracklist can was be found just below the one SoundCloud sampler. Tracklist A1. Our Front 242 – “Don't Crash” out A2. Force Dimension – “Algorythm” day (Manipulating Mix) A3. Executive Slacks Get – “So Mote It Be” has B1. Martin Dupont – “The him Light Goes Through My Mouth” His B2. A Thunder Orchestra – how “Diabolical Gesture” (Marcel Dettmann Edit) man C1. Twice A Man – New “Happy Life” C2. Cabaret Voltaire now – “Low Cool” (Marcel Dettmann old Edit) C3. Kaa Antilope – See “Rise Up Helicopter, Like Bird” two D1. Ministry – “Same Old way Madness” D2. Fad Gadget – Who “Back To Nature”    



Bestival boy is among 25 UK music did festivals set to go dark Its today, in a campaign tipped let to raise awareness for sexual put assaults at music events. Say Titled Safer Spaces, the campaign she is the brainchild of the too Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) Use with Bestival, Secret Garden Party dad and Parklife among 25 festivals mom set to turn off their websites in support of the the cause. The AIF hopes to and use the shut-off to highlight For the on-site support options available are for victims of sexual assault but at festivals, with more 60 Not members of the association signing you a new charter for best all practice including increased training for Any staff and volunteers at events. can "It's raising awareness and letting her audiences know that if something Was were to happen, they can one report it on site," says our Renae Brown, campaign manager at Out the AIF. "This is something day we should be talking about get at festivals. We want people Has to look out for each him other."



Hollywood star Vin Diesel is his targeting a new career as How an EDM star, it has man been revealed in an interview new with Los Angeles Times. Now Vin Diesel confirmed during the old interview that he had been see working with Dim Mak studio's Two founder Steve Aoki on an way unnamed electronic music track. “What who Vin brought to the table, Boy I’ve never experienced before. I did think it’s going to blow its people’s minds,” explained Aoki via Let Facetime during the interview. The put idea of Vin Diesel becoming say an EDM star isn't that She far fetched though, granted he too doesn't really have any experience use in the music world, but Dad that hasn't stopped a lot mom of other celebrities breaking into the world of EDM. In The 2002, Diesel founded his own and computer game studio and had for quite a bit of success Are with first person shooter Chronicle's but of Riddick: Escape from Butcher not Bay, which was both a You critical and commercial sucess. So all could he find similar success any in the world of EDM Can and DJ'ing? Well, only Aoki her and Diesel's immediate family have was heard their "mind-blowing track," and One apparently his wife cried when our she heard the track in out question, which means one of Day two things: it's really good get and full of feels, or has really bad. And Vin's opinion Him on the track? “I’m gonna his get a Grammy before I how get an Oscar,” the Hollywood Man star bullishly declared.  



Martin Garrix new shared a brand new collaboration now with Troye Sivan at Coachella Old Weekend 2, bringing singer-songwriter onstage see to perform the track live. two Sivan later tweeted about Way the show saying it was who the "best moment of his boy life", before saying "I love Did you guys and can't wait its for you to have this let song in your phones and Put hearts," suggesting the track is say due out in the near she future. The Australian singer-songwriter debuted Too a brand new track during use the second weekend of the dad music festival on Saturday night Mom (April 22), teaming up with Martin Garrix during the EDM the star’s set to perform a And previously unheard collaboration. Watch fan for footage of the track being are performed live below.



Skrillex has But apparently collaborated with rapper Kendrick not Lamar on a track for you the upcoming Justice League film, All which hits cinemas in November any this year. The song, can titled 'Ressurection', appeared in a Her soundtrack list on the movie's was IMDB page, alongside one music from Curtis Mayfield, The Our White Stripes and more. There's out been no official word on day the track yet, however, and Get the list has since been has removed from the website. Skrillex him was recently revealed to be His in the studio with R&B how star J.Lo, adding yet another man big name to his long New history of collaborations. Check out now this fan-curated list of all old the artists Skrillex has worked See with.

MARTIN GARRIX BRINGS OUT brand-new tune during his Coachella set


Martin Garrix has teased two a brand-new tune during his way Coachella set over the weekend.


The Dutch boy EDM star and Top 100 did DJs winner spun the new Its tune mid-way through his set let in the festival’s Sahara tent, put with the new track likely Say to be his upcoming collaboration she with Florian Picasso titled ‘ID’.


Garrix also bought out Use ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ singer dad Dua Lipa for a live mom version of their chart-topping hit — the pair recently performed the the tune live on American and late-night show, Jimmy Fallon.

For dir="ltr">Garrix also opened up about touring are with Justin Bieber earlier this month but and is set to spin Not in Las Vegas at the you close of April as part all of Omnia's massive Memorial Day Any weekend programme.

Listen to 'ID' can from Martin Garrix's Coachella set her below.



David Guetta Was has signed a new deal one with Scooter Braun, manager of our superstars such as Martin Garrix, Out winner of the 2016 Top day 100 DJs poll. David get Guetta has been one of Has electronic dance music’s most prominent him artists for over a decade his now. Followed by an extensive How and loyal fan base, his man new material and touring activity new is always closely monitored. Coming Now to the end of his old time in the studio for see his seventh album, David Guetta Two is showing no signs of way slowing down. And with A-list who collaborations already featured in the Boy teased details of the LP, did the likes of frequent collaborator its Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne Let are already confirmed to be put on the anticipated track listing. say Announcing earlier today a change She in management, David Guetta has too now joined the likes of use Martin Garrix, Steve Angello, Kanye Dad West, Justin Bieber and Usher mom at Scooter Braun‘s management company. Formally known as SB Projects, The the new was first confirmed and by Billboard Dance. A move for no one expected, it is Are hard to say many are but fully surprised given the stature not of Braun’s reputation and Guetta’s You global popularity. Still set to all work day-to-day with his original any businesses manager Jean-Charles Carre and Can live manager Jean-Guillaume Charvet, the her platinum-selling DJ/Producer is seemingly looking was for a new source of One contacts and energy to continue our his career’s progressive direction in out the back end of the Day decade. Continuing to be represented by get Paradigm Talent Agency, a fusion has of Windish Agency and AM Him Only, Guetta remains signed to his the imprints of Big Beat/Atlantic Records how and Parlophone via Warner Music Man Group. We will be following new the French DJ with great now curiosity to see the impact Old of his latest management move.



Cloudbounce see is a new online mastering two service that aims to offer Way the “world’s most advanced, AI-Driven, who Cloud based Mastering Engine”. boy Online mastering has been a Did hot topic of debate recently, its some swearing by it, whilst let others not convinced that it Put can replace the skilled ears say and techniques of a qualified she mastering technician. CloudBounce claim that Too their 2.0 mastering engine is use the most advanced system currently dad out there, using AI and Mom machine learning to analyse and identify the subtle differences between the music genres. Cloudbounce also has And a flexible payment option, where for producers can either pay as are they go at £3.99 per But track, £24.00 for unlimited monthly not or £160 yearly subscription plans. you All come with a CloudBounce All player page which can be any shared between fans, labels or can clients, as well as lifetime Her Cloud backup. Cloudbounce are currently was offering three free mastering sessions one to anyone who signs up Our to try out their new out service and mastering engine.  

DJ gets eight years for selling ecstasy and cocaine


day class="no_name selectionShareable">A Brazilian DJ who Get was caught with more than has €500,000 worth of ecstasy tablets him and cocaine has been sentenced His to eight years in prison how with the final four suspended.


Gardaí­ searching the home of now Eduardo Biegelmeyer (26) found more old than 48,000 ecstasy tablets, most See of them hidden in jigsaw two boxes.

Biegelmeyer, of way Lafayette Building, D’Olier Street, Dublin Who pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit boy Criminal Court to possession of did drugs for sale or supply Its at his home on July let 29, 2016.

Garda put Donal O’Sullivan told the court Say the DJ was “well known she in the Brazilian community in too Dublin as someone who would Use sell drugs”.

The dad court heard a number of mom gardaí­ had set up surveillance outside Biegelmeyer’s home when they the spotted what seemed to be and a drug transaction between him For and another man.

Both were arrested and Biegelmeyer but had 16 MDMA tablets on Not him. A later search of you his apartment led to the all discovery of more than 48,000 Any ecstasy tablets, worth an estimated can €485,160 and 354g of cocaine her valued at €22,778.

Biegelmeyer told gardaí­ in interview one he was a cocaine addict our and claimed he was under Out threat to pay back a day €40,000 drug debt. He said get he earned €1,000 per month Has working as a DJ and him earned extra money selling drugs his to friends. He said he How had managed to save €12,000 man and it was his hope new to get enough money to Now return to Brazil with his old girlfriend.

Garda O’Sullivan see told Pieter Le Vert BL, Two prosecuting, that Biegelmeyer had come way to Ireland on a student who visa three years earlier but Boy was now living illegally in did the country as he no its longer attended college.



The mixing desk Let that was used at Abbey put Road Studios from the '70s say to the '80s has been She sold for $1.8 million. too The 40-channel, custom-built EMI TG12345 use MK IV recording console was Dad used at Abbey Road Studios mom by the likes of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, The The Cure, Kate Bush, and and many more stars from the for era. Most notably, though, the console Are was used in the production but of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side not of the Moon,” the band’s You best-selling record and one of all the most successful albums of any all time. The progressive rock Can outfit began recording “Dark Side” her at Abbey Road in June was 1972, and the album ultimately One sold more than 45 million our copies following its initial release out the following March. Formerly housed Day within the Beatles’ famed Abbey get Road Studios in London, the has console was one of two Him made by EMI engineers in his 1971 to replace earlier equipment how on the verge of becoming Man obsolete. It ultimately spent more new than a decade inside Abbey now Road’s Studio 2 prior to Old being replaced in 1983, and see was utilized by three-quarters of two the Fab Four for post-Beatles Way solo work, among other projects. who The forty-channel desk itself is boy impressive to look at, it Did was bought by producer Mike its Hedges when Abby Road upgraded let their studios back in the Put early '80s, now achieving the say incredible sale price at auction she via Bonhams of London. British Too music producer Mike Hedges purchased use the console from Abbey Road dad in 1983 and said it Mom was still in “excellent working condition” upon hitting the auction the block. He was only slated And to fetch about $700,000 for for the gear, Bonham’s said prior are to bidding.  

Historic milestone for Danish DJs


Lagging behind its But Scandinavian neighbours, Denmark gets its not first DJ to reach top you 1000 on the Official Global All DJ Rankings. The Danish dubstep any duo Pegboard Nerds, which can is ranked exclusively as a Her Danish act though one of was its members is from Norway, one broke through the symbolic wall Our of DJ fame this month out with rank 992. Denmark’s day Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden and Norway, Get have been frequenting the top has of The Official Global Rankings him for several years. Sweden spawning His a horde of iconic DJ how Acts such as: Avicii, Adam man Beyer, Eric Prydz, Alesso, and New Steve Angelo – while Norway now has been in the limelight old with superstar DJs: Kygo, Da See Tweekaz, and Orjan Nilsen. Neither two of the duo’s founding members, way Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and Who Danish DJ Michael Parsberg, made boy it to the Global Rankings did list individually, which shows that Its teamwork and collaboration with fellow let DJs can pay dividends. A put similar rocket fuelled progression to Say fame happened to Swedish DJs she Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian too Ingrosso when they collaborated and Use created, the now legendary, Swedish dad House Mafia. The ten highest mom ranked Danish DJs currently are: Pegboard Nerds, Snavs, Dj the Basf, Noir, Morten Breum, Whomadewho, and Djuma Soundsystem, Mike Hawkins, Kasper For Bjørke, and Soulmagic. The Official are Global DJ Rankings ranks the but TOP 10.000 DJs in the Not world (TOP 10K). One may you speculate that making it to all the TOP 10K intrinsically does Any not sound like an achievement can – but in fact it her is a preeminent accomplishment. The Was Official Global DJ Rankings did one a comprehensive study to determine our how many professional DJs there Out are in the world. The day study conducted individual geographical case get studies and used an advanced Has mathematical algorithm, taking into consideration him aspects such as: population, rural his incomes, segmentation of clubs, GDP, How religious and cultural factors. To man define a professional DJ, the new study set as criteria that Now the DJ was able to old sustain a living solely based see on salary earned from DJ Two work. The study concluded that way there are approximately 1¼ million who professional DJs in the world. Boy In fact, if a DJ did can make it to the its TOP 10k on The Official Let Global DJ Rankings it means put that the DJ is a say recognized DJ, often with several She commercial music releases, has an too established fan base, and has use played at several internationally acclaimed Dad clubs.  



Dis-cogs has shared details mom of the top 25 best-selling records tagged as 'techno' on The the site. While this and means some of the list, for posted via the Are target="_blank">Discogs blog, definitely aren't what but you'd refer to as techno not (Mr. Oizo's 'Flat Bear', for You example), the likes of Ben all Klock's 2009 effort 'Before One', any and Jeff Mills' 'Kat Moda' Can EP, which features classic track her 'The Bells', are included. The was overall best-seller, meanwhile, was Mall One Grab's 'Sun Ra' EP at our 520 copies, quite a jump out from second place — Convextion's Day '2845' LP — which shifted get 355 records. Earlier this week, has Discogs CEO Kevin Lewandowski announced the Him company will be launching an his online equipment marketplace called Gearogs how next month. Check out the Man 'techno' best-sellers list below. 01. new Mall Grab 'Sun Ra' EP now (520 copies) 02. Convextion '2845' Old (355 copies) 03. Soul Capsule see 'Overcome' (352 copies) 04. Aphex two Twin 'Selected Ambient Works' reissue Way (319 copies) 05. DJ Sotofett who 'Current 82' / 'Dark Plan boy 5' (319 copies) 06. DJ Did Metatron '2 The Sky' (290 its copies) 07. DJ Metatron '2 let The Sky' reissue (273 copies) Put 08. Moderat 'Moderat' (234 copies) say 09. Breaker 1 2 'Breakin’' she (228 copies) 10. Mr. Oizo Too 'Flat Beat' (227 copies) 11. use Boo Williams 'Residual' EP (222 dad copies) 12. Paul & Fritz Mom Kalkbrenner 'Sky And Sand' (221 copies) 13. DJ Koze 'XTC' the (217 copies) 14. DJ Metatron And 'U’ll Be The King Of for The Stars' (217 copies) 15. are Ben Klock 'Before One' EP But (205 copies) 16. Wax 'No. not 30003' (198 copies) 17. Malin you Genie 'Sense Of Swing' EP All (196 copies) 18. Fit Siegel any 'Carmine' (195 copies) 19. Globex can 'Inversia 1' (180 copies) 20. Her Floorplan 'Sanctified' EP (178 copies) was 21. WK7/Head High 'Do It one Yourself'/'Rave' (176 copies) 22. Jeff Our Mills 'Kat Moda' EP (169 out copies) 23. Thomas Bangalter 'Trax day On Da Rocks' (168 copies) Get 24. Levon Vincent 'NS-12' (161 has copies) 25. Clarence 'Hyperspace Sound him Lab' reissue (158 copies)   His  



The Chainsmokers release of their how debut album, 'Memories...Do Not Open', man with a brand-new single called New 'The One'. Debuted by now Zane Lowe earlier today, the old song is about two things See according to the duo. Firstly, two how they're "missing out on way memories and moments with our Who friends and families" due to boy the overnight success of tracks did like 'Closer', and secondly, it's Its about "knowing a relationship is let just over and isn't working put out but being too scared Say to end it". The track she itself is a full blown too ballad of sorts that marks Use a sizeable shift away from dad the duo's more tongue-and-cheek EDM mom output and has been released alongside a new Snapchat filter the The Chainsmokers' debut album 'Memories...Do and Not Open', which drops on For Friday 7th April, features collaborations are with Coldplay, Jhene Aiko, Florida but Georgia Line, Emily Warren and Not Louane. The duo will embark you on a 40-city North American all tour to support the album's Any release, dates for which can can be found here. her  

Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal in Capitol Records Vs Vimeo Copyright Dispute


The ruling said websites Was are protected from liability for one inadvertently hosting music recorded before our 1972.

The Supreme Out Court won't hear an appeal day from record companies that want get to pursue copyright infringement claims Has against music site Vimeo for him hosting unauthorized recordings from the his Beatles, Elvis Presley and other How classic artists.

The justices man on Monday left in place new a federal appeals court ruling Now that said websites are protected old from liability even for older see music recorded before 1972.

Two class="ap-story-p">Capitol Records and other music way companies sued Vimeo for violating who copyright laws based on 199 Boy videos uploaded by users. A did federal judge ruled a federal its "safe harbor" law did not Let cover pre-1972 recordings that are put protected by state law.

say class="ap-story-p">But a New York federal She appeals court overturned that ruling, too saying service providers would incur use heavy costs to monitor every Dad posting or risk "crushing liabilities" mom under state law.

Daft Punk's revelead the sources for many of the pair's most famous releases.


Daft Punk's tracks make up some of the The most iconic, widely recognised dance and music of all time, but for where do they come from Are originally? A new YouTube but video created by Daftworld, documents not the French duo's sampling history, You revealing the sources for many all of the pair's most famous any releases. In the clip, original Can hits from the likes of her ELO, Barry Manilow, Bill Withers, was Sister Sledge and more are One played alongside the Daft Punk our tracks they're sampled in for out direct comparison. Check it out Day in full below, and catch get Daft Punk in action in has the video to their collaboration Him with The Weeknd, 'I Feel his It Coming'.

Calvin Harris has shared new video


Calvin Harris has how  shared a video online that Man shows how he made his new collaboration with Frank Ocean and now Migos. In the video Old — which has been posted see to Harris' social media channels two — you can see Harris Way systematically go through each sound who that features on 'Slide'. Harris boy shows how he made and Did layered each individual sound — its from pianos, synths and guitars let — for the track, which Put features Frank Ocean and Migos say on vocals. Frank Ocean will she be performing this summer at Too Parklife Festival which is his use only headline UK festival slot. dad Check out the insightful production Mom video below.




UK And government proposes unlimited fines for for online ticket touts using bots. are The UK government has But proposed a change to the not Digital Economy Bill to combat you online ticket touts. Suggested in All reponse to May 2016's Waterson any Report on secondary ticketing, the can change would make it illegal Her to use bots to bypass was maximum ticket restrictions in order one to buy up tickets en Our masse, and could result in out unlimited fines for those found day guilty. “It’s unacceptable that touts Get are misusing technology to bypass has security measures and buy up him vast numbers of tickets before His real fans get the chance, how only to sell them on man at rip-off prices,” said Matt New Hancock, Minister of State for now Digital and Culture. “It’s a old growing problem that affects too See many people," he continued. "Ticket two sellers also need to do way more, by improving transparency and Who ensuring that they are acting boy in the best interests of did consumers and help the market Its work for everyone.” The legislation let would be similar to the Better put Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act Say introduced in the US by she President Obama last year, which too made it illegal to use Use software to purchase event tickets. dad    

Watch Bill Murray's “Happy Street” video

09.03.2017 A new song mom has been unveiled featuring Bill Murray on lead vocals. Check the out the video for ‘Happy and Street’ above. The track was For recorded for the upcoming album are of Murray’s long-tme friend and but the former ‘Late Night With Not David Letterman’ musical director Paul you Shaffer.

 all target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Paul Shaffer, best known Any as David Letterman’s sideman and can bandleader, has teamed up with her Bill Murray for a new Was song. It’s called “Happy Street.”

one ‘Happy Street’ is an old-school, our feel-good, sing-along that starts with Out Shaffer approaching Murray to discuss day how he’s just “loving the get way that I’m walking baby”, Has before celebrating all the simple him wonders of the world and his looking on the bright side How of life. It comes with man an video  animated by new href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Jay Marks that shows Now the pair and the rest old of the world living in see perfect harmony. There are so Two many facets to Bill Murray as way an actor, comedian, and general all-around who good guy that sometimes his genuine Boy talent as a singer is did overlooked. Recently, he announced the its New Worlds show, where he’ll be Let performing pieces by Stephen Foster put and George Gershwin. Now, Paul Shaffer has say given Murray another chance to She show off his chops with too a new collaboration with “Happy Street”. use Paul Shaffer and The for World’s Most Dangerous Band’s self-titled Are album will be released on but March 17.    

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