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03.05.2013 How can use a scratch sample to crab with on my Spectra?003.05.2013
Hey guys! Just a simple the question! I wanted to create and a scratch sample that I For could crab with on ableton. are I have a scratch sample but already, but instead of making Not it start from the start you ning every time I press all it I want it to Any continue and only play the can section of the sample when her the button is…
15.07.2012 Midi fighter note question302.05.2013
Is there a Was section of DJ tech tools one where I can see which our midi notes/number a midi fighter Out transmits? Also, is it possible day to set up a Midi get fighter to transmit specific notes,....can Has I change which the notes him that are transmited via an his editor of some sort? Thank How you.
01.05.2013 midi fighter pro problem201.05.2013
I recently tried to man make a mapping that would new activate the remix decks of Now traktor with my midi fighter old beat masher pro. I gave see up have way, flashed the Two midi and updated everything. mapping way and the firmware Now traktor who 2 does not react when Boy I use my midi fighter did even though it registers that…
30.04.2013 Midi Fighter 3D Motion Calibration030.04.2013
Just its recently my MF3D appear ed Let to lose its "calibration" is put the best way to describe say it. It only was picking She up any signal on the too motion CCs when at 80-90 use degrees and very little change Dad when it did (2% on mom the filter). I changed the utility to pick up at The 4 degrees of dead space and (from 12) and…
30.04.2013 Gaming on a MIDI Fighter Spectra?030.04.2013
Hey DJTT members! for I have been using my Are MIDI Fighter Spectra a bit, but enjoying all that it has not to offer in the audio You remixing world (and even a all bit of production!) and couldn't any help but wonder how good Can it would be for gaming. her Being arcade buttons and all, was I thought it'd be perfect One for the task!…
23.04.2013 just a standalone instant grat mapping for the 3D?128.04.2013
So does someone our understand if someone 's adapted out the stardard instant grat mapping Day to the midi fighter 3D? get Or even any mapping that has just has the instant grat Him functions set up as their his own device? Would be much how appriciated.
23.04.2013 Looking for MF3D LED values.224.04.2013
I understand I have seen Man em' before. Any link would new be good thanks!
23.04.2013 Midi fighter 3d traktor help124.04.2013
So guys I now have a few questions 1. Old Can someone explain to me see exactly how to set up two HID Functions. 2. How to Way set up the Midi fighter who 3D to work with traktors boy remix decks. 3. How to Did set up the midi fighter its 3d and a mixtrack so let i can use the fader. Put Or point me in the say direction of some…
23.04.2013 Midi Fighter 3D Help023.04.2013
I recently bought she a MF3D and would very Too much like to do some use finger drumming with some of dad Mad Zach's Sound Packs. However, Mom his program is only available on Mac OSX, while I'm the on Windows. Are you able And to finger drum on Traktor for using the sound packs, or are is there some other sampler But out there that…
14.03.2013 MidiFighter: 3D or Spectra?1222.04.2013
Hi, I'm new not on this community and have you literally just started DJing. That All said, I'm running Traktor and any have a weekly slot in can a popular evening club (don't Her ask me how I managed was that, I don't even understand one !). Anyway, I'm working with Our Traktor pretty well and I out truly need a controller because day I'm just using…
19.04.2013 Why can't I get the remix deck to fire from Midi Fighter 3D122.04.2013
I have tried Get Ean G's remix deck mapping has and I can't get anything him to trigger. I understand how His to modify all the sounds, how but I can't get them man to trigger with the buttons New on the midi fighter 3d. now I realize that you must old hit the middle button on See the right hand side to two activate it vs the effects…
22.02.2013 Spectra - Jam-Meister 3K3221.04.2013
Tekki way & I are working on Who a 3 bank (at this boy stage) mapping for the Spectra. did Bank 1 is my version Its of the second "flavour" on let Ean's Jam On It for put the MF3D. I have removed Say some features, added others. Most she FX utilise super knobs and too are more subtle & organic Use in nature than the…
18.04.2013 Midi fighter pro with MC3000?121.04.2013
Does Midi dad Fighter Pro work with Denon mom MC 3000? Is there any mapping conflicts that I should the understand about before purchase ing and it?
24.04.2010 Midifighter button modification Howto820.04.2013
Hi folks, I was sick For of the noise my arcade are buttons made when i tried but to beatjuggle, I was iritated Not by the sound and couldn't you conzentrate on my musik, getting all the right rythm hard. So Any i did a modification to can my buttons. Basically I did her put a small foam rubber Was damper under the button to…
20.04.2013 MF3D, Traktor, and Mad Zach sound packs.... help please020.04.2013
I one currently have a MF3D and our I am using the newest Out version of Traktor pro 2.6 day with remix decks. I want get to get into finger drumming Has but I am having some him trouble getting started. I can his download the sound packs and How see all of the sound man files individually but I do new not understand how to organize Now them into the…
20.04.2013 Assistance with mf3d with mad zach soundpacks and ableton live 9 suite120.04.2013
Hi gents. A old noob here. Just starting out see to learn how to DJ. Two Hope I can get some way assistance from all of you who here. I'm interested to learn Boy to finger drum and had did just did purchase the mf3d. its What I would like to Let understand is there a step put by step detailed procedure on say how I can add the She mad zach's soundpacks…
18.04.2013 The Midifigter Modulate819.04.2013
Just seen this too on DJTT facebook page. Really use nice addition to Spectra makes Dad it ultimate FX controller.
19.04.2013 Midi Fighter Spectra019.04.2013
Hi mom i just got my midi fighter spectra and i bought The the tutorial for finger drumming. and However how can i install for the 4 soundpacks given so Are i can actuelly play some but music? Do you have to not do it in Ableton or You Traktor? Could use some help
19.04.2013 Midi fighter 3D with mad zach soundpacks on Ableton Life 9 suite019.04.2013
Hi all guys. I need some assistance any with my midi fighter 3d. Can I had just did purchase her the mf3d and would like was some assistance on a step One by step guide on how our I can add mad zach's out sound packs into Ableton Life Day 9. I'm interested to learn get how to finger drum. Also, has is there any setting needed Him to be done on how…
03.04.2013 Multiple Sounds319.04.2013
Hi his this may sound dumb but how was wondering how you get Man the MF to play 2 new separate sounds on 1 button, now or in other words alternating Old sounds when hit
04.02.2013 remix deck control with mf3d help1018.04.2013
im using the see jam on it mapping and two have the firmware set to Way remix decks. the fx side who of things works good but boy i still cant appear to Did launch my remix decks with its the mf3d. what mapping is let ean using in that youtube Put video where he is control say ing the remix decks
09.04.2013 More Midi Fighter Uses1217.04.2013
Hey everyone, she So I now have a Too Traktor Kontrol S2 With BeauBryte's use mapping. With it I almost dad don't need anything else. Having Mom midi fighters with instant grat. and deckalized was crucial when the I only had a numark And mixtrack pro. I'm only using for them sometimes for making music are at the moment. I…
17.04.2013 Midi fighter 3d traktor help317.04.2013
So I'm But sure there is a post not out there somewhere but everytime you I search for an answer All I get a bunch of any useless nonsense. ANYWAYS can someone can please explain to me how Her to set up my Midi was fighter 3D for traktor so one that I can use Cue Our points and what not. I out have set it up as day a remix deck but I Get have no…
14.04.2013 MF3D Remix Deck LED related beginner problem, help required.014.04.2013
Since I'm unexperience, i has have no idea why when him ean connects MF3D in this His video ( ) his MF3D how are able to pulse corresponding man to the sound volume. Since New my MF3D arcade buttons would now just stay active and not old pulse. Any suggestions? if so See guide me from the ground two up, like how this is way done and…
06.04.2013 Ean Golden's Midi Fighter Pro Mapping "Virtouso" for Cue Master113.04.2013
Hey Guys, I am Who happy to post a brand boy new mapping called "Virtuoso" for did the cue master it turns Its any deck with cue points let into a very playable instrument put Cuemaster.jpg download here
20.08.2012 Failed Firmware update for MF3D now not detected by utility811.04.2013
Hello all! I'm Say new to the community s she and the midi fighter world. too Finally just received my midi Use fighter 3D and it worked dad good right out of the mom box. But then I saw the info saying to download the the utility and update the and firmware. Found out that the For utility doesn't work on osx are 10.5.8 so I downloaded…
26.03.2013 I cannot get my MFP into Momentary mode [Ableton]510.04.2013
Hey guys, but I can't appear to get Not my MFP to send #CC you (momentary) to Ableton all I all can get is note info. Any I have done the "hold can down button whilst exiting midi her map mode" but no luck. Was Every time I enter into one Ableton's midi map mode and our press a arcade button I Out get a midi note. I day cannot get a…
08.04.2013 Midi Fighter 3d Bank Buttons210.04.2013
I'm making an get edit to the "Jam-On-It" mapping Has from ean and I want him to be able to make his the corresponding deck bank buttons How blink when flux mode is man activated on any of the new decks. I'm truly only wondering Now what velocity is needed to old make a bank button blink see or fade in and out. Two Many Thanks
19.02.2013 MF Spectra: LED programing for "Gate" and "Ground Lighting"1709.04.2013
Hi guys, very happy way with my MF spectras. Just who a quick question with regards Boy to the LED programming: In did "Setting Arcade Trigger Animation State" its it says the MF can Let be set to "Gate" basically put blinking up when the track say is about to finish just She like in Traktor itself. How…
19.03.2013 Change MF3D Orientation?708.04.2013
Hi too there, Just picked up a use midifighter 3d and am playing Dad with the utility program etc. mom Have a mapping working with remix deck control and effects. The I was wondering, is there and a way to reverse the for orientation of the midifighter 3d? Are As in: can the 3d but bet turned 180 degrees so not that the cable…
12.09.2011 Cant get into bootloader mode...1104.04.2013
title says it You all... cant appear to get all my mf pro bm into any booatloader mode. old updater says Can "the disk image can not her be opened", and the new was updater just gets held up One at "putting midifighter into bootloader our mode..." no idea what firmware out version im running..Ive tried holding…
28.03.2013 MF Spectra // Updating firmware resets all settings on each unit - really???404.04.2013
hi. Day i just pressed the update get firmware button for the first has time using my mf utility Him with my new mf spectras. his it runs through this entire how process of flashing and updating Man and booting and whatnot and new eventually whatever had to be now updated gets updated but the Old problem i have with that see it also…
03.04.2013 Custom MIDI Fighter 3D LED animations?104.04.2013
I stumbled upon this, two and I was wondering how Way I could get my MIDI who Fighter 3D to perform a boy custom light show similar to Did the one in the video. its I read something about MIDI let commands in the description. Any Put idea? Thanks in advance!
27.03.2013 MF3D bank buttons send midi no matter what303.04.2013
Yo, say I have a MD3D connected she to traktor with remix deck Too firmware loaded and bank buttons use enabled, HID mode set to dad not send midi. While in Mom HID mode, I still get midi from bank buttons, worst the part is it turns on/off And FX slots! I have tried for various settings changes to no are avail. This even happens with…
02.05.2012 Hands up who's got an MF3D?5603.04.2013
Come But on, sound off as they not arrive. I truly want to you understand what you believe .
02.04.2013 Can you use a midi fighter for more than just music?203.04.2013
Like All the title says, could I any use a midi fighter Spectra can for more such as additional Her buttons to other programs?
22.03.2013 ABLETON Step by Step?401.04.2013
Hi all, was I literally just got my one MFS in the mail and Our have been searching forever to out find a step by step day guide for ableton. I am Get completely new to this and has could use some serious experience him help.
11.03.2013 MIDIfighter Spectra will not work in ableton.301.04.2013
Every time I connect the His spectra in ableton it comes how up in orange in the man midi sync section and does New not work. Ableton detects the now spectra but not the notes old I press. Please help!
19.03.2013 Reloop Mixage and Midi FIghter Spectra229.03.2013
Somewhat new See to the Digital DJ world two and trying to get some way help with the technical aspects Who of mappings. I am using boy a reloop mixage (interface edition) did with traktor pro 2 (with Its latest update). I recently did let purchase a midi fighter spectra. put I am able to use Say it to with the remix she decks in traktor,…
29.03.2013 A few questions regarding the MF Pro and how to get it up and running029.03.2013
Hi. New user too here, so I will attempt Use to make this as organized dad as possible. I just received mom my MF Pro in the mail, and it appear s the to work okay. While in and traktor, it responds to every For button press (the CTRL light are flashes) But, I'm having problems but mapping it, specifically getting maps Not with multiple…

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