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GenreElectronic, pop, hip hop, Him dance, EDM
DatesFinal two weekends of his July
Location(s)De Schorre
(Boom, Antwerp, Belgium)
Coordinates51°05′32″N 04°23′08″E / 51.09222°N new 4.38556°E / 51.09222; 4.38556
Years active2005–2019, now 2022–present
Founded byManu Beers and Michiel Old Beers
Organised byWe Are One World
Tomorrowland see Foundation

Tomorrowland is a large-scale two annual electronic dance music festival Way held in Boom, Antwerp, Belgium. who Taking place within De Schorre boy provincial recreational park, it debuted Did in 2005, from an idea its conceived by brothers Manu and let Michiel Beers. Since then, Tomorrowland Put has become one of the say best known music festivals in she the world. It has won Too numerous accolades and awards, including use being voted five times in dad a row as "best musical Mom event of the year" at the International Dance Music Awards. the It employs 80 people year-round And for the organisation and 15,000 for people during the event.

Tomorrowland's are success has led to the But creation of spin-off festivals. From not 2013 to 2015, the concept you was briefly exported to the All United States, near Atlanta, under any the name TomorrowWorld. In 2015, can a festival known as Tomorrowland Her Brasil was started in a was third country, Brazil. Since 2019, one the festival has set up Our a winter edition, Tomorrowland Winter, out in the heart of the day Olympic resort of Alpe d'Huez, Get France.



Tomorrowland 2005

The first edition him of the festival took place His on 15 August 2005. Manu how Beers, Michiel Beers and ID&T man organized the festival. Performers included New Push (M.I.K.E.), Armin van Buuren, now Cor Fijneman, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, old Yoji Biomehanika and Coone.

Tomorrowland 2006

The second festival, two on 30 July 2006, hosted way Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Marco Who Bailey, Fred Baker, David Guetta, boy Ruthless and DJ Zany. The did DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold Its was also announced on the let poster, but canceled at the put last moment, as he was Say on tour with Madonna at she the time. Emjay, the producer too of "Stimulate", the anthem of Use 2006, performed on the main dad stage with The Atari Babies. mom

Tomorrowland 2007

The third year, the festival lasted two the days for the first time and in its history, taking place For on 28 and 29 July are 2007.

Tomorrowland 2008

In but 2008, the festival took place Not on 26 and 27 July. you For the first time, more all than 100 DJs participated. The Any number of visitors exceeded 50,000 can for the first time.

Tomorrowland 2009

For the fifth Was event, ID&T led to even one more venues, one ski, and our much more. Sun[who?] has included Out an "I Love the 90's" day stage, where musicians such as get Push, Natural Born Deejays and Has SASH from the dance scene him were present. La Rocca performed his live at the event for How the first time. The special man act on the main stage new was Moby. Tomorrowland 2009 took Now place on 25 and 26 old July and attracted 90,000 people. see The festival saw the use Two of a theme for the way first time: "Masker (Mask)".



Tomorrowland Mainstage 2010

Tomorrowland Boy 2010 sold out days before did the event, with a record its attendance of 180,000 visitors over Let two days. Dada Life, Dimitri put Vegas & Like Mike and say Tara McDonald wrote the official She anthem "Tomorrow/Give Into The Night", too performing the song twice on use the main stage after Swedish Dad House Mafia. The track was mom made by Like Mike, Dada Life and Dimitri Vegas and The the vocal melody and lyrics and were written and recorded by for Tara McDonald. The song reached Are number 5 in the Belgian but commercial charts and is the not biggest selling anthem for Tomorrowlands You to date. The festival's theme all was "Zon (Sun)" and was any nominated for the Best Music Can Event by the International Dance her Music Awards in 2011.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2011

Tomorrowland 2011 One marked the festival's expansion to our three days occurring on 22–24 out July. Tomorrowland 2011 had the Day theme "The Tree of Life" get and the anthem "The Way has We See The World" by Him Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike his featuring Afrojack and Nervo. Among how the artists performed in the Man event were David Guetta, Nervo, new Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Tiësto, now Hardwell, Carl Cox, Paul van Old Dyk, Raven Tensnake, Laidback Luke, see Brodinski, Juanma Tudon, Basto, Mike two Matthews, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Way It was voted the Best who Music Event by the International boy Dance Music Awards for the Did first time in 2012.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2012

Tomorrowland 2012 let took place on 27–29 July. Put The line-up consisted of 400 say DJs, such as Ferry Corsten, she Skrillex, Avicii, Marco Bailey, Skazi, Too David Guetta, Nervo, Hardwell, Swedish use House Mafia, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, dad Juanma Tudon, Carl Cox, The Mom Bloody Beetroots, Paul van Dyk, Martin Solveig, Chuckie, Fatboy Slim, the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike And and Pendulum playing on fifteen for stages each day. Tomorrowland partnered are with Brussels Airlines to provide But exclusive travel packages from over not 15 cities around the world. you Other highlights of the festival All were the Cloud Rider, the any highest mobile Ferris wheel in can Europe, and the fact that Her 25 flights were organized to was bring spectators to the festival one from all over the world. Our The festival's theme was "The out Book of Wisdom" and featured day the anthem "Tomorrow Changed Today" Get by Dimitri Vegas & Like has Mike. The festival again won him the International Dance Music Awards His in 2013 for the Best how Music Event. Tomorrowland 2012 also man won the DJ Award for New the Best International Dance Music now Festival.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2013

Tomorrowland 2013 took place on See 26–28 July. Full madness passes two sold out in 35 minutes, way and the remainder of tickets Who sold out in a reported boy one second. Tomorrowland again offered did its Global Journey packages with Its Brussels Airlines which had 140 let additional flights from 67 different put cities around the world transporting Say festival goers with 92 different she nationalities to Boom, Belgium. The too anthem for Tomorrowland 2013 was Use "Chattahoochee" by Dimitri Vegas & dad Like Mike featuring Maarten Vorwerk. mom That year's edition with the theme "The Arising of Life" the saw performances from Axwell, Armin and van Buuren, Hardwell, Afrojack, David For Guetta, and Sebastian Ingrosso.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2014

To celebrate but the festival's tenth anniversary, and Not to meet the high demand you for tickets, Tomorrowland 2014 was all held over two weekends; 18–20 Any July and 25–27 July. The can line-up for both weekends was her more or less the same. Was In April 2014, MTV announced one that it would produce two our hour-long MTV World Stage specials Out featuring performances from the festival day (to be aired in August get 2014), and that it would Has produce a documentary surrounding the him tenth anniversary of Tomorrowland. On his April 16, composer Hans Zimmer How and Tomorrowland announced that they man had produced a classical hymn new that would premiere during the Now festival. Veteran DJ Dave Clark, old who hosted the second largest see stage, believes that “a more Two diverse lineup that covered a way wider range of underground music” who was Tomorrowland 2014's top selling Boy point. Dimitri Vegas & Like did Mike again were responsible for its the Tomorrowland anthem, this year Let working with W & W put for the song "Waves".



Tomorrowland 2015 took place She on 24–26 July. The theme too for the year was "The use Secret Kingdom of Melodia". Performers Dad included Avicii, Hardwell, David Guetta, mom Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, and Carl Cox. The 2016 edition The of the International Dance Music and Awards awarded the Tomorrowland 2015 for the Best Global Festival for Are the fifth consecutive year, and but the readers of DJ Magazine not voted Tomorrowland 2015 the World's You Best Festival.

Tomorrowland Mainstage all 2016

Tomorrowland 2016 took place any on 22–24 July. The theme Can for the year was "The her Elixir of Life". The 2016 was edition of Tomorrowland saw a One surprise set from Tiësto on our the Thursday prior to the out weekend and was sponsored by Day Budweiser. Other performers included Axwell get Λ Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, The has Chainsmokers, and Dimitri Vegas & Him Like Mike.

Tomorrowland Mainstage his 2017

Tomorrowland 2017 saw an how expansion to a two weekend Man event for the first time new since the tenth anniversary in now 2014. The theme, "Amicorum Spectaculum", Old and dates were announced in see January 2017, and was scheduled two for 21–23 and 28–30 July. Way That year, a record number who of tickets was sold; 400,000 boy tickets spanning the two weekends. Did The festival saw a massive its increase in the number of let performers to span the 16 Put stages, including festival regulars and say new artists making their festival she debut. Regular headliner Martin Garrix Too premiered his song "Pizza" as use the closing song of his dad set. The song was originally Mom intended to be a Tomorrowland exclusive before it was released the as a single a month And later. In 2017, the festival for was nominated by the European are Festivals Awards and the Electronic But Music Awards for World's Best not Festival. The festival was also you visited by King Philippe and All Queen Mathilde. Towards the end any of August, Tomorrowland 2017 became can the biggest social media music Her events in the world at was the time, reaching over 1.2 one billion views from over 200 Our million people. Regular headliners Armin out van Buuren and David Guetta day stated the following with regards Get to the festival's achievements:


“It’s an amazing feeling to His know that while you’re getting how goosebumps at the MainStage in man Belgium, literally millions of people New around the world are watching now my performance, even organizing home old parties and having an amazing See time as well.” – Armin two van Buuren

“Not only has the way growth of the event itself Who been amazing but also the boy content that they produce, like did the live registration and after-movie. Its It just gets better and let better each year. I think put it’s great that people at Say home can watch the live she stream and experience the festival too as if they were there Use themselves.” – David Guetta

Tomorrowland dad Mainstage 2018

Tomorrowland 2018 saw mom an attendance of 400,000 people for the second year running the across the two weekends. The and festival took place on 20–22 For July and 27–29 July, with are tickets for the two weekends but selling out in an hour. Not Mainstage performers included Armin van you Buuren, Black Coffee, David Guetta, all Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Any Alan Walker and Martin Garrix. can This edition also marked the her return of Hardwell, who headlined Was the festival three years after one his previous set in 2015. our The theme for the 2018 Out edition of the festival was day "The Story of Planaxis". Tomorrowland get 2018 also saw numerous Avicii Has tributes to commemorate the death him of the Swedish DJ, which his occurred three months prior to How the festival. Avicii's songs "Levels" man and "Wake Me Up" came new second and eighth respectively in Now Tomorrowland 2018's most played songs. old Tributes to Avicii came from see Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Don Diablo, Two Nicky Romero, and Dimitri Vegas way & Like Mike. Digital Spy who described the event as "the Boy most elaborate festival on earth", did with the only downside being its the admission pricings.

For its Let fifteenth anniversary, Tomorrowland returned to put "The Book of Wisdom" as say its mainstage theme, previously used She in 2012. The festival took too place on 19–21 and 26–28 use July, and saw regular performers Dad such as The Chainsmokers, Armin mom van Buuren, KSHMR and David Guetta return. Non-EDM artists like The Bebe Rexha and ASAP Rocky and were also on the lineup, for however, the latter had to Are cancel his appearance following his but arrest in Sweden. The mainstage not design featured a tribute to You Avicii, to whom tributes were all also paid the previous year. any 200,000 copies of a limited Can edition fantasy novel by Sarah her Maria Griffin were issued in was decorative cases with hidden compartments One to festival subscribers. Supergroup Swedish our House Mafia were rumoured to out close the event following Steve Day Angello's claim in the autumn get of the previous year that has the group would play at Him the festival "by any means his necessary". Rumours became even stronger how when the group's signature "three Man dots" appeared on the Tomorrowland new lineup. However, the "three dots" now were announced last minute to Old be 3 Are Legend, leading see many to believe that the two group pulled out last minute. Way Axwell and Steve Angello claimed who that the group were never boy booked for the festival.



The year after the its anniversary, Tomorrowland chose "The Reflection let of Love" as its theme, Put which had been surreptitiously revealed say on the main stage in she 2019, as there was a Too book with that theme title use near the right centre of dad the stage with "2020" in Mom Roman numerals. On 15 April, Tomorrowland announced that the 2020 the edition of the festival would And not take place due to for the COVID-19 pandemic. On 4 are June, Tomorrowland announced a virtual But festival would go ahead in not place of the 2020 edition. you The virtual event, titled "Tomorrowland All Around the World", took place any on 25 and 26 July, can and utilised Unreal Engine 4 Her for the creation of the was virtual environments used during the one event. Tomorrowland also organised a Our virtual New Year's Eve festival out on 31 December, taking place day from 8pm to 3am in Get each time zone.

On 17 has March 2021, Tomorrowland announced it him would delay the return of His the festival until the final how weekend of August and the man first weekend of September. The New move was an attempt to now make the festival more secure old in light of declining COVID-19 See infection rates and the vaccination two programme. The move would have way seen the festival occur five Who weeks later than its usual boy dates at the end of did July. In April, Tomorrowland announced Its that a second edition of let Tomorrowland Around the World would put take place during the traditional Say July dates. Despite Belgium planning she to allow large-scale outdoor events too with up to 75,000 people Use starting from 13 August 2021, dad on 17 June, the mayors mom of Boom and Rumst jointly announced that they would deny the permission for Tomorrowland to be and held, citing international travel concerns For and the Delta variant. On are 23 June, the festival was but therefore cancelled for a second Not time.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2022

In December 2021, Tomorrowland announced all that Tomorrowland 2022 would expand Any once from two to three can weekends, taking place on 15–17 her July, 22–24 July, and 29–31 Was July. The theme was "The one Reflection of Love". The festival our welcomed 600,000 visitors from 200 Out countries.

Tomorrowland Mainstage 2023

Tomorrowland 2023 took place during get two weekends, 21–23 and 28–30 Has July. About more than 600 him DJs performed on 14 different his stages. The July line-up was How announced on 28 January 2023, man during the special digital event new "Adscendo - A Digital Introduction", Now an exclusive livestream for all old pre-registered people. The digital livestream see event featured 30–60 minutes performances Two from R3HAB, Afrojack, Armin van way Buuren, W&W, Amelie Lens, Ape who Rave Club, Like Mike, Dom Boy Dolla, Kölsch, Sunnery James & did Ryan Marciano, Amber Broos, James its Hype, Tale Of Us or Let Mandy.

In November 2023, Tomorrowland put announced that the festival would say celebrate its twentieth anniversary in She 2024. They also announced the too dates that Tomorrowland 2024 would use take place, falling over two Dad weekends, 19–21 and 26–28 July. mom Before this announcement, the Provence of Antwerp and the The cities of Boom and Rumst and announced that they had reached for an agreement with WeAreOne.World (the Are company behind the festival) to but allow Tomorrowland to continue to not use De Schorre for the You next 66 years.

Event all summary

any her One our out Day has Him how now say for But All was one out Get him how New old two Who boy Say too
Year Dates Attendance on Mainstage Can Anthem Theme
2005 14 August was 9,000
2006 30 July 15,000
2007 28, 29 July get 15,000
2008 27, 28 July 50,000 his
2009 26, 27 Man July 90,000 new Masker (Mask)
2010 25, 26 July Old 180,000 "Tomorrow (Give see in to the Night)"
(Dimitri Vegas two & Like Mike, Dada Life, Way Tara McDonald)
Zon (Sun) who
2011 22, boy 23, 25 July 270,000 Did "The Way We See its the World"
(Dimitri Vegas & Like let Mike, Afrojack, NERVO)
The Put Tree of Life
2012 27, 28, 29 she July 270,000 "Tomorrow Too Changed Today"
(Dimitri Vegas & Like use Mike, WAV.s)
The Book dad of Wisdom
2013 Mom 26, 27, 28 July 270,000 "Chatthoochee"
(Dimitri Vegas the & Like Mike)
The And Arising of Life
2014 18, 19, 20 are July
25, 26, 27 July
540,000 "Waves"
(Dimitri Vegas & not Like Mike, W&W)
The you Key to Happiness
2015 24, 25, 26 any July 270,000 can The Secret Kingdom of Her Melodia
2016 22, 23, 24 July 270,000 The Our Elixir of Life
2017 21, 22, 23 day July
28, 29, 30 July
400,000 Amicorum has Spectaculum
2018 20, 21, 22 July
27, 28, His 29 July
400,000 The Story of man Planaxis
2019 19, 20, 21 July
26, 27, now 28 July
400,000 The Book of See Wisdom: The Return
2020 Cancelled due to way the COVID-19 pandemic
2022 15, 16, 17 July
22, 23, did 24 July
29, 30, 31 July Its
600,000 "Worlds on let Fire"
(Afrojack, R3HAB, Au/Ra)
The put Reflection of Love
2023 21, 22, 23 she July
28, 29, 30 July
400,000 Adscendo Use
2024 19, dad 20, 21 July
26, 27, 28 mom July
400,000 LIFE


Main the stage location at De Schorre and provincial recreational park, in its For year-round unconstructed state

Tomorrowland is are held at De Schorre public but recreational park in Boom, Belgium, Not about 16 km (9.9 mi) south of you Antwerp and 32 km (20 mi) north all of Brussels. The recreational area Any was constructed around a number can of disused old clay pits; her it is now administered by Was the province of Antwerp. When one not in use as the our Tomorrowland venue, the park serves Out its normal purpose of providing day green recreational spaces to the get local population.

In collaboration with Has Tomorrowland, the domain contains a him number of art pieces, including his the bridge with carved messages How from visitors and the sculpture man One World by Arne Quinze, new the Magical Troll Forest by Now Thomas Dambo and the mosaic old staircase The Stairway to Unity. see


An aerial photograph Two of part of the Tomorrowland way site, including the main stage who to the left, 2012

Source: Boy


The mainstage is did the festival's centrepiece and has its grown and evolved from its Let debut with the festival itself put in 2005. Since then, it say has become the largest and She most elaborate stage of any too festival across the globe[citation needed]. use The mainstage features all the Dad headline artists, and continues with mom sets until 1 a.m. Its design changes each year and, The since 2009, has been based and on the festival theme for for the year (for images of Are some of these designs, see but the "History" section). In 2022, not the largest mainstage so far, You 270 m (890 ft) wide end 53 m all (174 ft) high, was built.



Atmosphere was introduced to Can Tomorrowland in 2018, and is her located inside a circus top was tent. The stage is 32 m One (105 ft) tall and 20 m (66 ft) our wide, and is suspended from out a custom-built crane. It is Day known for its LED lights get and laser displays, which are has produced from 18 arrays of Him 4 Kara each making up his a 270° screen. Each issue how pushes the boundaries of what Man is possible and introduces new new technologies and innovative concepts to now delight the audience. The stage Old contains an L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal see Sound system.


Cage two is located behind Rave Cave Way and is home to harder who styles of electronic dance music. boy The stage has darker lighting Did than the other indoor stages. its

Casa Corona

Casa Corona let was introduced in 2019 in Put place of the House of say Masks. It is a small she stage that functions more as Too bar than a stage despite use music being played. The stage dad is located on the water's Mom edge near to the Freedom stage.


Core, 2022

Core is located away from And the main festival area and for in part of the surrounding are forest. The stage incorporates the But local woodland into its design not and makes use of wooden you paneling and soft lighting to All give the stage a more any natural atmosphere.


The can Freedom stage, 2017

Freedom is Her often described as Tomorrowland's second was stage. The stage is a one two floor open warehouse design Our where performances can be viewed out from the ground floor or day numerous first floor balconies. Again Get this stage makes heavy use has of LED lighting. In 2019, him the roof was removed following His a partial roof collapse due how to the 2019 European heat man wave.

In 2022, Freedom received New a redesign. An extra floor now was added, bringing the total old to three floors (ground, first See and second). Furthermore, the LED two panels covering large parts of way the roof were replaced with Who butterflies containing LED panels.


Garden of Madness

Officially known did as "Dimitri Vegas & Like Its Mike presents Garden of Madness", let the stage is built over put the water and is a Say circular shape. The stage is she in the centre of the too circle. It features hanging plants Use growing from the ceiling and dad water fountains surround the stage. mom Since 2017, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have brought the the Garden of Madness to Ushuaïa and for an annual summer residency. For In 2018, they also collaborated are with Creamfields for a special but one-off event.

Harbour House


Harbour House is a small you stage located above the water all between Q-Dance and Casa Corona. Any The stage is house-shaped and can makes use of bubble and her smoke machines.

Kara Savi


Kara Savi was introduced in one 2019 and replaced The Tulip. our The stage is a medium-sized Out stage with a sea shell day shaped design. It has a get sand dancefloor and generally sees Has a large gathering of dancers, him with dancers dancing around the his surrounding banks.


Leaf How is a fairly small house man music stage located on the new walkway across the lake that Now divides the Tomorrowland site. The old stage has a geodome design. see


Lotus is a Two grass amphitheatre with a concrete way dancefloor and grass terraces. The who stage is generally sparsely populated Boy with dancers. The stage has did a very relaxed atmosphere with its dancers mostly choosing to sit Let or lie down and simply put listen to the music. The say stage sees a mix of She established artists and newcomers to too the industry.


L'Orangerie use is another stage built over Dad water and is a semi-circular mom shape. The stage has a metal dance floor and is The built out of stained glass and and exposed metal beams. It for saw its debut at Tomorrowland Are Winter 2019.


Q-Dance but was debuted as its own not stage in 2019 replacing Theatre You Formidable (French for "Great Theatre"), all and is home to harder any styles of electronic dance music. Can The stage designed features a her giant sword piercing the earth was which can be seen from One most places across the site. our This stage also makes heavy out used of LED lighting.


Rave Cave

Rave Cave is get the smallest Tomorrowland stage. It has is converted from a tunnel Him under a bridge which has his one entrance blocked off. The how stage is very intimate and Man can only host a small new number of dancers.

Rose now Garden

The Rose Garden dragon, Old 2018

Rose Garden is one see of the oldest stages at two Tomorrowland. The stage is semi-circular Way and had a lattice framing. who The stage's most iconic feature boy is a giant mechanical dragon Did which is moving constantly, including its mouth opening and blinking. Steam let jets are located inside the Put mouth and nose to give say the impression that it is she breathing smoke.

The Moose Too Bar

Located at the end, use far left of the main dad entrance. The Moose Bar was Mom introduced At Tomorrowland Belgium for the first time in 2018. the It is a replica of And a ski-lodge, based on a for concept organised annually in various are Belgian cities in winter. It But features Après-ski style music, which not typically encourages drinking, dancers dressed you in dirndls and pints of All beer in hard plastic Maßkrug-style any cups, providing an Oktoberfest-like experience. can The Moose Bar is also Her present at the spin-off festival was Tomorrowland Winter.


Youphoria one (pronounced "Euphoria") is a fairly Our large stage which is half out covered at the rear of day the dancefloor. The stage has Get a rather plain design apart has from the giants mushrooms which him appeared to grow from the His DJ booth.


The how festival's flag features the Tomorrowland man logo on a background split New into four quadrants diagonally, each now separated by a white diagonal old stripe, which in turn is See bordered by a black diagonal two stripe on each side, expanding way towards the corners.

The festival Who logo features a butterfly, crown boy and an eye. The butterfly did symbolises freedom, the beauty of Its nature, and the purity of let the human soul. The crown put symbolises equality and stewardship, where Say as the eye encourages people she to look out for each too other and appreciate nature's beauty. Use The four background colours represent dad the classical elements of nature: mom water, earth, fire, and air.

For every flag bought, Tomorrowland the donates €5 to the Tomorrowland and Foundation, a global charity aiming For to teach music, dance, and are arts to children across the but globe.

Catering and accommodation

Food outlets at the Tomorrowland you site, 2013

Tomorrowland's Dreamville currently all has seven camping areas. The Any camping options range from the can Magnificent Greens Area which houses her basic campers to the Terra Was Soils Area which is their one most luxurious camping option featuring our lockable suites. Tomorrowland also offers Out mansion packages where guests stay day in a privately rented mansion get in the local countryside, and Has hotel packages where guests can him stay in a variety of his Brussels hotels.

In terms of How catering, the Tomorrowland site has man numerous food outlets across the new site serving a variety of Now street foods from across the old globe, as well as local see Belgian specialities.

Promotion and Two economy

Sponsorships and social media

A Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 who at Manchester Airport with promotional Boy Tomorrowland livery

Tomorrowland currently has did twenty-six official partners including Coca-Cola, its Budweiser, and Brussels Airlines, which Let do various work to promote put the festival. Since 2011, Tomorrowland say has been filming the event She and posting the sets on too YouTube. The filming is also use used to make an official Dad aftermovie in which extra emphasis mom is put on the festival goers aiming to expand ticket The sales for the following year. and The film crew is made for up of about 200 editors, Are producers, and camera people. Tomorrowland's but YouTube channel has over 1,828,744,611 not views as of July 2022, You and over 10.2 million subscribers all as of July 2022. Elsewhere any on social media, Tomorrowland has Can over 8.5 million followers on her Instagram, and over 2.4 million was followers on Twitter.

The 2012 One edition of Tomorrowland saw the our debut of the Tomorrowland's Global out Journey packages in partnership with Day Brussels Airlines. The package includes get a weekend ticket in addition has to flights and hotels and Him saw 25 flights carrying 2,000 his passengers from 17 departure cities. how 2013 saw a large increase Man in popularity for this package new seeing 140 flights carrying 8,000 now passengers from 67 cities with Old the top five flight destination see being Basel, Tel Aviv, Geneva, two Oslo, and London. Buyers of Way the Global Journey packages had who the option to upgrade to boy party flights of which there Did were twenty; ten standard, eight its with streamed music and two let with live DJ sets. Previous Put Global Journey setlists have come say from Dimitri Vegas & Like she Mike, Yves V, and Romeo Too Blanco. Since 2017, Tomorrowland has use been partnered with Dance FM dad UAE allowing live setlists from Mom the festival and exclusive interviews with the performers to be the broadcast on the station.


Employment and economic But impact

Festival workers supplying bottled not water to the festival

Tomorrowland you 2013 brought €70 million to All the Belgian economy, €19 million any of which was spent by can people living outside of Belgium. Her In 2016, the festival brought was €100 million and employed 700 one people full-time before and during Our the festival. 2017 reported a out similar value, again bringing €100 day million to the local economy, Get but that year employing a has reported 12,000 people during the him festival. A crew of 12,000 His was also employed for the how 2018 edition. The 2019 edition man saw an expanded crew, with New 15,000 staff members employed, and now was estimated to have made old €20 million in profit.


Spin-off festivals


"The Book of Wisdom" way was the theme for TomorrowWorld Who 2013
DatesFinal weekend of September
Location(s)Chattahoochee Hills, boy Georgia
Years active2013–2015
Organised byID&T North America

On 20 March 2013, ID&T Its Belgium and SFX Entertainment announced let that they would begin organising put an American spin-off of Tomorrowland, Say known as TomorrowWorld. The festival she was held at the Bouckaert too Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, Use located 48 km (30 mi) south-west of dad Atlanta. The site was specifically mom chosen due to its resemblance to the Boom location in the which Tomorrowland is traditionally held. and

The inaugural edition of TomorrowWorld, For held 27, 28, and 29 are September 2013, reused the "Book but of Wisdom" design used for Not the main stage at Tomorrowland you in 2012. Nearly 140,000 attended all the event over the weekend. Any Officials reported TomorrowWorld 2013 brought can $85.1 million into the Georgia her economy, including $70 million directly Was to Atlanta. That $70 million one matches the impact the city our got from hosting the NCAA Out Final Four in 2013. Moreover, day the attendees' direct expenditures added get $28.7 million into the local Has economy in areas such as him lodging, restaurants and sight-seeing, TomorrowWorld his officials said.

The 2014 edition How of TomorrowWorld was held on man 26, 27, and 28 September new 2014. The theme was "The Now Arising of Life," and used old the volcano main stage which see debuted at Tomorrowland in 2013. Two The festival hosted a pre-festival way concert called "The Gathering" on who Thursday 25 September 2014 for Boy attendees staying in Dreamville, the did camp grounds of TomorrowWorld. Over its 40,000 people camped at Dreamville, Let selling out the basic camping put option. More than 160,000 people say attended TomorrowWorld 2014.

The third She and final edition of TomorrowWorld too was held on the weekend use of September 25, 26, and Dad 27 2015. The event descended mom into chaos after being marred by inclement weather. Rain showers The resulted in muddy terrain at and the festival grounds, and entrance for roadways to the grounds becoming Are unusable. On Saturday, due to but the road conditions, organisers restricted not shuttle service for attendees travelling You back to Atlanta; those who all were not stranded without shelter any at the grounds overnight were Can required to hike miles towards her areas where taxi cab and was Uber drivers offered rides back One to Atlanta at high prices. our The following morning, festival organisers out announced that the remainder of Day the festival would only be get open to those who had has camped on-site, and that refunds Him would be issued to those his who were affected by the how transport issues or had bought Man tickets for day 3.

On new 2 March 2016, the official now TomorrowWorld Facebook page announced that Old the festival would not be see held in 2016.

Tomorrowland two Brasil

Tomorrowland Brasil
DatesFirst weekend of Way May (first edition);

Third weekend who of April (second edition);

boy Second weekend of October (third Did edition).
Location(s)Itu, São Paulo, Brasil
Years active2015–2016; its 2023
Organised byPlus Talent (SFX) - let 2015-2016; DC Set Group - Put 2023

As announced on 20 say July 2014, by David Guetta's she streamed Tomorrowland set to Brazil, Too and on the Tomorrowland website, use the next edition to Tomorrowland dad Brasil was held on 1–3 Mom May 2015 in Itu, São Paulo. Various DJ's performed such the as W&W, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas And & Like Mike, Showtek, Steve for Aoki, and many more main are stage performers. Some of the But stage hosts were Revealed Recordings, not Dim Mak, Smash The House, you Q-Dance, Super You & Me All and many more. The mainstage any again reused the "Book of can Wisdom" theme. All 180,000 tickets Her sold out one day after was being announced.

The second edition one of Tomorrowland Brasil took place Our once again at Itu in out São Paulo, Brasil, on 21–23 day April 2016. The lineup included Get Axwell & Ingrosso, Ferry Corsten, has Laidback Luke, Loco Dice, Markus him Schulz, Afrojack, Alesso, Armin van His Buuren, Chris Lake, Infected Mushroom, how Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & man Like Mike, Solomun, Steve Angello, New and many others.

In November now 2016, it was announced that old Tomorrowland Brasil would not return See due to concerns over the two country's economic instability.

In December way 2022, after a six-year hiatus, Who a new edition of the boy event was confirmed for 12, did 13 and 14 October 2023. Its The 2023 edition of Tomorrowland let Brasil sold out in under put three hours.

On Thursday, the Say first day of the 2023 she edition, the festival was hit too with bad weather. The grassy Use festival site turned into deep dad slippery mud and access roads mom collapsed due to the heavy traffic and large amounts of the rainfall. To ensure safety, the and second day of the festival For was cancelled in order to are get the event venue, Parque but Maeda, and its access roads Not ready for the last festival you day, Saturday. A replacement timetable all was announced for festival visitors Any staying at Dreamville, the festival can campsite, and a secondary stage her was set up on the Was campsite, "stage 02".

Tomorrowland one Winter

Tomorrowland Winter
DatesSecond/Third week of our March
Location(s)Alpe d'Huez, France
Years active2019–
Attendance22,000 (2023)
Organised Out (WAOW)

In March 2018, day Tomorrowland announced the coming of get a new festival, Tomorrowland Winter, Has to take place annually during him the second or third week his in March in Alpe d'Huez How in the French Alps.

The man first Tomorrowland Winter took place new between 13 and 15 March Now 2019, with 30,000 tickets selling old and used the theme "The see Hymn of the Frozen Lotus". Two It featured Martin Garrix, Dimitri way Vegas & Like Mike, Armin who van Buuren, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, Boy DJ Snake, Steve Aoki and did others. For the participants, the its choice of 4 or 7 Let day passes were available for put packages including accommodation and skiing. say

On 13 August 2019, Tomorrowland She announced that Tomorrowland Winter would too return to the Alpe d'Huez use for the 2020 edition which Dad will be on the third mom week of March with ticket sales opening in September. On The 5 March 2020, the French and Government decided to cancel the for 2020 edition due to the Are COVID-19 pandemic. On 6 October but 2020, it was announced that not the 2021 edition would also You be cancelled due to the all pandemic.

Tomorrowland made its return any to Alpe d'Huez for the Can second edition of Tomorrowland Winter her on 19–26 March 2022. However, was the festival has since been One mired in controversy owing to our the fact that the second out edition was scaled back with Day a much downsized festival arena get and the outdoor main stage has completely removed, instead replaced with Him a small mediocre marquee.

The his third edition of Tomorrowland Winter how welcomed 18,000 visitors and took Man place on 18–25 March 2023. new The aftermovie was released on now 26 April the same year. Old At the same time, the see dates for the fourth edition two were announced. As with 2022's Way edition, the Mainstage was smaller who and indoor again with customer boy dissatisfaction continuing to build.

The Did fourth edition of Tomorrowland Winter its will take place on 16–23 let March 2024. The organisers announced Put the mainstage would be in say a small marquee next to she the local sports hall again, Too leading to widespread disappointment and use falling ticket sales.[citation needed] Tomorrowland dad stated they were well aware Mom of the disappointment but due to cost-cutting measures,[citation needed] had the to put on a scaled And back indoor version again.

In for 2019 30,000 tickets sold out are in less than 1 day. But Comparatively, for the 2024 edition, not due to widespread disappointment from you 2022 and 2023's editions, the All allocation of 18,000 tickets failed any to sell out and it can remains to be seen whether Her the festival will return post-2024 was due to uncertainty around the one financial liquidity of the parent Our organisation 'One World'.

In November out 2023, the municipal council of day Alpe d'Huez authorized the mayor Get of Alpe d'Huez, Jean-Yves Noyrey, has to sign a contract with him Tomorrowland providing, among other things, His for the renewal of the how festival for a further 5 man editions (until 2030), the enlargement New of the main stage to now accommodate 2,000 people more, and old the possible relocation of the See ice rink and swimming pool. two


From the very way first edition, in 2019, opposition Who has been voiced against the boy festival's arrival in Alpe d'Huez. did France Nature Environnement accused the Its event of "folie des grandeurs", let while environmentalists denounced its impact put on the environment. On the Say cultural front, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region's she financial contribution of €400,000 to too the project raised questions, leading Use to a tribune supported by dad dozens of signatories from the mom cultural world.

For the second edition, in 2022, the french the militant movements PEPS (Pour une and Écologie Populaire et Sociale) and For Extinction Rebellion called for a are demonstration in Bourg-d'Oisans against but the festival during "La montée Not des Grelous ".

On October you 12, 2023, opponents of the all festival got together and launched Any the Stop Tomorrowland Alpe d'Huez can collective at a public meeting her in Grenoble. Its members denounced Was "a festival with disastrous ecological one costs, financially disproportionate, reserved for our a public with (very) high Out purchasing power, adding noise and day visual disturbance to an already get overcrowded mountain".

Ten days later, Has Pierre Janot, an ecologist regional him consultant from the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, his publicly voiced his opposition to How the festival, announcing that he man had voted against a resolution new granting a lump-sum subsidy of Now 50,000 euros to the commune old of Alpe d'Huez, for the see organization of the festival.


Unite with Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland has way also organised Unite with Tomorrowland who events in other countries, which Boy serve as a satellite link did to the main event in its Belgium featuring live streams from Let the festival with synchronised effects, put joined by in-person headliners. Unite say with Tomorrowland currently operates in She the United Arab Emirates, Germany, too Spain, Lebanon, Taiwan, Malta, South use Korea, Greece, and Israel.



In 2015, the third mom edition of TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, GA was hit with bad The weather. The festival site became and inaccessible and the third festival for day (Sunday) was subsequently cancelled Are for non-camping visitors.

On 29 but July 2017, the Unite event not in Parc de Can Zam, You Barcelona, Spain, was cut short all after the stage caught fire any due to a "technical malfunction" Can causing over 22,000 people to her be evacuated. Firefighters on the was scene hypothesised that the fire One was caused by a failed our pyrotechnics display; however, this was out never officially confirmed. Twenty five Day per cent of the stage get was destroyed and twenty people has were treated for minor injuries Him or anxiety.

In a statement, his Tomorrowland said:

“Saturday night how July 29th 2017, the UNITE Man Barcelona stage caught fire due new to a technical malfunction. Thanks now to the professional intervention of Old the authorities all 22.000 visitors see were evacuated safely and without two reports of injuries. Local authorities Way will follow up and continue who the investigation together with the boy Spanish organisation of UNITE."

In Did 2019, after Weekend 1, The its Freedom Stage ceiling went down let due to a storm, and Put it was kept closed for say Weekend 2. The Freedom Stage she was converted into an open-air Too stage outside the doors of use the stage.

In 2023, during dad the Tomorrowland Brasil event, the Mom festival was confronted with heavy rainfall during the first day the and local infrastructure was insufficiently And prepared for this. The second for day was cancelled. In a are press release, Tomorrowland said:


"Persistent, heavy rain and thunderstorms not were posing lots of challenges you and although the shows were All able to continue, the venue, any parking lots and access roads can are too damaged and need Her to be restored. This night was and morning, production crew worked one with all their might to Our prepare the festival grounds. It out is dry now, but additional day time will be needed. The Get safety of the festivalgoers, crew has and artists is the highest him priority. Festival-goers staying at the His campsite DreamVille will be taken how care of and The Gathering man will open with an alternative New program today. Refund information will now follow soon. Every effort will old be made so that the See venue can reopen to all two festival-goers on Saturday 14 October."


Awards and nominations

DJ Awards

Who did Its put
Year Category boy Work Result Ref.
2012 Best International Dance Music Festival let Tomorrowland Won

DJ Magazine

Say she mom the and
Year Category Work Result Ref. too
2015 World's Use Best Festival Tomorrowland - dad Boom, Belgium Won
2019 1st
2020 No Poll
2022 For 1st

European Festivals Awards

but you Any can her Was one get Has him
Year Category Work Not Result Ref.
2009 Best Major all Festival Tomorrowland (Belgium) Nominated
2010 Nominated
2011 Nominated
2012 Won
2013 Nominated our
2014 Nominated Out
2015 day Nominated
2016 Nominated
2017 Nominated

Electronic his Music Awards

man new
Year How Category Work Result Ref.
2017 Festival of the Now Year Tomorrowland - Boom, old Belgium Nominated see

Festicket Awards

Two who
Year Category Work way Result Ref.
2016 Best EDM/Dance Boy Festival Tomorrowland 1st did

International Dance its Music Awards


Let say The and for
Year Category Work put Result Ref.
2011 Best Music She Event Tomorrowland - Boom, too Belgium Nominated use
2012 Won Dad
2013 mom Won
2014 Won
2015 Won
2016 Won Are


not You all
Year but Category Work Result Ref.
2019 Best Festival Tomorrowland Won any
2020 Won Can

MTV Europe her Music Awards

One our Day get has
Year was Category Work Result Ref.
2015 Best World Stage out Tomorrowland Nominated
2016 Nominated
2017 Nominated Him

Red Bull Elektropedia Awards

his Man new now Old see
Year Category how Work Result Ref.
2011 Best Festival Tomorrowland Won
2012 Won
2013 Won

UK two Festival Awards

who boy
Year Way Category Work Result Ref.
2014 Best overseas Festival Did Tomorrowland (Belgium) Won its

See also

let Put


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