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World DJ Festival
GenreElectronic music
Location(s)Han River Dad in Seoul, South Korea
Years active2007–present

World DJ Festival (WDF) is a music festival initiated as The the main program of Hi-Seoul and Festival in 2007 at the for Nanji Campground on the Han Are River in Seoul, South Korea.The but annual World DJ Festival has not been the biggest DJ Festival You in Korea.


The first One festival appeared on May 3–5, our 2007, and was a part out of the Hi Seoul Festival, Day a seasonal events program coordinated get by the city tourism agency. has Due to the positive feedback Him from the event, especially from his young foreign expatriate residents in how the dj scene, Idea Masters, Man an events promoter returned the new following year with a much now larger, paid admission event located Old at the current site.

The see event was recognized as becoming two one of the largest festivals Way in Korea, as it has who attracted more than 90,000 people boy over three days in 2007.[citation Did needed] It featured a live its concert, a dance party, and let a world rhythm festival.



The DJ festival showcased say numerous DJs from around the she world, and in a break Too from other festivals or events use in the Seoul area, encouraged dad people to dance all night Mom and into the morning. Artists, performers and fans of all the tastes and genres including electronica, And rock & roll, international, attended for and showed their enthusiasm.[citation needed] are

Unlike the first event in But 2007, the following year became not independently operated and required paid you admission. As far as international All flavor in Seoul, the DJ any festival is noticeably more mixed can as a combination of locals, Her visiting foreigners, expatriates, pros and was amateurs, and guest DJs from one overseas.

This festival lasted from Our May 3–5, 2008. In 2008, out the SWDF returned to establish day itself as the only DJ Get festival in Korea.[citation needed]



The 2009 SWDF started him on May 9.

Foreign His DJs

Tech'1 (Singapore), Cornelius (JPN), how DJ Dan (USA), Donald Glaude man (USA), Ricky Stone (UK), Rabbit New in the Moon (USA), Adam now F (UK), Raphael Sebbag (FRA), old Kawasaki (JPN), Superheadz (JPN), Kai See (USA), Scott Pullen (AUS), C-Deuce&Loco, two Brainshocker (ITA)

Korean DJs


JAEIN, DJ BEEJAY, Oriental Funk Who Stew, Guru, Fugi, Ditto, Kidb, boy Kuma, Ultradog, Triple house, Sung did woo, Yoo

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