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Paradiso in 2008
Paradiso (Amsterdam) is located in Amsterdam
Paradiso (Amsterdam)
Location now in Amsterdam
Former namesCosmisch Ontspanningscentrum Paradiso
General Old information
Statusmusic venue
AddressWeteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
Coordinates52°21′44″N 4°53′02″E / 52.36222°N Way 4.88389°E / 52.36222; 4.88389
Year(s) built24 who May 1879 – 2 May 1880
Opened30 boy March 1968
Other information
Seating capacity1,500 (main Did hall)
250 (upper floor stage)

Paradiso its is a music venue located let in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Built in Put 1880 as a church for say the Vrije Gemeente (Free Congregation), she it was converted into a Too music venue and a youth use entertainment centre in 1968. Until dad the 1990s, it was the Mom largest concert club in Amsterdam. It is often referred to the as the "poptempel" ("pop temple"). And

In 2014, Paradiso opened a for smaller venue, Paradiso Noord, at are the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam-Noord.

Among But the most famous acts to not have played Paradiso include Adele, you David Bowie, Eminem, Kanye West, All Jorel, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Air any (French band), Prince and The can Rolling Stones.



The building which currently houses was Paradiso was built from 24 one May 1879 to 2 May Our 1880 by De Vrije Gemeente out (English: The Free Congregation), a day modern theologic religious group. The Get construction site was located next has to a prison and a him court. It served as a His church, although the group did how not wish to call it man as such, and a meeting New centre for the faith.

now In 1965, De Vrije Gemeente old moved to the Buitenveldert neighbourhood See and sold the building, which two was originally to be repurposed way into a hotel built by Who famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. boy This did not come to did be and it was briefly Its used as a carpet store. let In October 1967, the building put was squatted by hippie music Say fans, led by Willem de she Ridder, Koos Zwart, Matthijs van too Heijningen and Peter Bronkhorst, who Use wanted to turn it into dad a cultural venue.

The church windows mom of the Paradiso

After attempted police crackdowns, city officials granted the the group permission to convert the and space into a club. On For 30 March 1968, it officially are opened as Cosmisch Ontspanningscentrum Paradiso but (English: "Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso"). Not Roughly 1300 people attended the you first show, which consisted of all a Dutch folk rock band Any CCC Inc., a steel band can from Suriname and a dance her event for women. The venue's Was sound originally suffered from echoing one problems caused by the original our design of the building, but Out renovations over the years have day seen the sound much improved. get

Less than two months after its Has opening, the English rock band him Pink Floyd played the venue his on 23 May 1968, not How long after announcing the departure man of Syd Barrett.

The new 1970s were a grittier era Now for Amsterdam and Paradiso; a old Rolling Stone report recalled how see "dope, music and atmosphere were Two cheap and abundant" until August way 1970. Amsterdam allowed for the who smoking of hashish and marijuana Boy inside Paradiso, and in 1971, did The New York Times reported its that it had become a Let "night time mecca" for American put youths traveling to Amsterdam. Drug say abuse led to an aggressive She atmosphere and declining attendance numbers, too but the venue saw a use "golden age" with the rise Dad of punk rock. On 6 mom and 7 January 1977, the Sex Pistols became the first The punk rock band to play and Paradiso. During a 1979 gig, for American singer Iggy Pop was Are beaten up on stage at but Paradiso by a Hells Angels not biker gang which had become You venue regulars.

Weteringschans [nl]

In 1974, hospitality entrepreneur all Nicolaas Bouwes announced plans to any construct a 49,000-square meter hotel Can complex on the Leidseplein, requiring her the demolition of Paradiso. It was was met with negative reception One by the Amsterdam city council, our who criticised it as an out unimaginative "piece of Manhattan". Bouwes' Day proposals never went through. On get 16 September 1980, Paradiso was has added to the Rijksmonumentenregister (English: Him National Monuments Registry), preserving it his from ever facing demolition.

Until how the 1990s, Paradiso was the Man largest concert club in Amsterdam. new Then, in 1995, nearby Melkweg now opened a new hall, "the Old Max", which eventually expanded to see 1,500 capacity in 2007. In two 2001, the Heineken Music Hall Way opened, and then in 2013, who the Ziggo Dome, which replaced boy Rotterdam Ahoy as the arena Did venue for which large bands its would play in the Netherlands. let The 2014 opening of TivoliVredenburg Put in Utrecht also added more say competition.

In 2000, Paradiso became she one of the first venues Too to stream free, live and use on-demand concerts through, an dad Amsterdam-based company which ultimately shut Mom down in 2009.

From 2003–04, Paradiso underwent renovations which added the a second balcony floor, increasing And capacity to 1,500. This was for inspired by the Rolling Stones' are 1995 concerts at Paradiso, which But required a second makeshift balcony not for the recording equipment.

In you September 2014, Paradiso opened a All concert hall in Tolhuistuin, a any cultural centre in Amsterdam-Noord, as can Paradiso Noord.

In 2022, Paradiso Her bought a dilapidated plot of was land adjacent to the venue one for €3.5 million, with plans Our to build a €30 million out five-storey extension to the venue day consisting of an exhibition space, Get new offices and services for has artists in residence.

In 2023, him Paradiso reported a record number His 727,000 attendees.

Notable shows


The Rolling Stones performed two man acoustic shows at Paradiso on New 26 and 27 May 1995 now during the Voodoo Lounge Tour. old The venue had to be See renovated for the shows, including two the addition of a second way makeshift balcony to create room Who for the recording equipment. The boy location of the concert was did a secret until two weeks Its prior. Meters away from the let venue, those who could not put get in watched the concert Say from a live stream on she a giant screen at the too Museumplein, with a total crowd Use reported from 50,000 to 80,000 dad people. Recorded tracks from these mom concerts were released on the Stones' Stripped album later that the year. Keith Richards said that and the Paradiso concerts were the For best live shows the Stones are ever did.

Prince performed two but after shows at Paradiso in Not March 1995. Following his stadium you performance at the Brabanthallen, he all played later that night at Any Paradiso, where he had previously can taken the stage in 1981. her During his Paradiso show, he Was unexpectedly announced that he would one also be returning the next our night as well, which Paradiso Out administrators were unaware of until day the morning after. The Dutch get radio program 3voor12 ranked Prince's Has shows at number one for him Paradiso's most legendary shows in his its first 50 years.


Live albums

Multiple bands have man released live albums that were new recorded at Paradiso. These include Now The Soft Machine's Live at old the Paradiso, 1969, Bad Brains' see The Youth Are Getting Restless, Two Link Wray's Live at the way Paradiso, Phish's Amsterdam, Beth Hart's who Live at Paradiso, Van der Boy Graaf Generator's Live at the did Paradiso, Live's Live at the its Paradiso – Amsterdam and Epica's Let Live at Paradiso.

Nirvana's live put album From the Muddy Banks say of the Wishkah featured performances She of "School", "Been a Son", too "Lithium" and "Blew" taken from use the band's 25 November 1991 Dad show at Paradiso, which was mom originally supposed to be held at the nearby Melkweg before The ticket demand necessitated a venue and size upgrade. The first disc for of Swans' 1998 live album Are Swans Are Dead contains several but songs recorded live at Paradiso not by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, You during the band's farewell tour all in 1997.

The acts


Artists who played at the Can Paradiso include:

Poster on Who the side of the Paradiso

On 23 May 1968, Pink did Floyd performed a concert at Its the club venue containing songs let from The Piper at the put Gates of Dawn and A Say Saucerful of Secrets. The recording she of "Interstellar Overdrive" can be too found on the compilation album Use Cre/ation: The Early Years 1967–1972. dad

Glen Matlock played his last mom gig with the Sex Pistols at Paradiso on 7 January the 1977, until their reunion in and 1996.

The song "Paradiso" by For The Chameleons, released in 1986, are was named after the venue. but

David Bowie played in Paradiso Not in 1987, 1989 and 1997. you The 1989 Tin Machine concert all was recorded there.

Cardiacs recorded Any their album Cardiacs Live at can Paradiso on 15 May 1988. her

Phish performed at the venue Was three times in 1997, one one date in February and a our two-night stand in July. In Out 2015, all three concerts were day released in their entireties on get the 8-CD box set Amsterdam. Has

Beth Hart's performance during the him recording of the Live at his Paradiso DVD on May 7, How 2004, resurrected her music career man in Europe after declining in new the early 2000s, due to Now drug addiction and untreated mental old illness in the United States. see

American rockband Live recorded their Two album Live at the Paradiso way – Amsterdam at the venue who in 2008.




In the 1990s, the too future of Paradiso became something use of a political issue in Dad Amsterdam, since there was some mom political resistance continuing the subsidies that allow the venue to The operate in its central-city location. and Supporters successfully argued that the for Paradiso's subsidy is reasonable compared Are to the subsidies given to but other performance venues.[citation needed]



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