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03.07.2014 New cell phone equipment003.07.2014
Before you purchase a cell the phone jammer, you may want and to understand how the [URL=http://www.skybuying.com/category-177-b0.html]cell For phone jammer[/URL] works. It works are by sending out signal that but could overpower cell phone signal. Not The two signals collide and you in that way they cancel all each other – the result Any is ‘no service’ on the can screen of your…
20.12.2013 Serato DJ functionality, with Novation Twitch?008.01.2014
I was wishing her someone could point me out Was to a possible fix for one Serato DJ. My Novation Twitch our works flawlessly with Serato Itch, Out but when i start up day and try to use Serato get DJ it appear s like Has a 50/50 split on functionality, him the faders don't work well his at all with the fx How units, half of the buttons man aren't…
04.01.2014 Serato Remote issues with iPad mini...105.01.2014
So I bought an SL2... new Got it setup and running... Now Downloaded Serato remote on my old ipad and no matter how see I try to connect it Two SSL will not recognize the way connection!?!?!?!? I'm excited. I bought who both a 07ISP and a Boy 05proIV redbeat and the SL2... did Def need this app for its the ISP but it's going Let to be…
19.11.2013 Sharing Serato SL4203.01.2014
I was wondering if put it was possible to share say serato? Me and a 2 She friends are planning on picking too up Sl4 and were wondering use if we can purchase the Dad sl4 package put the software mom into 3 separate computers and purchase the hardware(SL4 Box, Cables, The and Vynil/Cd's) separately to save and a few of bucks?
07.12.2013 How are you using the MF3D with your Serato set up.007.12.2013
I want for to understand how you guys Are are incorporating you Midi Fighter but 3D with your existing Serato not Scratch Live or Serato DJ You set ups. Please be detailed. all Also any truly good user any maps floating around?
01.12.2013 Distortion when recording001.12.2013
Hi everyone, I Can am trying to record into her serato SL3 from my Korg was EMX via my mixer. From One the mixer, I am going our out from "record out" and out into the Aux in on Day the SL3. My dip switch get is down and I am has not clipping at all. Every Him time I play back, it his is heavily distorted. Any ideas? how Thanks…
07.11.2013 Introducing the Pioneer DDJ-SB408.11.2013
Although i'm not a Man Serato user, Pioneer has me new curious to give it a now go with their new line Old up of controllers. And they see just added this one. It's two never been more clear that Way Serato/Pioneer are serious about the who all in one controller market. boy What are your thoughts on Did these units?
04.11.2013 New to Serato .... ):004.11.2013
Hi all! I began its mixing a few months ago let starting on the Hercules Mp3 Put E2, moved to the Traktor say S2, then upgraded to the she S4 shortly after(Fell in love). Too It hasn't even been half use a year yet! However, after dad playing around with my friend's Mom DDJ-SX a few weeks ago, I made decision to make the the switch…
04.11.2013 New to Serato .... ):004.11.2013
Hi all! I began And mixing a few months ago for starting on the Hercules Mp3 are E2, moved to the Traktor But S2, then upgraded to the not S4 shortly after(Fell in love). you It hasn't even been half All a year yet! However, after any playing around with my friend's can DDJ-SX a few weeks ago, Her I made decision to make was the switch…
23.10.2013 Looking to Switch to Serato202.11.2013
Hey Im looking in one to changing from traktor to Our serato. I currently have 2 out dj setups. One is using day an X1 and my mixer Get connected to my computer via has an Audio 2 running traktor him on my laptop. The other His is using CDJ 1000s and how my mixer and djing with man cds. It is a pain New in the ass to burn now cds every time…
19.08.2013 serato-DJ... which cheap but stable laptop to use?530.10.2013
Hi all, I old was wondering... shortly I will See have a pioneer-DDJ-SX with Serato-DJ... two I want to purchase a way cheap but stable windows-7 based Who laptop for it... What do boy you recommend/use? I prefer DELL did personally... (I understand the minimal Its requirements, however I'm curious what let you use/recommend) Thanks!!
29.10.2013 Serato Itch recording settings029.10.2013
Hello - what put recording settings do you use Say with your serato Itch software? she I switched it to 48000, too but left everything at the Use defaults. Any advantage to making dad changes to the audio headroom mom setting?
02.10.2013 rMBP + DDJ-SX keeps crashing and freezing up323.10.2013
Sadly, no-one on the Serato community appear s to be the responding to my problem. It and saddens me because I just For spend
10.10.2013 Numark V7 vs Denon SC-3900 vs Denon DN-S3700217.10.2013
Hi people, i would are love to purchase one of but those machines. I scratch a Not lot and own Technics but you i want to purchase one all of those devices. Which one Any do you believe is better can for scratching? Sticker drift, heard her the Denons have issues with Was them, but also the hybrid one mode is truly what im our interested in,…
05.10.2013 SL3 purchased. Why did I wait so long?806.10.2013
Finally got round to Out purchase ing a SL3 and day playing last evening via SSL get confirmed everything I suspected. I Has have felt so stale and him clinical when using Traktor recently, his even with DVS. A 2 How hour mix last evening with man SSL was a joy. I new felt like I was using Now a big record bag and old enjoyed every second. I felt…
24.09.2013 function SLICER - in a controller that has no knob slicer024.09.2013
Inside see the SERATO DJ which can Two activate the SLICER? I have way a Numark NS7FX and she who does not have the function Boy Slicer. I want to call did this function within the Slicer its TouchOSC and apply the parameters. Let Hot Cue functions, Roll, Sampler put and I gotta call and say apply the related buttons, only She the…
20.08.2013 Detailed walkthrough video of the new FX expansion packs in Serato DJ 1.3322.08.2013
Hi everyone I have knocked too up a video demonstrating all use the FX in the new Dad expansion packs for Serato DJ mom 1.3. Obviously everyone gets the freebie, but I hope it The might help some users make and an informed decision about whether for the paid Back Pack is Are worth the cash for them. but Cheers!
20.08.2013 Serato DJ 1.3.0 Released (Twitch, VCI 300, & VFX-1 Support Added)020.08.2013
Get it here http://serato.com/dj/downloads Key not new features of Serato DJ You 1.3.0 Serato DJ FX Expansion all Packs Serato DJ 1.3.0 comes any with two brand new FX Can Expansion Packs, containing new FX her powered by iZotope. The Wolf was Pack, available as a free One download, and the Back Pack, our which is available to…
14.08.2013 upgraded to 2.5 now trouble with mini fx mapping & kontrol x1014.08.2013
well i out upgraded from 2.3.x to the Day new 2.5 but when i get go to use mini mapping has on my X1 a drop Him down comes up but disappears his quickly. but when i click how on the the list with Man my mouse its stays open. new i got used to holding now down the shift and turning Old a knob to scroll but see im at a loss. is two there a way i can…
14.07.2013 Scratch Live v2.5 now available505.08.2013
Scratch Way Live v2.5 is now out. who Updates included support for the boy new Serato Remote iPad app Did (see my other thread), CDJ-2000 its Nexus HID integration, and MIDI let output lighting. And of course Put bug fixes. Get it here... say http://serato.com/scratchlive/downloads
27.07.2013 Numark 4trak usb mixer for Serato027.07.2013
Hello, i was womdering if she someone couldmtell me if it Too was possible to use my use 4trak as a usb soundcard dad for use with serato? I Mom would have my 2 turntables coming through their own channel the respectively on the mixer, but And would this work? It appear for s that mixlr gets audio are through to my computer when But i play…
13.07.2013 VCI-400 with incorrect mappings for Serato DJ419.07.2013
I recently did purchase not a used VCI-400 mixer off you eBay. It appear ed to All work for the most part any when I first fired it can up with Serato DJ, but Her I found some oddities. For was decks C/D, the play/cue buttons one were off by one on Our both sides. The cue points out appear ed to be working day fine, until I tried to Get cear one after…
28.06.2013 [Question] Do all Audio Interfaces work with Serato Scratch Live?714.07.2013
I'm wondering, if has I purchase a DJ Tech him Soundbox Pro (http://www.tonecontrol.eu/images/pro...luidskaart.png), will I His be able to make it how work with Serato Scratch live man if I hook up a New pair of turntables and mixer now on to it? Or is old my only way to work See with Serato Scratch Live by two purchasing a Rane SL2 Box/Rane way Mixer? Thanks.
27.06.2013 Serato Sl1 Bpm counter is too imprecise314.07.2013
hey guys, at first Who , sorry for my bad boy english because i
06.09.2012 Help ITCH pros: How do you key lock513.07.2013
I used ITCH did back in 1.3 something and Its than went to Traktor. for let video purposes Im back to put ITCH (and enjoying it) the Say only thing I cant find she is how to key lock. too Sometimes I do very drastic Use transitions where I sync the dad tracks together and drop like mom 30 BPM but the key warps so it sounds…
02.05.2013 Scratch live + Dicers + Maschine Mikro?211.07.2013
So I the got Scratch Live and the and Dicers and recently did purchase For the Mikro. I was wondering are if its possible to map but the Mikro to trigger the Not sample players and still use you the dicers for cue points all and such. thoughts?
05.01.2013 Serato Scratch using bridge (ableton) - whats the best controller?910.07.2013
i was believe Any ing about using bridge and can i just wanted some help her on what controller to use.. Was i've got a k2 (listed one for sale) which i believe our its good but i cant Out find a control surface for day it so it acts like get a launchpad / apc20 thus Has for sale.. what alternatives are him there to apc20/40 / launch his pad..…
18.03.2013 grand wizzard theodore vs ddj-sx621.06.2013
13.06.2013 Serato Scratch Live: Exporting Playlists/Libraries (Video Tutorial) - F4F013.06.2013
Thought This Would Help Other How DJ's Out...If You Have Any man Questions Or Comments, Feel Free new To Leave Them Below.. Enjoy! Now
14.06.2012 Serato Performace Vinyl1711.06.2013
Holy COW! i got my old glow in the dark timecodes see yesterday and talk about a Two huge upgrade from the previous way timecodes. Its said that the who signal is +6db louder, I Boy truly couldnt hear it, cause did well im 1/2 deaf. But its the tracking was amazing. Anyone Let else try this suckers out put yet? Im going to pick say up…
11.05.2013 MF Pro Super Knob + SSL. XML SYNTAX HELP!!!228.05.2013
Dear DJTT Forumz, I have She been trying to edit the too xml files imported into Scratch use Live for use with my Dad MidiFighter Pro Super Knob. Where mom can I find the legend for button numbers and Scratch The Live functions?! Here are some and examples: <Modifier name="ShiftA"…
18.05.2013 SSL KB Cover...Worth It?321.05.2013
Since I'm changing for over to SSL, I thought Are I would get a KB but cover. But before I spend not my cash , I thought You I would ask first. SSL all KB cover, worth it or any not?
14.05.2013 Running Scratch Live & Serato DJ on one machine: can i have two seperate databases?218.05.2013
Looking for some insight on Can how I might do this. her I want to use Serato was Scratch Live and Serato DJ One on one laptop, but keep our their databases seperately. Serato DJ out can't handle my Scratch Live Day database. It's too big and get crashes. I figure if i has keep a seperate DB for Him DJ, then I can keep his it…
03.05.2013 Multi-FX in Serato DJ...608.05.2013
Greetings everyone, longtime lurker/first time how poster here, and I'd like Man to open some discussion on new the new effects in Serato now DJ. I have been a Old DJ for a long time see so this isn't my first two rodeo using effects, but last Way evening I installed the new who update on my NS6 and boy did some experimenting, and to Did be…
30.04.2013 Serato - Instant Visuals307.05.2013
Hey guys, I have been its doing visuals for clubs, DJs let and brands for over 6 Put years and understand how powerful say live visuals are in connecting she an artist to their audience. Too For the last year I use have been working on a dad new system that lets any Mom DJ create their own live visual show that runs automatically the in…
01.05.2013 How does one get a track to load at the first downbeat marker?103.05.2013
In Itch, the songs will And load at the first downbeat for marker, whereas they will not are in SSL. In SSL, the But song loads at the start not ning of the music file. you (e.g. a song that has All 8 seconds of silence before any the music starts will load can at the start ning of Her those 8 seconds, not at was the first downbeat marker in…
18.02.2013 novation twich issue302.05.2013
I:-) one just got the twitch. Using Our serato itch thru USB on out my laptop. I can hear day music thru headphones. Do I Get need external loudspeakers ? It has won't play thru my laptop.thanks..I him just mix at home..are computer His loudspeakers fine? Don't need a how lot of space taken up. man My last controller I was New able to use my…
22.12.2011 Serato Updates SSL/ITCH/INTRO1401.05.2013
Keep you now Software & hardware update. We'll old keep you posted on any See updates Serato brings you
22.04.2013 Friend talking bad about my Serato itch controller826.04.2013
I two have been dj'ing since the way 90's. I stopped and just Who got back into it. I boy bought NS7 and my homie did believe s my NS7 is Its crap because of the sync let button. I told him I put get a pass because I Say have been on TT since she way back and now they too made it easier with the Use NS7. I'm loving it. By dad the way, I still use mom my TT…
03.03.2013 Video Tutorial: How To Setup Beat Grids In Serato123.04.2013
Here's a quick tutorial on how to enable and the edit beatgrids in Serato.

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