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Below is a list of the highest ranked DJs by individual music genres. By clicking on a genre, you will be linked to the worlwide rankings list within that specific genre.

Breakbeatsthe chemical brothers
#151 Breakbeats, Electronica
Chill Outactiva
#298 Chill Out, Trance
Commercial Dance2manydjs
#333 Indie / Underground, Commercial Dance
Drum & Bassnero (uk)
#19 Drum & Bass, Dubstep
#9 Dubstep
Electro Housedavid guetta
#1 Electro House
Electronicadaft punk
#26 Electronica, Traditional House
Funk / R&Bzedi
#555 Funk / R&B
Hard Danceheadhunterz
#58 Hard Dance
Hardcore Technoangerfist
#59 Hardcore Techno, Psychedelic Trance
Hip Hopshadow
#106 Electronica, Hip Hop
Indie / Undergrounddiplo
#12 Electro House, Indie / Underground
#65 Minimal, Techno
Progressive Housetiësto
#3 Progressive House, Trance
Psychedelic Tranceinfected mushroom
#33 Psychedelic Trance, Trance
Reggaemario c
#3544 Electro House, Reggae
Tech Housecarl cox
#6 Tech House, Techno
Technocarl cox
#6 Tech House, Techno
Traditional Housedaft punk
#26 Electronica, Traditional House
Trancearmin van buuren
#2 Trance

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  1. 1.
    Consideration - Consideration
  2. 3.
    All Falls Down - All Falls Down
  3. 4.
    I Don't Know - I Don't Know
  4. 5.
    Finesse - Finesse
  5. 6.
    Generous - Olivia Holt
  6. 7.
    Dreamer - Dreamer
  7. 8.
    Beautiful Trauma - P!nk
  8. 9.
    Blame - Skylar Stecker
  9. 10.
    What We Remember - Anggun

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  1. WALLY just said: and tonight with LonyaKoval
  2. WILLY SANJUAN just said: Madrid Gastro Route 3. Dinner with my bff from 33 years (entire high school) Efren Miranda. It’s been so great…
  3. MAX just said: RT GalacticMarvl: Hey guys our iHeartRadio guest mix drops this FRIDAY 7pm EST on EvolutionRadio. Tune in!!! beatsandbooze
  4. DUB PISTOLS just said: RT Leatherheadfc: MATCHDAY = WINDAY
  5. DUB PISTOLS just said: Come to a posh winery and I’ve ordered the full English, is that wrong
  6. WALLY just said: alvaro_bilbao en ello estamos
  7. HOMICIDE just said:
    Not particularly mad at these
  8. HOMICIDE just said: DramahLuvSpitta I see no lies here
  9. CHLOE HARRIS just said: patchwerks_ ArturiaOfficial fantastic news! great job everyone.
  10. KREWELLA just said: happy birthday to our manager Jake Udell! His daily newsletter today was beautiful:)

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