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Below is a list of the highest ranked DJs by individual music genres. By clicking on a genre, you will be linked to the worlwide rankings list within that specific genre.

Breakbeatsthe chemical brothers
#151 Breakbeats, Electronica
Chill Outactiva
#298 Chill Out, Trance
Commercial Dance2manydjs
#333 Indie / Underground, Commercial Dance
Drum & Bassnero (uk)
#19 Drum & Bass, Dubstep
#9 Dubstep
Electro Housedavid guetta
#1 Electro House
Electronicadaft punk
#26 Electronica, Traditional House
Funk / R&Bzedi
#555 Funk / R&B
Hard Danceheadhunterz
#58 Hard Dance
Hardcore Technoangerfist
#59 Hardcore Techno, Psychedelic Trance
Hip Hopshadow
#106 Electronica, Hip Hop
Indie / Undergrounddiplo
#12 Electro House, Indie / Underground
#65 Minimal, Techno
Progressive Housetiësto
#3 Progressive House, Trance
Psychedelic Tranceinfected mushroom
#33 Psychedelic Trance, Trance
Reggaemario c
#3544 Electro House, Reggae
Tech Housecarl cox
#6 Tech House, Techno
Technocarl cox
#6 Tech House, Techno
Traditional Housedaft punk
#26 Electronica, Traditional House
Trancearmin van buuren
#2 Trance

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  1. 1.
    Anthem Of House - Rosabel & Terri B!
  2. 3.
    Lady - Austin Mahone Featuring Pitbull
  3. 4.
    Back 2 Love - Dave Aude & JVMIE
  4. 5.
    Be The One - Dua Lipa
  5. 6.
    You're Not Alone - Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious
  6. 7.
    Undress - Anjali
  7. 8.
    The Cool - Zia
  8. 9.
    Symphony - Clean Bandit Featuring Zara Larsson
  9. 10.
    I Love You - Axwell & Ingrosso Featuring Kid Ink

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  1. FELIX CARTAL just said: RT felixcartal: casually in nordstroms in chicago right now and my song started playing, i'm trippin
  2. DEADMAU5 just said: streaming some Ori and the blind forest on biggrin
  3. DEADMAU5 just said: tweetsbychief indeed.
  4. TOM TAYLOR just said: Ex-NASA scientist calls Goop’s 'healing stickers’ a load of BS #engadget #tomgadget
  5. DEADMAU5 just said: Saty_sh Ooooohh you’re not an artist. I see.
  6. GRIZ just said: MrWoodsMusic Wanted to switch it up on this one. Dig the feedback. I vibe the funky stuff too
  7. TOM TAYLOR just said: Pearl Automation Shuts Down After Poor Sales of Its $500 Vehicle Backup Camera #macumors #mac
  8. GRIZ just said: That’s our Wilhelm scream cover!
  9. DEADMAU5 just said: MaxwellCh65 holcomb2012 To be fair, neither can he.
  10. DEADMAU5 just said: Saty_sh Depends. What have have you produced and released so far?

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