Funk / R&B - DJ Rankings

The highest ranked DJ who plays Funk / R&B is Zedi

Zedi's overall rank on the Official Global DJ Rankings is 554
There are 28 DJs on the official global DJ-rankings who play Funk / R&B.

The complete rankings list for Funk / R&B djs is:

Rank, Name & Nationality
1zediFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #100,323
2abdelFunk / R&B, Hip Hop
France #99,311
3quikFunk / R&B, Hip Hop
United States #98,280
4jazzanovaFunk / R&B
Germany #97,644
5pretty lightsElectronica, Funk / R&B
United States #97,639
6jagged edgeFunk / R&B
United States #94,943
7j.boogieFunk / R&B
United States #94,798
8peter pFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #91,299
9defkutFunk / R&B
Estonia #90,761
10heyokaFunk / R&B
United States #90,156
11def waveFunk / R&B
Poland #88,914
12dj firestartaFunk / R&B
United States #88,005
13caselyFunk / R&B
United States #87,676
14karn hallFunk / R&B
New Zealand #87,410
15toots rootscoreFunk / R&B
Switzerland #87,193
16jeff duranFunk / R&B
United States #87,020
17makemFunk / R&B
Canada #86,911
18cherish (sg)Funk / R&B, Hip Hop
Singapore #86,872
19mixlabFunk / R&B, Hip Hop
United States #86,593
20earphunkFunk / R&B
United States #86,565
21karl gonzalesFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #86,164
22libreFunk / R&B
Australia #85,901
23e.b. smallzFunk / R&B, Traditional House
Netherlands #85,389
24cyber venezuelaFunk / R&B, Commercial Dance
Venezuela #85,369
25see-iFunk / R&B
26domnikFunk / R&B
Italy #85,095
27lil guruFunk / R&B
Sri Lanka #85,038
28damien1980Funk / R&B, Commercial Dance
United States #84,927
29steve freedomFunk / R&B
South Africa #84,802
30gentuxFunk / R&B
Belgium #83,471
31groovearbanoFunk / R&B, Traditional House
Germany #82,710
32paul hannonFunk / R&B
New Zealand #82,606
33flint & steelFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #81,383
34eddy mendozaFunk / R&B, Commercial Dance
Venezuela #81,295
35mjmacFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #81,214
36esan ellisFunk / R&B
Canada #81,165
37jimmie espoFunk / R&B
United States #80,976
38bdpFunk / R&B
United States #80,242
39wanye shapreeFunk / R&B, Hip Hop
United States #80,139
40lisa loveFunk / R&B
United States #80,109
41aaron cFunk / R&B
Malaysia #80,044
42umboFunk / R&B
43vidyFunk / R&B
Switzerland #79,838
44j.leeFunk / R&B
United States #79,209
45jamie woonChill Out, Funk / R&B
United Kingdom #79,176
46iron sparksFunk / R&B
France #79,012
47m.o.kFunk / R&B, Traditional House
Lebanon #78,687
48zamaliFunk / R&B
49hotlipzFunk / R&B
United Kingdom #78,247
50monkeyodaFunk / R&B
Singapore #78,121

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