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    Location:York, United Kingdom
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Activa 23 hours ago:
Early warning for those on Twitter, free download coming soon! Make sure you follow
Activa 2 days ago:
Nice bit of 80’s synth work on the stranger things soundtrack.
Activa 2 weeks ago:
@jo_courtenay Hi Jo. Is this the vocal one? If so, unfortunately not, its not an Activa track so completely out of my hands.
Activa 2 weeks ago:
My track Meridian is available now on Pure Trance 6. Grab a copy here!
Activa 3 weeks ago:
Great remix by good friend Rolo Green. Who is Jay Stephens!? 🙁
Activa 4 weeks ago:
Meridian is coming soon and exclusive to Pure Trance 6 @BlackHoleRec @richsolarstone @RobertNickson @factor_b_music
Activa 1 month ago:
@AmosRiotNight @jonobir What’s your guess?
Activa 1 month ago:
@AmosRiotNight @jonobir Ha. It’s a bit late now. I’m curious as to what you’ve found.
Activa 1 month ago:
@AmosRiotNight @jonobir What do you think it is?
Activa 1 month ago:
@AmosRiotNight @FisherEDM Can’t say at the moment! You may see some more info about it soon. Not sure.
Activa 1 month ago:
Sets from Glasgow Open to Close are now up!
Activa 1 month ago:
@CipherTrance Thanks. Glad you like it.
Activa 2 months ago:
Thanks mate.
Activa 2 months ago:
Thanks for the support everyone that voted!
Activa 2 months ago:
@RMacDonald_DJ @The_Noble_Six Didn’t play Firewalker mate, did play Origins though at the end of my solo set
Activa 2 months ago:
Really nice to see Luminosity breaking into the trance top 10 at @beatport. Thanks for the continued support.
Activa 2 months ago:
Awesome night at TUR in Glasgow. Thanks to everyone that made it down.
Activa 2 months ago:
Open to Close with Jon O’Bir tonight at TUR Glasgow! See you there!
Activa 2 months ago:
RT @SeanTyas: Support by @arminvanbuuren @alyandfila @JOCofficial @djjohnaskew & more, get @ActivaMusic Luminosity now:…
Activa 2 months ago:
Throw a quick vote in f you’re liking Luminosity

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