Genre:Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
    Location:Philadelphia, PA, United States
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diplo is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

diplo is performing within the field of Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco music and is ranked 12 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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diplo 1 hour ago:
RT @1Xtra: Join us for the 2nd hour of @Diplo and Friends with the man himself! He's going in with some classic material!! Any 90's #HipH…
diplo 2 hours ago:
RT @1Xtra: ⚡️ Don’t miss out on @Diplo in the mix for a full 2 hours, only on @Diplo & Friends! New music from @NERDarmy, @lilpump, @FrencH…
diplo 3 hours ago:
RT @R1Dance: Just hours away from @Diplo & Friends! This week we’re back with the boss, going deep into the world of #HipHop until the earl…
diplo 7 hours ago:
lol https://t.co/DXqt50Onc1
diplo 19 hours ago:
RT @lasagnabby: the trump administration pretending to get things done https://t.co/NdFOUIFccg
diplo 19 hours ago:
RT @DJHappyColors: LEGEND SHIT! @diplo @DILLONFRANCIS @Residente https://t.co/8Hns1mp44g
diplo 19 hours ago:
RT @_diplo_: movies about my band > tv shows about my life https://t.co/BYcnQgV5v3
diplo 1 day ago:
Wespacito https://t.co/AILRSxF60y
diplo 1 day ago:
RT @AnimojiVids: GUCCI GANG 🐷 https://t.co/YLAL0qsb0S
diplo 1 day ago:
Latin Grammys > Regular Grammys https://t.co/IlQq208ZPi
diplo 1 day ago:
RT @mreazi: Pour me Water 💦 ( dance Video ) https://t.co/f5QZxfUC1b
diplo 1 day ago:
Very excited to this release 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 https://t.co/Xl3l1LB0Iu
diplo 1 day ago:
Flashback Friday .. diplo battle rapping someone in the street 15 years ago thanks @video_village https://t.co/lfURUTlp1L
diplo 1 day ago:
Here a pic of me, maluma, french ronaldinho, flo rida, and dancing baby man for the culture https://t.co/evJ0VST1KU
diplo 2 days ago:
RT @MAJORLAZER: GIVE ME FUTURE 🇨🇺 WATCH NOW ON @APPLEMUSIC https://t.co/Zy1EE2xaja https://t.co/27NGhb96mM
diplo 2 days ago:
RT @_Maverickx18_: My family escaped Cuba so that I could have a better life, but so many others couldn't do the same. Thank you @MAJORLAZE…
diplo 2 days ago:
Another example that Trump is possessed by Satan himself https://t.co/gTlIcZnA0i
diplo 2 days ago:
RT @rickygervais: The fact that Trump has lifted President Obama's ban on elephant trophies being imported into the country is a devastatin…
diplo 2 days ago:
Gracias, te amo @LatinGRAMMYs https://t.co/hv2GDrC2Pc
diplo 2 days ago:
🌈 https://t.co/MWcToNiZUj

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