A Sit Down With DJ Julian Jeweil


No longer present, the French Julian Jeweil is a regular TOP 100 techno and successful productions. While his career began on top in 2006 with his first EP Air conditioning directly propelled to the top of the techno Beatport, the DJ continues to impress us with abundant productions and always perfect for the Dancefloor.



"I like to be clear-minded when I create music; it’s almost impossible for me to go through this process in the middle of day-time because I’m much…

A Sit Down With DJ Signum


It’s safe to say that Signum, being responsible for more than 17 trance banger that have kept the genre alive over the past decade, are more than just part of the ASOT playlist. They’re regular listeners, admirers and above all fan of the show. Signum’s part of the furniture, and therefore it’s no surprise they’ll be celebrating along with all the other listeners, by giving away a smashing set in Germany’s Club Butan.


"At some point you need to incorporate modern…

A Sit Down With DJ Max Cooper


Unsurprisingly for someone with a PhD in computational biology, Max Cooper is a thoughtful and articulate interview subject. Anyone who’s heard the music the man makes will likely have picked up on that too. Coming on labels like Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, FIELDS and most frequently Traum Schallplatten, it’s richly melodic and inventive stuff that balances achingly emotive and beautiful styling with a very real dance floor heft. Brainless genre music it most certainly is…

A Sit Down With DJ Ftampa


Touring the world and sharing his music has been the major upside for FTampa, who grew up enduring a life of hardship in Brazil. An orphan at the age of six, music became his escape from pain. Now Ramos is hitting mainstages across the globe including Tomorrowland in Belgium 2016, where he became the first ever Brazilian to play Main Stage.


"I’ve overcome all the bad times through music. It is a part of my life and it always will be."

You are living in Los Angeles…

30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic quits band


30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Miličević has quit the band. The news came from Miličević in a tweet that said, “I am no longer in 30 Seconds to Mars. I don’t really know how to explain in a note how I could have come to a decision like this, but please believe me when I say that this is the best thing for me in my life and also for the band.”

“Please don’t be sad or angry over this and most of all, please don’t be divided about this, this is a good thing and will be good…

A Sit Down With DJ Tony Romera


Tony Romera has just released his new single ' Drakarta ' on the Flamingo label of Fedde Le Grand. Well received by DJs, he quickly rose to 34th place in the Top 100 Progressive House Beatport, proof that the young French has lost none of his talent as a producer. Launched last year by Nicky Romero's title 'Pandor', Tony Romera is a real studio bully.



"I have nothing that can block me now. I am really free and I do what I love, hoping that people will like it…

A Sit Down With DJ Daddy`s Groove


Daddy’s Groove, formed back in 2006, immediately struck a chord with the dance music fraternity keen to employ their unique production aesthetic. Projects on indies like Axtone, Defected Records and Strictly Rhythm were quickly followed by interest from the majors and remixes for the likes of Kylie Minogue, James Blunt and the legendary Whitney Houston.


"I have learned that you have to work 24/7 none-stop to do this job. You have to be really respectful with everyone…

A Sit Down With DJ Sasha Carassi


Sasha Carassi is a veteran of Italian-Neapolitan techno, owner of Globox and Phobiq Records, as well as a prolific producer and holder of the best dance floors of the genre. It has made its way to mozzichi in this world so difficult and now discredited. It has earned its place among the best line-ups, being part of the best festivals along with the best DJs.


"I do not consider myself a great artist, but a person who still has much to learn. I can still say that I am a person who…

A Sit Down With DJ Tritonal


They’ve been at their game for nearly ten years, touring, producing, creating, making memories, and all while building a brand, a radio show, a music label, and a relationship with trance and house lovers all over the world. is not simply a household name. And the two guys behind this amazing collaboration are not your average artists. They are both extraordinary, hard working, and dedicated individuals in all that they do in their lives.

"Every day there's something that comes up…

A Sit Down With DJ Ben Nicky


Ben Nicky, this talented young International DJ/ producer emerging from the UK trance scene has been hailed as “one of the hardest working artists in the trance scene” by the world’s no 1 DJ Armin Van Buuren.


"Over the years I have DJ’ed in a variety of countries and over that time you start to see patterns within crowd reactions. I always enjoy reading the crowd and seeing which music seems to get the best reaction. "
Tell us, what does a normal day in the life of…

A Sit Down With DJ Wally Lopez


Well known as a DJ, radio host, producer and Spanish entrepreneur Wally Lopez, he is actually much more than all of that. He is also, and above all, an incurably curious person. At a very early age, thirteen to be precise, and driven by that curiosity to ‘see something and want to know how it was done,’ he began his journey along the music path.


"The only thing I want is to be happy and happy with my music."


Who is the first Dj that got you to be a Dj?

I think…

A Sit Down With DJ Riva Starr


Few artists are Synonymous with random spontaneity and an erratic good time as much as the East London based Dj and producer Riva Starr. Having various accomplishments both as a producer and a DJ, Riva Starr is fondly and definitively know as a musical mastermind often renowned for his ways of creative cross-pollination that equates to mind boggling, soul moving results.


"Everyone is taking care of their own brand and not leaving space for other people. I really think we should be…

A Sit Down With DJ Jaytech


Jaytech has built his career organically over the years by maintaining a steady stream of well produced big-room house music and combining headlining slots with warm up roles for his superstar friends Above and Beyond.


"The best thing you can do is just sit down and write whatever comes out because it tends to be the best music that you make."


Tell us how you got into DJ’ing and producing?

Ever since I was a child I had always been involved with music. Before I…

A Sit Down With DJ Felix Cartal


Felix has a fresh sound and understanding when it comes to electronic and pop tying in together for the best of both worlds. He has an appreciation for commercial music while many in the EDM scene don’t. Felix Cartal comes off more as a songwriter and real musician producer than your average DJ. That said he still has the charm and personality to make you want to listen to his unique & stellar production work.


"Sometimes I feel like I don't communicate properly in…

A Sit Down With DJ Martin Solveig


With his captivating beats, Martin Solveig, French DJ and producer, has been keeping the dancefloors flooded with enthusiasm for more than 20 years. He’s been providing high-octane levels of catchy hooks over the years, with limitless singles and signature dance sounds. Counting titles such as Intoxicated, Places and Hello in his repertoire, the latest addition is the summer hit All Starfeaturing Finnish talent Alma, the young pop singer who with her neon colored hair and gripping voice is…

A Sit Down With DJ Cosmic Gate


Cosmic Gate, the duo made up of Bossi and Nic Chagall, have been around since the late 1990’s. With many hit tracks such as "Exploration of Space" and "Fire Wire" to name a few, the duo has continuously produced epic music throughout the years. Throughout the ever-changing electronic music scene, both Nic and Bossi have been able to stay true to themselves and to the music they create.


"We love what we do, we stay true to ourselves when it comes to music production and DJ sets.…

A Sit Down With DJ Filo and Peri


For those of us on the East coast in particular, there are few names in the DJ scene as big as Filo and Peri. In the past couple of years the NYC based duo has put out some really big tracks, toured around the world, and has even started their own label.
"I truly believe that music can change the world."

Where did the two of you meet, and how did you start working together?

We met through a mutual friend who introduced us knowing that we were both getting in the production game.…

A Sit Down Wit DJ Christian Smith


Christian Smith is one who’s certainly “been around the block.” Beginning his career well over two decades ago, he and his Tronic imprint have since become heralded as powerhouses in the contemporary underground dance space. Smith began pioneering the tech-house space before the subgenre came to be defined as such, creating Tronic in 1994 as a home for both techno and house DJs in addition to his own pieces. Despite being doubted at first, singles like “Goldrush” and others that were…

A Sit Down With DJ Alex Kenji


lessandro Bacci aka Alex Kenji, is an internationally renowned and respected DJ/producer with over 10 years experience of producing, DJ’ing, and performing. As well as ‘Alex Kenji’, he has released records under host of pseudonyms including: Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many others.


"I’ve never imagined one day my passion for music and that it would become a real job. I still think the best is yet to…

A Sit Down With DJ Marcus Schossow


It’s very difficult to put this producer in a particular category on any level. Marcus Schossow exudes an independent, out-of-the ordinary personality with a forth right tongue with a facetious twist that had me laughing quite a bit. He seems like he knows what he wants at the age of 24, and doesn’t seem to care about the title of a DJ/producer but more is about anyone, from a music addict to the occasional club drifter, enjoying his tunes. Marcus has been producing since he was 14 yrs old…

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