L’FREAQ Gets Freaky In New Video


"This song is about concealing oneself; it could be from a lover or a friend, but in my case I wrote it about those who don’t know the ‘real’ me over social media, only a self that I choose to project,” L’FREAQ tells BUST of the track, called “Moonlight."


The artist’s upcoming EP was mixed and produced by Mike Irish. L’FREAQ’s mom, photographer Kelly Cappelli, shot all the cover and promotional art and executive produced the video. The album focuses on…

Apparently, Cardi B Is Too Busy To Go To Court


Rapper Cardi B couldn’t hide her emotions in Queens criminal court Friday morning, rolling her eyes, sticking out her tongue — and eventually leaving with arms raised when a judge released her without bail.

The judge stuck with the warning and Cardi’s lawyer said the message was “received loud and clear,” but still was outside saying Cardi is just simply too busy being a star:

"You all need to understand this is not about her saying, ‘Screw going to court. I got things to…

Watch Taylor Swift’s surprise performance of ‘Delicate’ with Hayley Kiyoko


The Ally Coalition show in New York just got served a superstar moment, when Hayley Kiyoko welcomed Taylor Swift to the stage for a special duet.

The Ally Coalition show in New York just got served a superstar moment, when Hayley Kiyoko welcomed Taylor Swift to the stage for a special duet.

“It’s so great to be at this incredible show,” Swift said. “Hayley is killing it. Her family’s in the audience, so Haley’s killing it, RIGHT?”

The evening saw semi-acoustic sets of…

Sam Smith joins cast of Four Weddings and a Funeral mini sequel


"They're chuffed to get Sam on board for this. He's always more than happy to do his bit for charity, and this is an iconic remake for a good cause. His cameo won't be massive, but viewers won't miss him. "The team have kept his involvement under wraps, as although they're keen to build some hype around the release, they want a few surprises too."

Sam Smith is reportedly planning to put his vocal talents to good use, playing the wedding singer in the charity mini sequel of Four…

Selena Gomez pictured leaving mental health facility


"I feel good. I just had to make conscious decisions every day in order to get there, but it’s fine."

Selena Gomez had 'a couple of weird months' before checking into a mental health facility.

According to TMZ, who was first to report the news, Gomez suffered an apparent "emotional breakdown" following two hospitalizations within the last few weeks related to her Lupus and last year's kidney transplant. The outlet reports that Gomez received medical attention at Cedars-Sinai in…

The Only Good Thing On The Internet Is Britney Spears’ Instagram


You might not follow your mom on Instagram, but you should definitely follow someone else’s mom, that specific mom being Britney Spears, owner of the most joyful Instagram feed ever to exist.

In Britney’s world, fame isn’t an evil, it just is. It is the background condition to her life. And so she’s opened up the process of pop manufacture in a way that’s bizarrely authentic. Before Jennifer Lawrence turned the concept of relatable celebrity into a competitive sport, there was…

Lana Del Rey Is Apparently Venturing Into Country Music Now


"I Must Be Stupid For Being So Happy" and the other “Hey Blue Baby” with Antonoff.


The singer performed two new songs during Jack Antonoff’s Ally Coalition benefit concert last night. “Me and Jack wrote a couple of country songs just for fun, so we thought we’d play them,” Lana announced to the audience, according to Billboard. Many think “just for fun” means they likely won’t end up on her new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell (which has a…

Ariana Grande Reveals The Heartfelt Letter She Wrote To Manchester Victims


"When things were bad and everyone was heartbroken and tired and sad, we wished it to go faster. And now that it's here, it's horrible."

The series follows Grande through her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour and shows the lead-up to the Sweetener album. The fourth episode shows Grande’s devotion to meeting her fans and also addresses her One Love Manchester concert, which benefitted the victims of the bombing that happened at her concert. The episode does not show footage from…

Women Dominated The 2019 Grammy Nominations


The Grammy nominations always come with at least a few surprises, but in all the major categories, these 2019 nominations reflect an increased recognition of the extreme artistry and talent women brought to the music industry over the past year.


The Grammy nominations always come with at least a few surprises, but in all the major categories, these 2019 nominations reflect an increased recognition of the extreme artistry and talent women brought to the music industry over the…

Azealia Banks Calls Out Lana Del Rey For Criticizing Kanye


"Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is SO MUCH MORE bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to TRY and take down 45."

Azealia Banks took time from ripping roosters to ripping songstress Lana Del Rey for the ‘High By the Beach’ beauty’s headline grabbing remarks on Kanye West.

That’s when Banks chimed in and said Del Rey is using West to make herself look like she’s in the political know. She also said the singer is…

Apparently, Rita Ora And Andrew Garfield Are Dating


“Rita let slip to pals about her brewing romance about a month ago,” the source close to Ora informed The Sun. “But in recent days things have started to heat up and she says what they have is the real deal. It is still very early days but they like each other and are seeing what happens.”


Andrew Garfield was famously dating Emma Stone for four years back in 2015.
A source told the newspaper: “Rita let slip to pals about her brewing romance about a month…

KT Tunstall Channels Warrior Energy In Her New “Human Being” Video


KT Tunstall has unveiled her empowering new video for “Human Being,” a track off the Scottish singer’s new album Wax.

"I've gone through my dad dying, I've gone through a divorce, I've gone through selling everything I owned and moving continents and relocating to Venice Beach, California, which I highly recommend if anybody has a crazy midlife crisis."


My vision for the video was to create a mirror between a young, crazy-talented, bold little girl, and link that…

Lion Babe Takes A New Approach To A Holiday Classic


We just tried to give it a Sister Act, Lauryn Hill kinda vibe," Lion Babe producer Lucas Goodman tells us. This remix is something holiday traditionalists can still appreciate. Hervey points out, "A little one might have never heard of, but this might be a way for them to relate to it easier."

Jillian Hervey, 27, is one amazing singer! Her band, Lion Babe, just released a brand new track titled, “Rockets,” featuring Moe Moks. There’s no music video yet, but you can hear a snippet…

Actually, It’s Cool If Céline Dion Is A Satanist


A Catholic priest has accused Céline Dion of being a Satanist, citing her gender-neutral clothing line as the reason for his claim.

Who cares what Celine Dion thinks of the world, right? She’s really good at singing, in that earnest style. Why not judge her on that alone? No need to get political.

Well, she got into product lines, like many celebs. First a line of perfumes, and now children’s clothing. After all, she has a few kids of her own. (But that wasn't really normal…

Miley Cyrus Is On The Run From The Police In New Video


"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is the lead single from Ronson's upcoming fifth studio album. It's his first release as a lead artist since dominating the charts in 2014 with Bruno Mars and "Uptown Funk." On his latest collaboration, Mark teams up with pop superstar Cyrus on "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." The two wrote it together with Ronson producing the song alongside Jamie xx. The country-influenced dance track is not off from Miley's sound on last year's rustic Younger Now album. Plucky…

Taylor Swift hops to Universal Music Group



"Over the years, Sir Lucian Grainge and Monte Lipman have been such incredible partners. It's so thrilling to me that they, and the UMG team, will be my label family moving forward. It's also incredibly exciting to know that I'll own all of my master recordings that I make from now on."


Taylor Swift has left her record label home of the past 12 years and signed a new worldwide deal with Universal Music Group.

Announcing the big industry news via Instagram, the pop…

Steve Aoki shares all Asian-American cast video for BTS collaboration ‘Waste It On Me’


"When I found out that ‘Waste It On Me' was the number one song in the world on Apple Music I realized that this track represented more than just me and BTS."

In 2018, everything that K-pop band BTS touch instantly becomes huge and that includes the group’s latest collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki with “Waste It On Me.” Dropping the music video for the melodic club track on Monday morning, Aoki has spearheaded a music video that features an all Asian-American cast,…

Sky Ferreira Reveals When New Music Is Coming


Sky Ferreira's quiet spell is coming to an end with the alt-pop singer promising new music “very soon”. But first, she needs to get healthy.



The wait for new Sky Ferreira music may soon be over. Today, Ferreira shared what she calls the “official first photo from upcoming music release.” Check it out below. Ferreira recently revealed that her “heavily visual” new EP is on the way, with new music coming “in February, or March, for sure.” Her last album,…

Zayn And Nicki Minaj Teamed Up For A New Song


Zayn Malik teamed up with rapper Nicki Minaj for a new song, “No Candle No Light,” and it’s not what fans were expecting! The track, which dropped on Nov. 15, has a tropical feel, and while it’s upbeat overall, the lyrics are actually all about lost love! Nicki starts out the track, with a verse all on her own, but Zayn soon joins her, and the two sing in perfect harmony.


"I can’t do it, no baby, I can’t do it//I only end up losing, who are we…

Katy Perry is Forbes' highest-paid woman in music for 2018



"I don't feel like I'll always have to be feeding the meter of show business. I got my spot, yo."


Katy Perry has topped Forbes magazine’s 2018 list of the highest-paid women in music, with earnings of $83 million (£64 million).

Katy was followed in the list by Taylor Swift, who placed second with pre-tax earnings of $80 million (£62 million). Forbes noted that while many may have expected Taylor to top the annual financial breakdown, many of her Reputation…

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